WWF Monday Night RAW – June 26th, 1995


June 26, 1995

From the Whitey McCloskey Center in Danville, PA. The arena this took place in is not listed anywhere but after a minute of searching on google, saw the roof of this building exactly matched the roof in the photo of the McCloskey Center, which is part of the Danville Area High School so another set of RAW tapings from a high school gym.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels, who is subbing for Jerry Lawler who is suffering from the effects of losing the Kiss My Foot match last night to Bret Hart.

The show starts off with a package of still photos from the Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler Kiss My Foot match from King of the Ring.


Smoking Gunns vs. Black Phantom & Jason Arhndt

Billy and Phantom start off the match. Billy catches Phantom with a slam then works the arm. The announcers talk about the Gunns wanting revenge on Men on a Mission and Jacob & Eli Blu. Bart tags in and hits a vertical suplex on Arhndt. The announcers let us know that Mabel has won King of the Ring as Shawn jokes he was more impressed in learning that Mo could read. The Gunns stay in control then put Arhndt away with the Sidewinder (1:41). Vince learns that we have footage of Lawler from earlier today.

Thoughts: We learn that Gunns will get a shot at Men on a Mission and continue to face Jacob & Eli the coming weeks. Shawn is a breath of fresh air though.


We now see Lawler outside of a door of his dentist, Isaac Yankem D.D.S. We hear loud drilling behind the door with someone screaming as Lawler says Bret’s feet were the smelliest there was, is, and will ever be. Lawler says his mouth isn’t back yet then he gargles and says we have not seen the last of him and that Bret will pay as Lawler laughs over the screaming behind the door. Lawler then says that Yankem will “extract” some revenge as Yankem was apparently the greatest wrestler before he became a dentist. Lawler then talks about having tartar, gingivitis, and a canker sore as he vows Yankem will practice anything but “painless dentistry” then starts brushing his teeth. So, this feud is continuing but now with a dentist to add some teeth related references to go along with foot humor. Why they are continuing this feud is beyond me.


A video package to order the King of the Ring encore PPV airing airs.


Skip w/ Sunny vs. Scott Taylor

Shawn talks about knowing a lot about “fitness chicks” well as we then see resident huckster, Barry Didinsky, decked out in Bret shades and a shirt while selling us that and the King of the Ring t-shirt some guy is wearing. This is all going on as Skip cuts his promo. Skip taunts Taylor with jumping jacks then tries a cheap shot but Taylor was ready. Taylor lands a few shots but Skip drops him with an enziguiri then runs around. Taylor dropkicks Skip out of the ring then sends him into the guardrail with a baseball slide. Skip trips up Taylor and takes him outside. Skip slams Taylor then heads up top and flies out with a plancha. Taylor then heads back inside and Skip places him up top and uses a hurricarana for the win while doing pushups during the cover (2:13). The camera zooms in on Sunny as she heads up the aisle and cuts out right when it gets to Skip.

Thoughts: The entire focus here was on Sunny and this moment it was made crystal clear this act was to break her out. Skip was just along for the ride. The action here was fun but again the attention on Sunny here was so much that she is going to be pushed heavily going forward.


A video clip of Diesel at a celebrity softball game in Oklahoma City airs.


King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill airs. Basically another plug for the PPV encore airing. However, we also get the official announcement of Diesel vs. Sid for the World Title in a Lumberjack Match. As was reported before King of the Ring, Diesel vs. Sid was already announced as the main event on local advertising and with how King of the Ring ended the Lumberjack stipulation made sense.


We hear from Savio Vega as he will be facing Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title later tonight.


Video package for next week’s Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Sid match.


Man Mountain Rock plays the guitar. Vince screams “if its too loud then you’re too old!”


