Letting the best in the world go

Hi Scott,

I wish all the best to everyone who got released, but I wonder if WWE even realise that in Samoa Joe they have just fired the LINEAL CHAMPION.

Brock Lesnar was dominant in 2017, but he finally lost to Roman Reigns at Summerslam 2018. Reigns then went undefeated for almost a year (including his time off for illness) before losing to Shane McMahon in June 2019, and there's no shame in that. McMahon was downed by Owens a couple of months later, and then Joe beat Owens, got injured and has never lost a match since. He's the holder of an unbroken lineage that includes Hogan, Flair, the Rock, Austin, Jinder and so many more, and WWE has let him slip away.

What's more, by beating Shane, Joe also claimed the lineal Best In The World title. Surely they can't let that go to AEW?

Oh damn, Kenny could unify ALL of the belts then!