Post WM5 Feuds

I always felt the aftermath of WM5 was pretty weak.  What if instead of the mess that was Zeus and Savage vs Hogan, we just got Zeus and Hogan solo, and then a heel vs heel feud of Rude vs. Savage?

On the Hogan side, I don't think him solo against Zeus would have been any worse than what we ultimately got.  On the other end…oh man.  Rude could have absolutely killed it stepping right in to dig at Savage about Elizabeth.  He could even play the face here, without a turn at all, just sticking to his routine in his way that was always over regardless of still being a heel.  

Do you believe this fantasy nonsense of mine would have been a draw, or is it just nonsense?

Rude and Savage apparently did not get along, so it's probably fantasy, sadly.