WWF Monday Night RAW – July 3rd, 1995

July 3, 1995

From the Whitey McCloskey Center in Danville, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King Lawler, who is holding a bottle of mouthwash that he polishes off.


Show starts off with a video package on last week’s Intercontinental Title match between Jeff Jarrett and Savio Vega then the confrontation between Jarrett and Shawn Michaels.


We then get dueling promos between Sid and Bam Bam Bigelow to hype their match for tonight.


Also for tonight, Waylon Mercy’s RAW debut. Plus, Lawler takes us to the office of his personal dentist, Dr. Isaac Yankem.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Mike Bell

Bell now sporting a red and white striped singlet. The crowd chants for Kid as Vince makes fun of Lawler’s breath. Kid takes Bell down with a clothesline for two but eats boot on a charge in the corner. The announcers talk about Jarrett & The Roadie causing Kid’s injury as Bell puts Kid in a chin lock. Vince sings now to make fun of Lawler in maybe the lamest thing he ever did on WWF TV as Kid fights back. Vince did his own take on the Ohio Express Yummy Yummy Yummy” song by singing “yummy yummy yummy I have toe jam in my tummy” in an attempt to make fun of Lawler. Kid takes out Bell with a dive on the outside then takes the match back inside. Kid hits Bell with a spinning heel kick then uses the Oklahoma Roll for the win (3:03).

Thoughts: They are putting Kid on TV a lot this week to show us he is back and hype the match against Roadie at In Your House. And that Vince song parody was so fucking bad.


In Your House Report with Todd Pettengill. The first ten lumberjacks are announced and each guys gets to pick his own apparently as Sid takes IRS, Kama, Jacob & Eli Blu, and Mabel. Diesel takes Adam Bomb, Razor Ramon, Savio Vega, and the Smoking Gunns. There are apparently 20 other lumberjacks that will be named.


The “With My Baby Tonight” music video airs.


Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly vs. Brooklyn Brawler

More bad breath jokes from Vince. Brawler knocks Holly down to start. Holly uses an arm drag then a hip toss before working the arm. Holly then uses a flying headscissors but goes back to the arm as the announcers, even Vince himself, liked Jarrett’s video. Brawler fights back and goes after the leg as Vince plugs the Superstar Line and how you can find out who Ted DiBiase is targeting as lumberjacks for the match at In Your House. Holly fights back and hits a dropkick for a two count then heads up top and uses a flying body press for the win (2:54).

Thoughts: Some talk about Holly being a dual sport start but most of the commentary was about other things in the company as Holly is without much direction at the moment.


A hype video for next week’s Allied Powers vs. Tatanka & King Kong Bundy match.


We get clips from “Superstars” with Henry Godwinn dumping his slop bucket on Adam Bomb as Vince jokes that the bucket contained Lawler’s mouthwash.


Henry O. Godwinn vs. Barry Horowitz

Godwinn tosses Horowitz into the ropes to start. Vince puts over Godwinn’s efforts against Diesel, Undertaker, and Bret Hart as Lawler accidentally refers to Dok Hendrix as “Doc Rivers.” Godwinn beats down Horowitz as Vince mentions the fact Horowitz has never won a match. Vince talks about Horowitz being a fan favorite as a few are shown clapping for him in the front row. Vince then says that DiBiase has been enamored with Godwinn as Horowitz gets dropped with a clothesline. Vince wonders if Godwinn will be named as one of Sid’s lumberjacks as Godwinn hits a flying knee drop. Horowitz connects with a knee lift then avoids a charge in the corner and starts firing away. Horowitz pats himself on the back but whiffs on a dropkick then Godwinn his the Slop Drop for the win (2:57).

Thoughts: Godwinn was dominant here but they also really pushed the fact that Horowitz has been winless and Vince on commentary positioned him as a babyface despite being a heel enhancement talent most of his career so it appears something will be happening with Horowitz soon enough.


Barry Didinsky is with two fans as they all show off the new Bigelow, Bomb, and Shawn shirts. Just $20.00 plus shipping & handling for these ugly as fuck shirts. But, to be fair, it did kind of fit the style of clothes like a year or two prior so by wrestling standards its not that horrible. The Bomb shirt comes with the bomb that gets tossed into the crowd.


