WWF Monday Night RAW – July 10th, 1995

July 10. 1995

From the Whitey McCloskey Center in Danville, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King Lawler


The show starts off with a video package on Sid starting from when he turned on Shawn Michaels the RAW after WrestleMania XI, which started his feud against Diesel and basically make him out to be a coward that backs away when confronted and needs to help to win. Anyway, he will be interviewed tonight. When then hear Sid, hyping his own interview as he promises to tell Diesel why he is not afraid of a lumberjack match.


Tonight in action are Savio Vega and the featured match of Allied Powers vs. Tatanka & Henry Godwinn.


The Roadie w/ Jeff Jarrett vs. Jerry Flynn

Vince plugs Jarrett’s live singing debut at “In Your House.” Roadie grabs a side headlock to start as Lawler gloats over Jarrett’s music. Roadie runs over Flynn but gets taken over with a hip toss. Flynn works the arm after an arm drag until Roadie breaks that up with a punch. Flynn comes back with a hook kick then lands more kicks in the corner. However, Flynn eats boot on a charge in the corner and Roadie follows up with a pair of elbow drops. After some dancing, Roadie ducks an enziguiri and applies a single leg crab while grabbing the rope for leverage. Vince once again plugs Jarrett’s concert at the PPV as Lawler makes a Hugh Grant joke that fell flat. Flynn escapes the single leg crab and lands a shot but Roadie catches him with a powerbomb and gets the win (2:41). Vince now complains about Jarrett trying to steal Roadie’s spotlight after the win.

Thoughts: Solid action although Flynn got in a fair amount of offense, more than I thought he would. Anyway, this was to plug Jarrett’s concert at the PPV and at the end we saw Vince talk about Jarrett stealing Roadie’s spotlight when he was celebrating the same he has any other time he was out for Roadie’s match. Felt a little forced and when Vince forces it that means an angle is imminent.


The introductory vignette with Jarrett and Ronnie P. Gossett as his second going to the record executive office airs.


Now, we get the Jarrett in Las Vegas vignette with Rip Taylor.


The “With My Baby Tonight” video airs.


Allied Powers are in the locker room telling Tatanka that their sides are even as Bulldog says nothing will stop their goal of being Tag Team champions.


Barry Didinksy shills a Razor Ramon t-shirt. He says that Razor is not here and preparing for the tag match at the PPV. Lawler calls Didinsky a “lousey pitchman.”


Savio Vega vs. Mike Khoury

Vega takes control early as the announcers talk about Razor & Savio against Men on a Mission at the PPV. Khoury lands a few shots but Vega fights back and hits chops in the corner. The crowd seems into Vega here as he skies Khoury with a back drop. Vega stays in control then uses an abdominal stretch into a cradle for a win (1:52). Lawler then gives Vince Isaac Yankem’s card before telling Bret Hart that Yankem is waiting.

Thoughts: Just some hype for Savio & Razor against Men on a Mission at the PPV plus Lawler once again mentioning his dentist and how he is coming after Bret.


Video package on the WWF involvement with the Special Olympics airs.


The In Your House ad airs.


Vince welcomes Sid & Ted DiBiase to the ring. DiBiase addresses the “doubting Thomas’s” who think that Sid is a coward. He assures them they’ll find out in two weeks that Sid is not only unafraid of Diesel but that Sid is also the master and ruler of the world. DiBiase talks about the best lumberjacks money can buy and brings them out. We see IRS, Tatanka, Henry Godwinn, Jacob Blu, Eli Blu, Jean Pierre Lafitte, Rad Radford, Mantaur, Skip, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jimmy Del Ray, Kama, Sir Mo, and King Mabel. DiBIase tells Diesel there is no escape and he will have to pay the price at In Your House with that price being the WWF Title. The crowd chants for Diesel as Sid yells about being the master and ruler of the world. A pedestrian interview to get over the lumberjack match as some sort of advantage to Sid to show he’s not a coward and its not exactly working.


A video package of Barry Horowitz defeating Skip from this past weekend. They used the “Action Zone” broadcast opposed to “Wrestling Challenge” since I guess its also an USA show.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Matt Hardy

Vince wonders if Hardy is thinking he can do to Helmsley what Horowitz did to Skip this weekend. Helmsley paces around after an arm drag as Vince talks about the fans “burning up the internet” about the King of the Ring results and promises they will love the In Your House PPV. Vince also breaks up Jack Tunney retiring as Lawler does not care and uses it as a way to make a Helen Hart joke. Helmsley cheap shots Hardy in the corner then beats him down. Helmsley uses a suplex as Vince talks about Horowitz’s first win after all these years. Helmsley continues to toy with Hardy but eats boot on a corner charge. Hardy then whiffs on a moonsault block and Helmsley puts him away with the Pedigree (3:12).

Thoughts: Lots of talk about other things in the promotion here with Vince trying to push the anything can happen aspect since Horowitz won. Helmsley does look really good in the ring at this point though. However, he is just racking up squash wins until something happens. He does get a match this weekend on “Superstars” against Duke Droese but that was not mentioned on commentary.


In Your House Report with Todd Pettengill.


Hype video for next week’s Shawn Michaels vs. IRS match.


Tatanka & Henry Godwinn w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Allied Powers

Vince hypes up the Superstar Line, specifically the “Superstar Challenge” game with Shawn Michaels. The Powers get jumped early but end up clearing Godwinn from the ring. Tatanka hits Luger with a jumping DDT then stomps away. We get a USA chant then Luger fights back until Tatanka cuts him off. Tatanka whips Luger into the corner as Vince talks about last year’s SummerSlam where Tatanka turned on Luger to kickoff their neverending feud that stunk up the midcard. Tatanka gets two after a double elbow smash then Luger gets double-teamed in the corner. We go to break and return as Tatanka continues to work over Luger. Godwinn tags and also roughs up Luger. He gets two after an elbow smash then starts cranking the neck. Godwinn slams Luger but whiffs on an elbow drop. We now hear Vince talk about the company enforcing strict safety guidelines, unlike the “undisciplined genre of professional wrestling in general.” Godwinn tags out but so does Luger as Bulldog runs wild. We get some clumsly spot in the corner where Bulldog catches a floatover and tries a powerslam but Tatanka holds the ropes and falls on top of Bulldog for two. Bulldog hits a vertical suplex for two then the match breaks down. Godwinn trips up Bulldog from the floor then Tatanka heads up top after a slam but takes forever and gets taken off and hit with a running powerslam as the Powers pick up the win (5:53 shown) *. Vince talks about the Powers heading to Nashville to face the champs.

Thoughts: The match was forgettable although designed to give the Powers some momentum heading into the PPV. Most of the match was Luger selling and the Powers kinda appeared lucky to win this against a thrown together team since Bundy, Tatanka’s original partner, was out with Pneumonia. The Powers are still over a bit so the crowd was happy with the result.


In action next week are Owen Hart & Yokozuna and Jean Pierre Lafitte. Also, an interview with Diesel.


Once again we see Dr. Isaac Yankem at his office. Lawler is talking to Yankem, who is with a patient. Lawler talks about Yankem hurting Bret as Yankem tortures the person in the chair with his dental instruments. However, Yankem is focused on his patient and the show closes with a closeup on him as he laughs while yelling at his patient to “open wide.”


Final Thoughts: While In Your House is a focused show, the title match feud is cold and the other actual feuds aren’t much hotter. Still, it can’t be worse than King of the Ring, which even Vince acknowledges was a piece of shit. The action tonight was mostly forgettable, unlike the commentary. Vince acknowledging fan displeasure with King of the Ring and taking shots at other companies was really the most noticeable thing on this show.