WWF Superstars – July 15th, 1995


July 15, 1995

From the Stabler Arena in Bethelem, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix


Man Mountain Rock plays the guitar in the middle of the ring to start the show. Vince says that Rock can “grapple” just as well as he can play the guitar.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Black Phantom

Vince says Rock will be one of the Lumberjacks at the PPV for the Sid vs. Diesel match. Rock overpowers Phantom to start. He mimics playing the guitar in between loves as Vince says after this match we will see Fatu in San Francisco as Vince also notes he was a former Headshrinker then we see Rock use the Whammy Bar for the win (1:57).

Thoughts: A quick win for Rock has they are still pushing his feud with Backlund. We also learn that Fatu and the Headshrinkers are apparently no more and that Fatu is now in San Francisco.


Also in action this week are Waylon Mercy plus the featured match of Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese


Vince tells us that Fatu grew up in a rugged San Francisco neighborhood and even was a victim of a drive-by shooting. We then get a vignette of Fatu driving through Sunnyvale, CA where he grew up. We see Fatu saying his mom told him never forget who you are and where you came from. Fatu then tells us when he comes to the WWF he will make a difference then says we “better ask somebody” if we cannot understand that there is “no hope with dope.” If Vince did not introduce the clip you’d almost think they were trying to pretend that Fatu was never in the WWF before. According to Fatu in his shoot interview with RF Video, he said the company wanted to capitalize the fact he was legitimately shot in a drive-by shooting for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And they did this quick by cutting Sionne and started to film vignettes.


Yokozuna & Owen Hart w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji vs. Mike Khoury & John Crystal 

Owen slaps Khoury across the face then trips him up with a drop toe hold. Owen now works the arm as the announcers talk about the champs facing Allied Powers at In Your House. Khoury escapes and tags out as Owen gets hit with a double clothesline but Owen quickly attacks Crystal. We hear from the Powers in an insert promo as they say its just one more week until they become champs. Yokozuna is in now and he hammers away on Crystal against the ropes as he knocks him out of the ring. Owen brings Crystal back in then tags as the champs use a drop toe hold/leg drop combo for the win (2:52). Vince believes that the Powers will be up to the task and defeat the champs while Dok disagrees.

Thoughts: Generic hype for the Tag Title match at the PPV with the main story being whether one of the Powers can slam the heavier than ever Yokozuna.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. She brings up how Bret Hart will be at the 8/12 Madison Square Garden show and how he will face Jean Pierre-Lafitte. We then hear from Lafitte as he talks about being undefeated and there is no way that Bret can stop him while vowing to take all of Bret’s accolades. We then hear from Bret as he says its been a while since he’s been at MSG and considers it his building. Bret puts over Lafitte for being undefeated but he knows a lot about “feet” and will walk all over Lafitte and his undefeated record.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese

Helmsley is disgusted by Droese to the point he walks out of the ring. He goes up the aisle but Droese goes after him and carries Helmsley back into the ring. Droese takes Helmsley over with a hip toss then uses a scoop slam. Helmsley backs off in the corner and tries a cheap shot but fails. Helmsley ducks underneath the ropes then finally connects with the cheap shot and starts stomping away. Helmsley hits a jumping back elbow smash then applies a chin lock. He then uses a hotshot on Droese just before the break and the match returns with Helmsley using a suplex for a two count. Backbreaker gets two. Helmsley goes back to the chin lock now as this crowd is dead. Droese escapes by using a jawbreaker then catches Helmsley with a knee smash. Droese gets Helmsely over with a sunset flip after a lengthy struggle and gets two. Droese sends Helmsely into the corner with an atomic drop but after that both men collide. Droese catches Helmsley with a powerslam then almost signals to take out the trash. Droese then uses a back drop and hits a spinebuster for a two count but after that ducks his head and Helmsley uses the Pedigree for the win (8:45) *3/4.

Thoughts: I wasn’t feeling this match here as there never felt like a sense of urgency even with all of the nearfalls at the end. The work was a little clunky and the long chin lock spots killed the crowd. Helmsley remains undefeated as Droese continues to slide down the card.


Another video highlighting the WWF’s involvement with the Special Olympics.


We are shown the clip from this past edition of RAW where Ted DiBiase introduced the finest lumberjacks money could buy for his man, Sid. Dok laughs because he believes these lumberjacks are so good that Diesel will now lose the title.


Jeff Jarrett’s “With My Baby Tonight” video airs.


Adam Maseth is the special guest ring announcer.


Aldo Montoya vs. Tony DeVito

The announcers talk about some local house shows as Montoya works over DeVito. Montoya works the arm until DeVito cheap shots him in the corner. Montoya fights back and flies out with a pescado then brings DeVito back inside to work the arm. Dok keeps referring to Montoya as “Alpo” as they keep reading off some matches on these small NY shows. Montoya hits a flying clothesline as Dok laughs over Lawler making Montoya kissing his foot from a few weeks back. Montoya stays in control and hits a flying bulldog for the win (2:47).

Thoughts: A match to kill time so the announcers can talk about all of the house shows in the NY area. Montoya is a lower card guy who just got humiliated on TV.


Barry Didinsky is in the aisle selling from t-shirts.


Backstage, Waylon Mercy is speaking with his opponent, Jerry Flynn. He talks about following the rules then smiles and looks into the camera and says “you know what I mean.”


Waylon Mercy vs. Jerry Flynn

Vince talks about Mercy pretending to be polite and following the rules. We get a plug for the “Superstar Line” as Mercy backs Flynn up against the ropes. He does it again and this time uses a cheap shot. Mercy drops a few elbows after a slam. Mercy calms down then beats on Flynn and drops him with a clothesline as the announcers talk about potential replacements for former WWF President Jack Tunney. Dok hopes it is DiBiase as Mercy stays in control. Flynn fights back until Mercy shoves him down then Mercy gets crazed and puts on the sleeper for the win (3:37). Mercy keeps the hold on and smiles as Vince screams to let go then Mercy breaks and shakes hands with the referee.

Thoughts: The focus was on getting over the Mercy character, which is good, but again, Mercy is broken down and cannot do much although he seemed to do more here than usual at least. Vince was really putting Mercy over as a threat so expect him to find a feud or some marquee matches sooner rather than later.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. More hype for the 8/12 MSG show as we hear from Tatanka and Bam Bam Bigelow as they hype up their Indian Strap match.


A hype video for next week’s Savio Vega & 1-2-3 Kid vs. Jacob & Eli Blu match.


We now see the clip of Jerry Lawler at Dr. Isaac Yankem’s office from this past edition of RAW.


Final Thoughts: Lots of hype for In Your House here. They also really put over Mercy strong as a heel. The featured match was forgettable though and there is nothing here that stands out in the promotion at the moment in general other than Shawn Michaels and he was not mentioned on the show.


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