AEW DARK: April 20, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark Episode #85 (“I Think In TV They Call This a Lower Deck Episode”), April 20, 2021.

We open with Darby Allin saying that people say he and Jungle Boy are alike. Allin doesn’t see that. He is here not for friendships but for championships. He wants Perry to show up as the man they know he is, turn on the switch, and be ready to fight. Don’t show up if he’s just going to smile. If you want to win, turn, that, switch.

From the AEW Arena.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz, joined after their intro by Ricky Starks.

TONIGHT! Uh… (checks notes)… hoo boy, not much. Your feature bout is Max Caster against Alan Angels.

Also in action – though not against each other – are PAC, the Varsity Blonds, Uno/Stu/Vance of the Dark Order, Butcher and Blade, Sonny Kiss, Daunte Martin, Will Hobbs, Joey Janela, SCU, Swole & King, Billy Gunn, and Diamante.

Opening match: Joey Janela (6-3) vs. Will Allday (0-1). Janela is halfway to the commentary to talk about Sonny Kiss when Taz and Starks tell him to beat it.

Lockup, and Janela works the arm. Allday tumbles and cartwheels to reverse, but Janela gives him a judo flip. Allday absorbs some shots and gets palm strikes before landing a pop-up rana. Blind charge eats boot, then Janela goes over the top and gets a release German suplex. Big chop in the corner as commentary begins talking about armadillos for some reason, and Janela takes Allday around the world. Hammer throw by Janela, but Allday sends him up and over before getting a Stone Cold Hotshot to send him to the floor. Allday follows with a tope suicida.

Back in, he goes up top, but the Swanton Bomb misses and Janela gets two off the crash and burn. Running cross chop by Janela, then a snapmare into a soccer kick that knocks Allday’s gum out of his mouth (much to Starks’ glee). He lands another one and poses (for some reason), then tries a German only for Allday to land on his feet and get a dropkick. TKO kneesmash by Allday, but Janela recovers with a lariat. Suplex try is reversed to a brainbuster by Allday.

SUPERKICK exchange is won by Janela, who tosses Allday into the middle turnbuckle for two. Janela to the top, but Allday meets him there with a Frankensteiner and flying jalapeno. He goes up, but Janela charges underneath only to miss a blind charge to follow. Allday with a moonsault try, but Janela reverses to a mid-air cutter! Death Valley Driver gets the win at 5:34. I had heard good things about Allday last week from people who saw him at Booker T’s promotion, and this delivered. *3/4

SCU (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) (#1 team, 9-0) vs. Ryzin and John Skyler (first time teaming). So are they going to move the “get gold or die trying” story to Dynamite or do they think it needs more buildup? And just as I say that, Excalibur mentions that SCU were seen in the crowd, allowing them to make this story big.

Kazarian and Skyler start. Lockup goes nowhere but leads to a shoving match. A second lockup, and Kazarian powers down Skyler into a top wristlock. Skyler gets vertical and reverses to a hammerlock, but Kazarian spins around to a back body drop. Skyler hangs on for a sunset flip, but Kazarian rolls through and grabs a ground headlock. Skyler reverses to a standing armbar and adds a forearm, which means Kazarian decides chain wrestling is over and chops away. He gets a German suplex after ducking a clothesline, then sends Skyler into Daniels’ boot. Daniels in, getting a suplex for one. Skyler kicks away a back body drop attempt and knocks over Daniels, and Ryzin enters with a clothesline and last rites.

Ryzin runs into a T-Bone suplex by Daniels, who adds a snapmare and brings in Kazarian. Slingshot elbow into a slingshot legdrop by Kazarian, who gives Skyler a back suplex to send him packing. Knee to the gut of Ryzin, then a series of chops. Skyler cuts off Kazarian, who knocks him off the apron but runs into a leg lariat from Ryzin. Ryzin draws in Daniels to get a double-team with Skyler, who then tags in to get a snapmare and ground headlock. Kazarian elbows out, but Skyler clubs away and gets a shoulder to the gut. Skyler with a Finlay Roll for one, and he tells Daniels to stay in the corner while he tags in Ryzin.

