WWF Wrestling Challenge – July 9th, 1995

July 9, 1995

From the Marts Center in Wilkes Barre, PA

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are 1-2-3 Kid, Waylon Mercy, and Savio Vega


Ross tells us that Jack Tunney’s entire administration has retired immediately, including Billy Red Lyons.


Savio Vega vs. Lloyd Lanui

Ross notes that Vega is one of the Lumberjacks named by Diesel for the match at In Your House. Vega runs over Lanui then takes him down with a clothesline. The announcers put over Vega for wrestling four times in one night at King of the Ring. Lanui catches Vega with a knee smash then takes him down with a clothesline. Lanui hits a leg drop for two as the announcers talk about King Mabel & Sir Mo. Vega avoids a charge in the corner then fires away until he stretches him out. Vega then breaks the hold and then cradles him from an abdominal stretch for the win (2:36). Vega dances after the match as the camera pans on what seems like the only few people dancing along.

Thoughts: Vega is now being pushed as a guy who wrestled four matches in a night to just come short at King of the Ring. And he now dances after winning.


Clips of the Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Sid match from RAW that saw Henry Godwinn interfere and cost Bigelow the match. This all leads to Bigelow vs. Godwinn at In Your House.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. Hype for the 8/12 MSG show.


Skip w/ Sunny vs. Barry Horowitz

The announcers bring up how Skip is undefeated. Ross says Horowitz is underrated as Skip does jumping jacks after a hip toss. Horowitz hits an European uppercut after a reversal sequence then uses a back drop. Horowitz works the arm for a bit as Sunny is screaming from the outside. Horowitz mocks Skip with jumping jacks but gets attacked from behind. Skip then looks into the camera to say that Horowitz is a loser that has never won a match in his life. Skip heads to the middle rope for a fist drop then does laps around Horowitz. Skip connects with a dropkick then does pushups but as that happens, Horowitz sneaks up with a cravate and turns it into the cradle for the upset win (2:33). The crowd goes nuts for the wins as Horowitz celebrates in the aisle while Sunny throws a fit in the ring.

Thoughts: You can tell something was brewing during the past few weeks with the announcers always bringing up Horowitz’s record and even positioning him as a face on commentary. The win was a great moment though and the crowd appeared genuinely excited. According to Horowitz in shoot interview with “Highspots” he got to the building and Diesel told him he was going over. Horowitz thought it was a rib but after that Pat Patterson told him what was going to happen and that Pat even let him come up with the finish. And I thought the finish was pretty good. Now, let’s see what happens next.


The clip of Lawler at Dr. Isaac Yankem’s office airs.


We get a new campaign ad from Bob Backlund as he calls out Man Mountain Rock his appearance and garbage music.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Bill Mack

Rock does his guitar solo prior to the match. He beats on Mack to start things off. The announcers then plug the Superstar Line as the crowd does not give a shit when Rock tries to pump them up. Mack lands a few shots but tries a suplex and has that reversed. Rock then mimics guitar playing in between moves and finally ends this with the Whammy Bar (1:43).

Thoughts: The Rock character is a bust and the crowd does not care and the feud with Backlund has given us awful TV plus one of the worst matches in recent memory from the June MSG show. I know behind the scenes that Vince was pissed at Rock’s physique and conditioning due to weight gain and Rock’s future in the company would be anything but bright.


Video package on the WWF involvement with the Special Olympics airs.


Dok Hendrix welcome’s King Mo & Sir Mabel to the ring. Mabel demands the crowd show respect for the king then calls out Razor Ramon and instead of the “bad guy” is maybe “bad hairdoo, bad attitude, bad breath, or bad ribs” then talks about eating a big rack of ribs. Mabel promises another set up ribs at In Your House when they face Savio & Razor in a tag match. Terrible promo filled with Vince-isms but we now have a new match at the PPV.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Black Phantom

The announcers talk about Skip losing to Horowitz an how Sunny is flipping out on Skip backstage. Kid works over Phantom to start as Gorilla says that Horowitz lost 807 straight matches until today. The announcers bring up Kid’s upset win over Razor Ramon over two years ago as Phantom rolls outside. Phantom trips up Kid and attacks the leg as Gorilla talks about Roadie and even calls him “Road Dog.” Phantom lands some shots but Kid comes back with a flying clothesline. Kid now fires away in the corner and connects with a spinning heel kick for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: Kid his back and has some hype heading into In Your House with his match against The Roadie.


The “With My Baby Tonight” video airs.


Barry Didinsky models the new 1-2-3 shirt he is trying to sell. Afterwards, Gorilla yells at Didinsky not to quit his night job. I agree.


Replay of the Godwinn/Bomb confrontation last week on “Superstars” that saw Bomb get slopped. The announcers then talk about Godwinn & Tatanka vs. Allied Powers.


A montage of Waylon Mercy vignettes airs.


Waylon Mercy vs. Scott Taylor

Mercy shakes hands with the ref and Taylor before the match. Mercy offers another handshake but this time boots Taylor. Mercy beats down Taylor for a bit then rubs his face into the mat. The announcers talk about the tattoos all over Mercy as he kicks Taylor off of the apron. Taylor finally gets back inside then Mercy puts him away with the sleeper (1:45). After the match, Mercy shakes hands with the referee then boots Taylor. Gorilla notes how Mercy will have you believe he’s nice but is “trying to con” everyone

Thoughts: More of the same from Mercy here as the character stuff works but he is badly hobbling around thus making him a lot more ineffective and believable as a major threat.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. More hype for the 8/12 MSG show.


The announcers note Horowitz’s first win and we get a replay of that as the show ends.


Final Thoughts: Well, something of note actually happened, which is almost as big of a shock than Horowitz winning. Either way, Horowitz winning was truly awesome. That Mabel promo, however, was the drizzling shits. Anyway, the PPV is just two weeks away with the shows focused on hyping those matches and some of the other feuds.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Thursday: WWF Action Zone 7/9/95

Friday: WWF Monday Night RAW 7/10/95

Saturday: WWF Superstars 7/15/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/16/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 7/17/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 7/22/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/23/95

Tuesday: WWF Action Zone 7/23/95

Wednesday: WWF In Your House 2 7/23/95