Redoing the Flair/Savage “She was mine first” storyline in NXT

With the recent rounds of cuts, can we all collectively hope that Santana Garrett doesn't get cut so we can have her and Indie Hartwell fighting over Dexter Lumis? 

Bonus points, they can re-enact the whole “he was mine first” storyline Flair and Savage did decades ago by bringing up how Santana (as Brittany) was with Dexter in Impact until she up and quit/left Dexter and maybe build up towards a Dexter/Karrion Kross showdown with regards to fudging continuity to establish Dexter and Santana as former friends and allies of Kross/Scarlet, until Dexter renounced evil after dumping Santana? 

And perhaps work in a face turn for Gargano as he gets roped into helping Indie save Dexter from Santana and Kross/Scarlet? Especially if a jilted Santana gets her mitts into Tommaso Ciampa, corrupting Tommaso back to the side of evil and into an alliance with Kross/Scarlet and having him hurt Candace and Austin Theory, just to further torment Indie by attacking her loved ones? 

Given Dexter's popularity and Gargano finally embracing sports entertainment regarding developing a character and personality, it would be a great way to further their storyline and give Dexter a backstory and feud with Kross that will put the belt on Dexter/allow them to move Kross to the main roster when he loses, push Indie as a top face, and give Gargano a redemption arc as he has to return to the side of the angels to fight a villainized Ciampa as far as giving new fans an actual reason to care about Gargano and Ciampa fighting?
Dexter’s popularity?  With who, the fake wall of fans?