Man Mountain Rock vs. Phil Apollo

Shawn makes an Apollo 13 reference as the movie is in theaters. Rock hits a belly-to-belly suplex as the announcers talk about Bob Backlund’s presidential campaign. Vince tells us to call the Superstar Line and find out more about Razor Ramon’s status as Rock slams Apollo then puts on the Whammy Bar for the win (1:20).

Thoughts: The Rock act has been a dud and they are still going with Rock/Backlund as a feud.


King Mabel is being carried out to the ring on his throne.


King Mabel w/ Mo vs. Kenny Kendall

Mabel grabs Kendall by the neck and shoves him in the corner while yelling about being the king. Mabel yells “hail to the king” and hits an enziguiri as Vince recaps how Mabel won the tournament. Mabel tosses Kendall outside as then heads out and sends him into the steps. Vince compares Mabel to Henry VIII as the match heads back in the ring where Mabel finally puts Kendall away with a belly-to-belly suplex (2:33).

Thoughts: Evil King Mabel did not get over as a heel act here. The yelling felt forced but he at least seemed to try. However, its clear his push is just beginning.


We get a new Waylon Mercy vignette. He’s sitting in the lifeguard chair on the beach as we get the ominous tones. Mercy says when he gets into the WWF the wrestlers lives will be in his hands and laughs after asking if we have thought about what he means. Vince says Mercy will be here next week on RAW.


The announcers talk about the Diesel vs. Sid Lumberjack Match.


We are shown the WWF Hall of Fame video package that aired on the PPV.


This weekend on “Superstars” will be the debut of Jeff Jarrett’s music video.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Jeff Jarrett (c) w/ The Roadie vs. Savio Vega

Vince tells us to “loosen up to the Caribbean beat.” Roadie provides a distraction to allow Jarrett a sneak attack. Vega comes back with a hip toss then decks Jarrett after avoiding a boot in the corner. Vega hits a flying punch for two as the announcers talk about Vega showing no ill effects from having four matches last night. Jarrett yanks Vega into the corner and hammers away but Vega fights back. Roadie gets up on the apron and Vega gets distracted but avoids a high knee as Roadie gets knocked off the apron. Vega clotheslines Jarrett outside then we see Shawn yanking Roadie’s dreads as Jarrett comes over to confront Shawn. We head to break and come back to see Jarrett working over Vega. Snap suplex gets two then Vega gets choked out with the rope as Jarrett distracted the ref. Vega avoids a diving attack and Vega hits a back suplex as both men are down. Vega drapes his arm over Jarrett’s chest for two. Vega then hits a chokeslam and tries to pump up the crowd as he runs wild. Roadie trips up Vega but Vega kicks him down. Roadie falls on top of the announcers table and Shawn pushes him back. Roadie yells at Shawn and Shawn gets up in his face. Jarrett tries a double axe handle from the apron and misses then Shawn tosses Jarrett inside. Vega uses a reverse rollup but Roadie runs in for the save and the DQ (5:30 shown) **. After the match, Shawn makes the save and cleans house as Vega gets to his feet.

Thoughts: The action was decent enough with Vega starting out hot but at the end it was just a backdrop to start a Shawn/Jarrett feud. And after the King of the Ring loss, Vega is now tossed aside and will have to find new direction.


We come back as Shawn poses while his theme plays with Vince running down next week’s show. Jarrett & Roadie then come back to the ring. Jarrett grabs the mic but the show goes off the air as Vince tells us watch next week. The way this ended made it seem like we will hear what Jarrett said last week. And a great night for Shawn here. He’s getting the best reactions and the most charismatic wrestler here by a mile right now. His wisecracks on commentary felt organic and was not saddled with dated references. Not much feels authentic here right now but Shawn does.


Final Thoughts: The fallout of King of the Ring was on display as we already have the main event of the next PPV announced and started a new Intercontinental Title feud. We also saw that Sunny and Mabel are going to be pushed through the Summer and they are going with the Rock/Backlund feud. Anyway, next week has Bigelow vs. Sid as the build towards the 2nd In Your House begins.