Avalanche by Ryzin and he tosses Kazarian’s head into the middle turnbuckle before kicking it. Stinger Splash airballs and Kazarian with a lariat, and it’s hot tag Daniels. Back body drop to Ryzin and STO to Skyler, then Daniels with a bulldog/clothesline combo on the two. Kazarian back in, and the double hiptoss is caught into a powerbomb, Skyler saves. Kazarian catches Skyler with a big boot, and SCU go high/low on him to dump him. Best Meltzer Ever ends Ryzin at 6:57. I don’t think Ryzin was on the same page as the other three, which is a shame because he’s not a bad hoss. Something just felt awkward here. *1/2

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Big Swole and KiLynn King (w/Red Velvet) (1-0) vs. The Manukainia Sisters (Ashley and Steff) (debut). Thankfully for Justin Roberts, they go by Ashley and Steff MK. And yes, they’re twins from California of Polynesian heritage. Thankfully, Ashley wears pants and Steff wears shorts.

Swole and Steff start. Lockup, and Swole with a go-behind into a side headlock. Steff reverses, and we go International~!, though with a twist as Swole kips up before landing on her feet on a hiptoss and getting one of her own. Swole sends Steff into the corner and brings King in, leading to a trip and shotgun dropkick combo for one. Ashley enters, but King catches her with a ripcord into the corner, following with an uppercut and clearout elbows. She trips Ashley and gets a diving uppercut for two. Ashley fights back, so King goes to the gut with a knee and works the back.

Ashley throws King all the way to the apron, but comes back with a sunset flip try. Ashley rolls through and gets King into the ropes, where Steff holds her open by the hair as Swole protests. Steff in now, and the MK Sisters with a double gut punch and double suplex. They do stereo somersault thrust kicks, getting Steff two, and we HIT THE CHINLOCK. King tries to fight out, but Steff clubs her down and she and Ashley keep her in the corner. Ashley stomps away and brings in Steff, but the Rikishi hip check misses. King with an enzuigiri out of desperation, and it’s hot tag Swole.

She leaps in and catches a charging Ashley with a cutter, then a pump kick to Steff. Running uppercut on Ashley, and she bulldogs Ashley while dropkicking Steff to get two, Steff saves. King dumps Steph, and the single-dodge headbutt follows. That doesn’t work against a Polynesian (and Swole sells it instead), but Ashley runs into a SUPERKICK by King to lead to Dirty Dancing for the pin at 5:25. This was just fine as a hoss fight, but it’s weird when Swole is the smallest woman in the match. *1/4

Adam Page has a bunch of singles wins, but the records say he shouldn’t be #1. When the pressure’s on, Page collapses, so it’s time for him to move over for someone who is Absolute! Ricky Starks is ready to aim for the bull’s-eye on Page’s back. He’ll be your huckleberry. Two big singles win streaks collide tomorrow.

The Butcher and The Blade (w/The Bunny and everyone else in the HFO) (#3 team, 4-0) vs. Brick Aldridge and Cole Karter (first time teaming). Wisely, Aldridge and Karter bail out of the ring, knowing Butcher and Blade’s M.O. Kassidy imitates Butcher’s lunges behind him, while Hardy flashes the money sign as Taz talks about how expensive Matt’s suit is.

Butcher and Karter start. Butcher clubs away on Karter, adding a cross-chop as Karter comes off the ropes. Clothesline/backbreaker hybrid follows from Butcher, and Blade enters to boot Karter down. He stomps a mudhole in Karter and walks it dry, adding a boot choke before arguing with the referee. He then rips at Karter’s face before bringing Butcher back in, and it’s a double shoulderblock. Big chop from Butcher follows, then a slap to the face and rope drag choke. Blade in now, and he tosses Karter outside so everyone can stomp him and Bunny can cackle.

Back in, Karter tries to fight back and get a suplex, but Blade reverses it to a swinging neckbreaker. Butcher in with a gut shot to the open Karter, then a big forearm and chop. Avalanche in the corner, but on the second try Karter gets hi selbow up before dodging a third one and tagging in Aldridge. Aldridge slugs away on Butcher and has the advantage, but Blade tags himself in and lariats Aldridge. Drag the Lake ends it at 3:41. Aldridge’s hot tag segment getting cut off and destroyed in one move is certainly a new twist on that story. 3/4*

Ryan Nemeth, Cezar Bononi, and JD Drake are talking about wingman time. Nemeth and Bononi – okay, just Nemeth – found a few things for Drake to wear, and Drake humors them by looking at them. First, a sheer top for the club, which Drake thinks is a fishing net. Next, a floral pattern suit, which Drake thinks he could actually pull off (much to Bononi’s objection). Option 3: a red velvet top. Drake: “Am I Marky Mark?” Bononi keeps objecting to the clothing options, but Drake misinterprets that as Bononi thinks Drake can’t be sexy. That’s enough to convince Drake to give the outfits a shot, even though Bononi thinks it’s a bad idea. “Wingman!” “I’m not saying it, Ryan.” This was kind of funny.

