NXT UK – April 22, 2021

Date: April 22, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

It’s time for a special reunion around here as we have the first ever Moustache Mountain in this building. We have not seen the two of them together in a very long time now and it should be good to see how good they can be after such a layoff. There are some high expectations but if anyone can pull it off, it would be those two. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Joey Coffey vs. Eddie Dennis

Fallout from a brawl on Supernova Sessions last week. They fight to the floor in a hurry before Coffey takes him back inside for some knees to the face. Dennis judo throws him down and grabs a cravate (seems like something he would use) but Coffey powers him off without much effort. Coffey’s spear is blocked though and Dennis elbows him in the face, setting up some hard shots to the face on the mat. Back up and Dennis hits a swinging sitout Rock Bottom for two and frustration is setting in.

Dennis wins a slugout so Coffey is right back with an overhead belly to belly. Coffey goes up but Dennis is right there to catch him with the Severn Bridge. The Neck Stomp Driver is loaded up but Coffey reverses that into the Boston crab. Cue the Hunt for a distraction so Dennis grabs a rollup for two. Gallus comes out to deal with the Hunt and it’s the running headbutt to put Dennis into the corner. All The Best For The Bells finishes Dennis at 8:27.

Rating: C. The ending was the right way to go as Gallus has lost quite a few of their recent matches so it makes sense to give them a win. Dennis is someone who is going to be fine even after a loss like this, so it isn’t like this hurt much. The big six man, whenever we get there, should be fine.

Post match the beatdown is on for Coffey but Gallus makes the save to clear the ring.

Ilja Dragunov is having flashbacks to his violent matches.

Gallus is in the back when Joe Coffey runs into Rampage Brown. Coffey wants a rematch and Brown doesn’t seem to disagree.

Dave Mastiff vs. Sam Gradwell

Mastiff knocks him into the ropes to start and grabs a surprising hammerlock. Gradwell gets knocked down for some splashes to the back and we hit a rather large chinlock. Back up and Mastiff drops him again but another backsplash hits raised knees, including one with a brace. Gradwell starts in on the back with some hard forearms, followed by the chinlock to keep him in trouble. Mastiff fights up with some headbutts and a running clothesline but Gradwell snaps off a Samoan driver for the pin at 4:56.

Rating: C-. It’s becoming more and more clear that Mastiff is mostly done as anything important every time he is out there. Once you beat a monster, they lose almost all of their aura at once and that was the case with Mastiff. Gradwell has been one of the best surprises in a long time around here and I could go with seeing him getting to do something a little bigger.

Aoife Valkyrie says it is time, and next week she gets Meiko Satomura. So wouldn’t next week be time?

Video on Emilia McKenzie, who is back to be part of UK wrestling again.

Dani Luna vs. Jinny

Joseph Conners is here with Jinny. The stronger Luna takes her down without much effort but Jinny gets in a takedown and hammers away without much effort. The Octopus doesn’t last long so Jinny forearms her down and grabs the same hold again. Luna powers out again and rolls some gutwrench suplexes for two. Back up and they slug it out until Luna blasts her with a running clothesline. Conners offers a distraction though and Jinny hits a Liger kick to set a rolling cradle for the pin at 4:09.

Rating: C-. Just a quick match and it worked well enough to keep Jinny looking strong. I’m just not sure where she can go though, as Kay Lee Ray isn’t likely to drop the title to her, which doesn’t leave very many options. I’m also not sure how far she is going with Conners as her big associate, but maybe we get a mixed tag with Luna and someone else.

Post match Conners and Jinny go after Luna but Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews (Luna’s trainers) make the save. Odds are there is your someone else.

Amir Jordan wants a rematch with Kenny Williams and Sid Scala agrees, as Williams has said the same. However, it is going to be No DQ and the loser leaves NXT UK. Jordan thinks about it and signs the contract.

Video on Rohan Raja, who is British born, Australian raised and Canadian trained. He debuts next week and isn’t tapping out to Teoman.

Teoman isn’t worried about Rohan Raja.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Moustache Mountain vs. Noam Dar/Sha Samuels

During the entrances, we find out that Nigel is a Star Wars fan. Bate armdrags Dar down to start and then slaps on an armbar to make it worse. That’s broken up so Samuels comes in to run Seven over with a shoulder. Seven is right back up with his fireman’s carry slam so Bate can bounce off of Seven’s shoulders for a flip dive.

Everything breaks down in a hurry and the airplane spin is broken up, meaning it’s back to Seven. A bunch of right hands put Seven down on the mat and it’s time for Samuels to rip at his face. Dar comes in for some shots to the back of his own and Samuels kicks Seven between the shoulders. Samuels hammers away again and we hit the chinlock. A bunch of stomping has Seven down again and Dar puts on a chinlock of his own.

Seven fights up and hits a DDT, allowing the hot tag off to Bate. House is cleaned with Bate grabbing a bridging northern lights for two on Dar. It’s already back to Seven, who is taken down in a hurry. This beatdown doesn’t last as long as Seven fights up and knocks Dar outside again. Bate tags himself in and hits the dive, allowing Seven to load up the Birminghammer, complete with Bate’s top rope knee for the pin at 12:51.

Rating: B-. It was nice to see Moustache Mountain back and since they never won the Tag Team Titles around here, it would make sense to think about giving them a chase. I’m not sure how much interest there would be in giving them a run against Pretty Deadly but it would be a story worth trying. Moustache Mountain still has it in the ring so pushing them is not the worst idea.

Overall Rating: C. Not too bad of a show here with the main event being the best thing. As usual though, NXT UK doesn’t seem capable of having a bad show. They know how to keep things moving and have enough going with all of the wrestlers that they have. Next week feels like a big show too and that is always a good thing. Now just make it work and things should be fine. Pretty good show this week, but above all else, a very easy watch.




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