To Scott Keith:

You've been holding out on us, you jacka–. You know there was more to that “hit the bricks, Goofy” email and you hid it away from us. We demand the full email and want all the juicy details, spread across four hours and at least 30% of it to be footage of the guy writing the email in slow motion.

What details were cut?

The guy going “I hope you get hit by a Canadian Destroyer by Sabu, and he botches it and breaks your leg, and you still kick out at 2.9”?

Saying Omega/Okada IV was actually -***?

Finding the Unholy Grail and discovering a Nakazawa vs Ryan match with a Baby Oil stipulation?

Saying “I like that Alexa now fulfills the 'grown woman that dresses like she never graduated high school' niche Bayley ditched when she turned heel”?

Or, h—, best of all, saying the explosion at AEW Revolution was actually good? 

We need answers, damn it. Or you'll hit the bricks, you comic book reading motherf—er

P.S. all censorship was provided by Thomas Hall

Sadly there is no more but I DID receive a DM on Twitter from a guy who has blocked me, and he apparently thought the email was serious and wanted to chime in. 

It's high time someone called you out on your AEW http://bias.it's been so blatant and obvious for a while now.i used to consider myself a fan of yours,but with your waving of the AEW pom-poms and your negative Trump malarkey,you've long lost me..don't worry,when the amount of $$$$ you make off your page drops due to your obvious biased b-------,you'll change your tune,but regardless,i couldn't care less anymore because you're so not worth it and i can get my wrestling fix from those who don't have an agenda…

To be fair here, Dynamite is by far the biggest drawing thing on the site so I’m just following the free market.