Sonny Kiss (6-3) vs. Jake Manning (0-1). No offense to Kiss, but I kind of wish he and Janela switched matches. Janela’s reputatyion of getting stoned and coming up with bizarre spots would fit with Manning’s “literal overgrown Boy Scout complete with Junior Woodchuck guide” gimmick.

Manning with a quick kick after fakng a lockup and he clubs away on the back. Kiss, however, flips over a back suplex and gets a standing rana. Handspring hip attack is cut off by Manning, who goes up only to get handstand headscissored off the top rope. 540 kick and Splits Stunner gets the win in 54.2 seconds. Maybe that’s why Janela wasn’t around. NR

And now Kiss wants to talk. He said he was here to shake some ass and kick some ass, and that’s what he wanted when he got there. He remembers the day he signed, and he said AEW was for everyone. Every time he’s in the ring, he earns the right to say he’s All Elite. So throw out any notions you have, and the games are over. That’s a wrap, so seal it with a Kiss. Generic “locker room on notice” segment.

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Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, and Preston Vance) (w/the rest of the Dark Order) vs. Mane Event (Jay Lyon and Midas Black) and Ken Broadway. Both teams are working for the first time in this iteration. The Dark Order trio weighs a combined 662 pounds, which leads to Excalibur saying he wants one of them to gain 4 pounds. Taz has the gall to call this a bad joke. Ken Broadway makes it rain as the circus folk pose during their intro. Hey, they’re memorable.

Uno and Lyon start. Uno tries to take the meat out of his mouth, so Lyon growls on it and keeps it in. Lockup, and Lyon works the arm. Uno reverses to a headlock , but Lyon dodges a shoulderblock only for Uno to get it on the second try. Uno follows with atomic drop and yanks the meat out of Lyon’s mouth, throwing it to the mat and stepping on Lyon’s paws when Lyon pounces on it. Broadway in now, and he calls out to the crowd to fire them up. (It kind of works.)

Uno goes to the arm and brings Grayson in, throwing Broadway into Uno and getting an uppercut. Uno with a big boot and Grayson with a running soccer kick. Broadway fights back and chops Grayson, but Grayson no-sells and gets an overhead suplex and kip up. Black tags in and dives… straight into a uranage by Grayson. Uno in now, and he throws Broadway into Vance. Vance flapjacks Grayson onto Broadway, and after a Dark Order salute, Vance gets a stalling suplex on Black for a ten-count. Well, on the suplex, not on the cover.

Black escapes with a dropkick and brings Broadway in, who boxes Vance. He follows with a knee strike and throws the money at Vance (with Junior asking for the money from the referee), so Vance clotheslines Broadway and chucks him into a neutral corner. Pump kick to Broadway, then a cutter to Lyon. Charge eats Broadway’s elbow, but Vance recovers with the SPINEBUSTER OF DOOM. Toss powerbomb to Black into a wheelbarrow suplex by Vance, and Fatality finishes Broadway at 5:20. Sue me, I had fun. *1/4 Starks says he’s going to place a bet to try to win the money from Junior. Excalibur jokes that now the ref can put his kids through college.

Starks is no longer on commentary.

Billy Gunn (8-0) vs. Andrew Palace (0-2). Billy facing QT Marshall has been added to tomorrow’s show. Don’t let the 8-0 record fool you – that’s all in trios matches with his kids. Billy has a shiner on his right eye, courtesy of the sucker-punch Marshall did yesterday.

