WWF Superstars – July 8th, 1995

July 8, 1995

From the Stabler Arena in Bethelem, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

The show starts with a video of Men on a Mission turning on the Smoking Gunns for four months ago to set up for today’s match.


Bob “Spark Plug” Holly vs. Mike Bell

Dok informs us that Mo is now going by “Sir Mo.” Bell lands a few shots in the corner but misses a charge and Holly rolls him up for two. Holly works the arm as Dok makes fun of Holly’s driving. Holly runs over Bell then uses a hip toss before going back to the arm. Vince talks about the WWF superstars being at the Special Olympics as Bell hits Holly with a backbreaker. Vince then alerts us that this past Wednesday, WWF President Jack Tunney announced his retirement as Dok says that Ivana Trump and Imelda Marcos are candidates and makes dumb jokes then Holly uses a small package for the win (2:27). Dok also predicts that Hillary Clinton will be president of something at some point.

Thoughts: Biggest news here was learning that WWF President Jack Tunney has retired. The reality was the WWF shut down the Toronto office where Tunney and his partner, Billy Red Lyons, operated from as they wanted to expand business in Canada and hired Carl DeMarco to replace them. DeMarco was the former agent of Bret Hart. The WWF also got rid of other office employees at this time due to the company needing to cutback expenses. As far as the President role on screen, we will wait to hear what happens.


Clips of Henry Godwinn dumping his slop bucket on Adam Bomb last week. We then hear dueling promos from both men to hype up a rematch.


Coming up later are highlights from Sid vs. Bam Bam Bigelow on RAW.


The In Your House ad airs.


Adam Hanzell is the guest ring announcer.


Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Nick Barberri

Lafitte clotheslines Barberri as the announcers talk about his eye patch. Barberri fights back but gets dumped outside then flies out with a somersault plancha. Lafitte ties Barberri up in the ropes and hits a pair of crossbody blocks before using a hurricarana. Vince then says by popular demand we will see Jarrett’s “With My Baby Tonight” video as Lafitte puts Barberri away with the cannonball (2:37).

Thoughts: Another win for Lafitte but besides that he doesn’t have anything else going on at this moment. We do learn that the “With My Baby Tonight” video will air again this week, however.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. More hype for the 8/12 Madison Square Garden show. We hear from Sid & Jeff Jarrett with Ted DiBiase and Roadie as they run down Diesel & Shawn Michaels to hype up their match. All for nothing too.


Clips of the Sid/Bigelow match from RAW this past Monday. We then learn that Bigelow will face Godwinn at In Your House.


More clips of the WWF talent at the Special Olympics.


We hear from Men on a Mission backstage as they promise to give the Smoking Gunns a “royal beating” and make them bow down to the king.


Hakushi w/ Shinja vs. Jeff Hardy

Hakushi pulls out the Bret Hart mannequin head once again. The announcers run down smaller house shows in the NY/NJ area as Hardy eludes Hakushi. Hardy manages a one count after a crossbody then works the arm. Hardy avoids a charge in the corner but Hakushi floats over and drills him with a super kick. Hakushi taunts the crowd after a knee drop then slams Hardy and hits a Vader Bomb. Hakushi then slaps down Hardy and hits a springboard shoulder tackle before using a cross armbreaker for the win (2:56).

Thoughts: Hardy got a little offense here and still bumps like a champ but the focus is on Hakushi getting another shot at Bret, which has not been announced for the PPV, which already has five matches on the card.


Barry Didinsky is now behind the guardrail flanked by kids to show off the Razor Ramon and 1-2-3 Kid shirts.


Back by popular demand, the “With My Baby Tonight” video airs.


We get a hype video for next week’s Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese in what is billed as a “culture clash.”


Men on a Mission vs. Smoking Gunns

Vince plugs the “Superstar Line” then how Vic Venom will be starting his own newsletter. Dok adds that Venom’s newsletter will be called “The Bite” and adds how Venom has been unfairly censored. Mabel removes his crown and robe before the match. Dok believes the matches against Yokozuna & Owen Hart have given the Gunns an advantage as they can use the same gameplan against someone of similar size like Mabel. Billy starts things off and eludes Mabel for a bit but gets slammed. Billy avoids an elbow drop and staggers Mabel with a pair of dropkicks but Mabel swats away the third attempt. Mo tags in and hammers away but ducks his head and Billy uses a small package for two. Billy comes back with a hip toss then works the arm on the mat. Bart tags in and uses a back drop as Mo could barely get himself over. The Gunns continue to work over Mo for a bit until Mabel tags and runs over Bart. We head to break and return with Bart sending Mabel into the corner with a pair of dropkicks but Mabel reverses an Irish whip and catches Bart with a sidewalk slam. Mabel chokes out Bart in the ropes before tossing him outside. Back inside, Mabel takes Bart over and covers but only gets two. Mabel clubs the back then tags out as Mo tries a suplex but Bart reverses and both men are down. Mabel tags and tries to block a sunset flip with a sit-down splash but that fails. Billy tags and tries everything to knock down Mabel then uses a flying body press for two but just stops the pin because Mo came way too late for the save. The match now breaks down and the Gunns hit Mabel with a double bulldog. Mo tosses Bart and breaks up the pin then Mabel hits Billy with an avalanche from behind and covers for the win as Mo held Bart back from making the save (9:46) *. Vince says that match will likely be reviewed but then asks by who since Tunney is not around.

Thoughts: A basic match that was not good whatsoever. Just a pitiful performance here from Mo, who just about fucked up every other thing he did here. At least some in the crowd were behind the Gunns but they lose in their attempt at revenge against the team that turned on them.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. We now hear from Shawn & Diesel as they hype up their match against Sid & Jarrett. Last week we were promised Bret’s opponent and that never was announced on this show.


The clip of Jerry Lawler at his dentist’s office airs as we see Dr. Isaac Yankem D.D.S. for the first time.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was crap and we also learned that Tunney is no longer the onscreen president as things behind the scenes were starting to heat up. We will also note the end of many talents in the coming weeks and months but for now the focus is on the PPV, which is just over two weeks away.