Huge flops during a hot period

What are memorable massive misfires (storylines, pushes, concepts) during a promotion's hot period? My nominees:

– Jeff Jarrett's strange heel/face/tweener storyline with the 4 Horsemen in 96/97 in WCW. NWO was red hot and no one cared about this weak oldschool crap.

– Brawl 4 All in mid-1998 during one of the greatest and most entertaining times in WWF history

– young up-and-comer Sam Houston getting a hard push in 1986 NWA/WCW, with some of the worst promos ever. Gone soon after

– The brutally bad hillbilly stuff in 1985 WWF with Uncle Elmer's wedding and co. Vince = Vince

What do you say?

The hillbillies did big ratings and Jim was hugely over.  In retrospect yeah it fell apart when he got injured but you always need midcard gimmicks.  Brawl for All was a stupid idea on every level though.  And what was so bad about Sam Houston in the role he was playing?