Gunn wastes no time stomping away in the corner and slugging away, adding a backbreaker. Palace gets a Hotshot out of desperation and races at him, but Gunn dumps Palace to the outside. Gunn follows and sends him into the guardrail twice over. Back in, Gunn makes darn sure we see the shiner on his eye before stnading over Palace, who fights back with an enzuigiri. He runs into a tilt-a-whirl slam, and now the Famouser ends it at 1:51. That’s how Billy Gunn’s squash matches should be. Two minutes. NR

And now Gunn wants a mic. He kicks Palace out of the ring and tells QT Marshall he’s called down the thunder. Tomorrow on Dynamite, there’s no place for him to hide.

Fuego Del Sol (0-9) vs. Daunte Martin (6-4). Fuego has graduated to getting an entrrance, even if we’re still waiting for that first win. Both men are known for their agility, so this could be a fast-paced battle that squeezes a lot into very little. Darius’s knee is still healing, so Daunte’s going at it alone.

Code of Honor starts us off. Lockup, and Martin with a side headlock. He keeps it on off the ropes, adding a takedown. Fuego stacks him for one before reversing to a front facelock. Martin reverses that to a hammerlock, so Fuego gets on his hands and tries a headscissors. Martin blocks and breaks the grirp to get an armlock, then after some very fast reversals it’s Martin with the cravat. Fuego flips out of a snapmare, so Martin trips him. Fuego ducks a soccer kick and both men try to hit the other until Fuego gets a roundhouse kick for two. WRESTLING!

Fuego works Martin over in the corner, adding a chop, but Martin kicks Fuego’s leg out of his leg. Fuego recovers to box Martin in the corner, then gets an uppercut, but again Martin kicks the leg away and gets distance. This time, though, Martin catches Fuego coming in and nails a backfist. Fuego with a jawjacker and corner spear to recover, and he goes up and over only for Martin to duck a clothesline and get one of his own. Dropkick and headscissors follow. Single-leg trip by Martin, but Fuego kicks him away. Martin slides away from a back body drop, chaining a cradle into a single-leg crab. Fuego makes the ropes.

Martin’s charge eats elbow, but he recovers with a right hand as Fuego goes up. Martin follows, but Fuego pushes him off into a backflip. Martin leaps to the top rope, but Fuego trips him and tangles him in the Tree of Woe, holding Martin up so the double-stomp connects logically. Martin’s still in the Tree of Woe, so Fuego goes COAST TO COAST for two. Martin shoves Fuego off of the Tornado DDT try and gets a SUPERKICK on second try. 450 splash gets the win at, of all times, 4:50. Martin even had time to race from one corner to another before flying off. This is everything I hoped it would be – five minutes of crazy speed. **1/4

Diamante (7-3) vs. Queen Aminata (0-1). Man, do I hope to hear Diamante’s opinion on this Ivelisse/Rosa spat. There’s one for the future shoot interviews. Commentary puts over her war with Rosa on a prior Dark. Aminata is from Guinea.

Diamante catches Aminata putting her crown away and dropkicks her before clubbing her down and stomping a mudhole. Diamante with forearms and a back elbow, then more stomping as Aminata hasn’t gotten out of the corner yet. Diamante pulls her out and tries a whip, but Aminata reverses to a snapmare and back heel kick. Running kick is caught, but Aminata with back elbows to escape a waistlock. Diamante back with an uppercut to set up the Three Amigos for two.

Diamante goes ground and pound before telling the ref to let them fight. Aminata with a huge right hand leading to a slugfest, and that ends with a SUPERKICK from Aminata. Running boot misses, and Diamante gets a casadora Stunner. Hesitation dropkick in the corner follows for Diamante, getting two. Diamante is asked to let the ref check on Aminata, but that allows Aminata to catch her in a small package for two. Diamante gives her a release German suplex and short-arm clotheslines for that. Straitjacket bodyscissors ends it at 3:19. Very physical bout. * Aminata’s lip was busted open at some point.

Wrestling With the Week ad #2.

Varsity Blonds (Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr.) (#4 team, 7-2) vs. Hayden Backlund and Kip Sackett (0-1). Interestingly, the Blonds started as a thrown-together enhancement team that became a regular and turned into a top-ranked team. I say this because Sackett and Backlund are teaming together here for the second time – could lightning keep striking?

