The Saturday Night Fight Thread

Researching indestructible chew toys for Huskies on a Saturday night.  Good times during Covid lockdowns.

There’s a UFC tonight with Robert Whittaker in the main event if you’re into that sort of fighting thing.  Probably something good on Fite.TV as well.

I’m gonna be working on a RAW 2000 episode tonight by request from a Patron because I can’t bring myself to redo the shitty 2006-08 SNME abominations.  We’re calling the series DONE, people.

Caught the latest Falcon and Winter Solider last night and that was a MEAN tease at the end.  COME ON SAM, WE’RE READY FOR IT!  New Invincible also dropped on Amazon Prime today and I’ll be checking that out tonight as well.  Man that show is great.