Sid comes down for his match as Godwinn is still at ringside. DiBiase nods to Godwinn and we see Godwinn smile. Bigelow then heads down the aisle but is blocked by Godwinn then the two slug it out until a few officials break things up. Vince screams about how Bigelow must be disoriented


Sid w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

The ref restrains Bigelow from hitting Sid as the latter was in the corner. Sid laughs as Vince says Bigelow has revenge on everyone in the corporation but Sid himself. Sid cheap shots Bigelow in the corner then taunts the crowd as Vince calls him a coward. Sid runs over Bigelow but whiffs on a clothesline and Bigelow takes him down with a flying shoulder tackle. Sid tries a sneak attack after DiBiase provided a distraction but that fails. Sid misses a charge in the corner then Bigelow hits a DDT. Bigelow heads up top but DiBiase gets up on the apron so Bigelow gets down and chases after DiBiase until Sid attacks from behind. Sid boots Bigelow in the ribs before Bigelow rolls back inside. Sid now targets the back then boots Bigelow in the face. Sid takes Bigelow down with a big boot then looks at the crowd. He boots Bigelow down again after avoiding an enziguiri then we go to break and return to see Sid working a rear chin lock. Bigelow powers up and hits an electric chair drop that excites the crowd. Bigelow hammers away but eats boot on a charge. Sid then hits a chokeslam and sets up for the powerbomb but Bigelow counters with a back drop. Bigelow then hits a falling headbutt and climbs up top but DiBiase distracts the ref then Godwinn runs out and shoves him off of the top as Sid covers by draping his arm over Bigelow’s chest and gets the win (5:42 shown) *. After the match, Sid powerbombs Bigelow as Lawler suggests DiBiase hire Godwinn as a lumberjack. The crowd chants for Diesel but Vince says he is not here but if he was would be down here now. Godwinn then leaves with Sid & DiBiase.

Thoughts: So we now have Godwinn paid off by DiBiase to cost Bigelow the match. This certainly knocked Bigelow down a level and he was being de-emphasized to begin with. Top guys dont lose after getting shoved off of the top rope and their opponent draping their arm over the chest for a cover. Now, Godwinn has feuds with Bigelow and Adam Bomb. And apparently Bigelow does not have any friends besides Diesel, who was not present. I’m sure he will be upset to hear what happened. Even in defeat, Sid did not come out too strong


Clips of the WWF talent at the Special Olympics.


Waylon Mercy vs. Jeff Hardy

Mercy shakes hands with the ref then Hardy before the match. Mercy attacks Hardy right after the bell and hammers away in the corner. Mercy takes Hardy over with a snapmare and boots away as Vince calls Hardy one of the “original Hardy Boys.” Mercy then hits Hardy with an overhead suplex then uses a mat slam as Lawler blames the “bumbling idiots” Hakushi & Shinja for why he lost at King of the Ring. Mercy drops Hardy throat-first across of the top rope as Vince breaks the news of Godwinn taking the place of Bundy in next week’s tag match. Mercy slams Hardy then hits a leg drop as Lawler promises to stick his dentist on Bret. Mercy then hits Hardy with a brainbuster before using a sleeper for the win (2:59).

Thoughts: We actually hear Lawler blame Hakushi & Shinja for his loss. However, Mercy can barely move and there isn’t anyway to hide this outside of TV squash matches so it will be interesting to see what happens with him going forward. Cool character but once the bell rings the mystique is over. Although, props to Hardy for bumping like a madman here and is just 17 years of age. Quite advanced for a teenager.


We now see Lawler in his dentist’s waiting room. He blames Hakushi & Shinja for why he lost then tells Bret he will pay the price and have to be like the kids in the waiting room and see his dentist. One kid tells him he has bad breath and Lawler checks and says that Yankem is working on it before telling the kid that Yankem was a great wrestler. We then see someone walking out of Yankem’s office holding a bloody cloth over their mouth as Lawler goes on and on until we see Yankem, a huge man with cutoff sleeves and disgusting teeth that the camera zooms in on asking who is next to see him. Yankem was most recently in Smoky Mountain as Unabomb but now signed to WWF. On his “Something to Wrestle With” podcast, Prichard said the Yankem name came from the dentist joke of “I Yank’em” that apparently Bobby Heenan used to use a lot when he was in WWF after people talked about going to the dentist.


Also in action next week are Savio Vega and The Roadie as well as Allied Powers vs. Tatanka & Godwinn.


A replay of how Bigelow lost to Sid and a slo-mo of the powerbomb he took after the match.


Vince tells Lawler he might have “bassett hound” or “buzzard” breath to close the show. A night of awful jokes from the company owner.


Final Thoughts: They are building towards the PPV but man was the featured match awful and the rest of the show itself rather poor. Its clear who is being pushed and deemphasized now and when you hear of the rumors of “The Kliq” using influence over who got pushed and who didn’t, the people who complained about them like Bigelow and Holly certainly have a case as of late. Anyway, next week we get a tag match as the featured bout with the PPV less than three weeks away.