Backlund and Pillman start. Pillman with the headlock, and Garrison comes in to kick the open gut. Garrison takes over the headlock into a takedown, but Backlund stacks him for one. Garrison breaks and takes Backlund back down again, and a tackle gets one before Garrison takes him over again. Backlund goes to the eyes to break, and Sackett comes in only for Garrison to take HIM down with a headlock takedown. Interesting psychology. Slam by Garrison, slingshot senton by Pillman, and slingshot legdrop by Garrison to Sackett. Then Pillman with a swinging neckbreaker to Backlund, leading to Garrison legdropping him and the duo bail. Pillman fakes a dive onto them, then kicks Sackett down and tells Backlund to back off.

Big chop to Sackett (he and Pillman are legal), but back in, Backlund sneaks in a Hotshot by the mullet and Sackett gets a flapjack. Elbowdrops to Pillman, and he works the arm to bring in Backlund. Backlund drops the axhandle and goes for the CROSSFACE CHICKENWING (because why not), but Pillman makes the ropes before being taken down. Pillman fires back with shots, then stopping a back body drop attempt with a swinging neckbreaker.

Garrison and Sackett in, and Garrison with clotheslines and a BACK body drop. Stinger Splash to Sackett, then the Cradle Shock, but Backlund tries to break with the CFCW again. Garrison boots Backlund down, but Sackett with a jawjacker. Garrison escapes a fireman’s carry and lands the Discus Punch, and a powerbomb/reverse facebuster by the Blonds gets Pillman the pin at 4:46. They need to pick a finisher and stick with it – I kind of like the Air Pillman Doomsday Device as a move to pay tribute. Backlund using the CFCW was good, too. *1/4

Alan Angels (7-2) vs. Max Caster (w/Anthony Bowens) (7-2). This must have been taped after Brodie Jr’s bedtime, as he is absent from the rest of the Dark Order when they enter. And then Excalibur makes the same joke I did. Only Vance stars at ringside for this one. “I got some intel / You can’t get a date, you’re an incel / wait, I got the bomb / Five is the sub, and ten is the dom!” Hey, we all have fetishes, he says. No kink-shaming here, says Excalibur as commentary corpses hard.

Lockup, and Caster throws Angels into the corner and goes for the count-along punches before being being sent down to his feet. He mocks Angels, then throws him down on the second lockup. Caster with a kneelift and some hip swivels, but Angels flips out of a suplex and kicks away on Caster. Angels keeps kicking the leg out of Caster’s leg, but Caster gets a headlock and we go International~!, ending with Angels getting a tilt-a-whirl into a Russian legsweep. More leg kicks by Angels, then some left hands. Caster with a throat chop, but Angels recovers and dropkicks Caster before getting the five-punch count-along.

Dropkick by Angels gets one. Angels looks for This Is Gonna Suck, but Bowens cuts it off by getting on the apron before checking on Caster. So Angels with a senton over Bowens onto Caster off the apron. Vance makes sure Bowens keeps his distance, as back in, Angels’ moonsault hits the knees. Kitchen Sink by Caster, but his leg is tweaked from all those kicks earlier and he can’t follow up right away. Eventually, he does get a back suplex for two. He stomps away on Angels, then stands on his head in the corner for the four-count. Angels tries to punch back (go to the knees, dude!), but Caster with an ankle pick and running boot (though his plant leg gives out on the follow-through).

Backbreaker by Caster gets two. Another Kitchen Sink try is reversed to a schoolboy for two. Angels catches Caster coming in with a boot, then an elbow, before getting an enzuigiri. Forearms by Angels leave Caster loopy, and Angels follows up with a running boot. This Is Gonna Suck connects, then a standing Shiranui gets two. Angels goes up, but Caster forces Angels to land on his feet. So Angels gets the Vaderbomb-style moonsault for two (as Caster screams in pain from everything).

Wing Snapper, but Caster gets a mule kick to stop it. Bowens and Vance fight over the boombox, with Vance playing basketball defense, but Bowens throws it in… and Angels catches it. The referee takes it from Angels and disposes of it while Caster gets his chain, but Angels with a roundhouse kick… and DURING THE COVER, Caster smokes Angels with the chain for the pin at 8:19. Caster is getting better by the minute, with the selling of his leg during his offense and an incredibly inventive finish. **3/4 The referee sees the chain, but by this time it’s around Bowens’ neck and plausible deniability reigns supreme.

Will Hobbs (8-0, #5 men) (w/Hook)vs. Baron Black (no intro, see below). This is a warmup for Hobbs’ match with Christian Cage.

