Bret vs. Macho

Hey Scott,
We're about the same age and, like you, I was a big fan of Randy Savage and Bret Hart when I was growing up, and I thought that the only real Savage-Bret matches were the SNME match in '87 and the terrible match in WCW. I feel like I've paid pretty close attention through the years, so I was shocked to find — literally today — that there is a fan video of Savage challenging Bret for the WWF title in Japan shortly after WrestleMania X in 1994. Was this a pretty well-known match that I just totally missed for nearly 30 years?!? I know WWF has filmed pretty much everything they've done in some way or another for decades now, so why has this never ended up on a DVD? Are these types of shows that took place in Japan or overseas promoted in a way that muddies the rights issues? Because it seems like a WWF vs WWF match for the WWF title in a WWF ring with a WWF ref and a WWF ring announcer would be WWF content no matter where it actually took place.

That’s why the Network has been such a botched opportunity, because they have thousands of hours of crazy shit like that and never utilize it anymore.  And no, there’s no rights issues, it’s all WWF footage.