Black jumps Hobbs before the bell and fires away, but he runs into a lariat. Hobbs boxes away in the corner, then tosses Black in a Bradley beal. Blind charge eats boot, though, and Black gets some hard chops that Hobbs shrugs off. Divorce Court by Black, but he runs into the SPINEBUSTER OF DOOM. THE STRAPS ARE DOWN for Hobbs, and a Diving DDT gets two… before Hobbs pulls Black up. He mocks Cage’s taunt, then Town Bidness gets the real pin at 1:56. NR Hobbs stares at Black, thinking of doing more, but decides not to.

PAC (w/The Lucha Bros) (3-0) vs. Dean Alexander (no intro, see below). Commentary mentions how the Young Bucks stole one last…

Yeah, PAC charges right at Alexander and stomps him down in the corner before choking him on the bottom rope. More choking by PAC with his boots as Alexander hasn’t gotten out of the corner yet. Brutalizer gets the TKO at 45.1 seconds as Alexander can’t even tap out. Guys, I think he was a little mad about what the Young Bucks did last week.


  • Billy Gunn looks to get QT Marshall’s attention!
  • Christian Cage is back, taking on Will Hobbs!
  • Trent of the Best Friends faces Penta of the Lucha Bros!
  • Two men on a hot streak collide as Hangman Page faces Ricky Starks!
  • The Women’s Title is on the line as Hikaru Shida defends against Tay Conti!
  • And the TNT Title is on the line as Darby Allin faces Jungle Boy!

More or less a filler episode as they burn off most of the rest of the tryout matches. Martin/Fuego and Caster/Angels were good enough to be on any show of AEW Dark, though, and the fact that they were given the spotlight on this show is rather interesting. Also interesting was Janela and Kiss’s different singles bouts: Janela had a fight with a top prospect in Will Allday, while Kiss ran through Jake Manning. To be fair, Manning is all gimmick and when you see him once you know what you got.

The promos by Sonny Kiss and Billy Gunn were pretty straightforward. Kiss gave a little history on his time in AEW, then it was the “locker room on notice” style. It’s worth noting that this wasn’t presented as Janela and Kiss going their separate ways, and in fact Kiss was with Janela for the latter’s match. Gunn, meanwhile, has a match tomorrow to forward the Nightmare storyline, so he simply called out his opponent.

Now, the YouTube preview said there would be surprise appearances, and from that I guess they meant the three video promos. I probably didn’t do Allin justice because I was caught off-guard when it started as a cold open. For Starks, it wasn’t clear at first who it was, but having him walk into the bar to talk down Hangman was… well, of course he did. The appeal of that match is two of the top personalities on hot winning streaks, so how much selling was necessary?

Which brings me to Nemeth, Drake, and Bononi. I imagine they had big plans for Bononi and Peter Avalon when this started, but Avalon’s injury forced them to switch it around on the fly. As Plan B goes, this seems like it could be fun. The idea of doing the Pygmalion storyline – though without the romantic overtones – on Drake by Nemeth (with Bononi as the cynical extra man) could lead to both of them getting more defined personality beyond just “Hollywood hunk” and “blue-collar brawler”. I actually wonder where they’re going with this – will Drake or Bononi get tired of Nemeth first, or will Avalon have something to say about the homely Drake being in the group when he returns?

The last two days have one theme: the people on Dynamite were bulldozers. Look at the list of people who wrestled on Dark or Elevation this week and have Dynamite matches coming up: Jungle Boy, Adam Page, Trent, Billy Gunn, and Powerhouse Hobbs. None of them went more than two minutes. If you’re on the top of the roster, an enhancement talent shouldn’t give you even half a moment of trouble. (If you doubt, look at the reviews of Brian and Logan of old WWF shows – the syndicated TV squashes were three minutes tops.)

All in all, check out Janela/Allday, Caster/Angels, and Martin/Fuego. The rest isn’t necessary – but fortunately, the last few matches didn’t overstay their welcome.


BELL-TO-BELL: 53:37 over thirteen matches (average time 4:07)



  1. Daunte Martin
  2. Max Caster
  3. Alan Angels
  4. Will Allday
  5. Fuego Del Sol

Light the fuse for tomorrow!  Well, light something anyway, since it’s still April 20 here in the US.