WWF Superstars – June 24th, 1995

June 24, 1995

From the Wheeling Civic Center in Wheeling, WV

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

This week’s featured match is Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mantaur


Shawn Michaels vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Vince gushes over Shawn being the most charismatic superstar in the WWF. We also saw some clips from the end of RAW with a few of the other King of the Ring contestants all appearing at ringside. We see a young girl decked out in Shawn merchandise in the front row. Kama is shown in an insert promo as he promises to break Shawn in half at King of the Ring. Shawn works over Brawler to start as the announcers put over Shawn winning the Royal Rumble after drawing #1 as having the stamina to win the King of the Ring. Brawler now beats on Shawn in the corner as Vince breaks the news that WWF officials will not allow Razor to compete at King of the Ring and we can find out about WWF President Jack Tunney’s decision on who to replace Razor……on the Superstar line. Shawn takes Brawler outside and heads out and drills him with a super kick then counts along with the ref until rolling in just to beat the ten count for the win (3:44).

Thoughts: The goal on commentary, moreso than to hype Shawn/Kama in the King of the Ring first round, was to get over how charismatic and athletic Shawn is and to show how he is now one of the biggest stars in the company. He’s getting great reactions and even was cheered before turning face but its clear now they have to run with Shawn as one of the top guys. We also learn that Razor is officially out of the tournament but cannot find out who will take his place beforehand unless we call the Superstar Line. And finally, this would be the final Shawn squash match of the syndicated show era. He’s now above that level.


A new Waylon Mercy vignette airs. Lots of ominous tones as Mercy is in a park talking about a picnic with families and after they leave and go home will take about how great it was but Mercy says he knows how to throw a good picnic then laughs and says when he gets to the WWF will show us what a picnic is all about. Next week, Mercy will make his debut. One of the creepiest vignettes from Mercy and I liked it a lot. The only interesting newcomer the past few months too.


Men on a Mission vs. Jerry Flynn & Mike McReynolds

More hype for the Superstar Line on commentary as Mabel tosses Flynn around. Flynn avoids an elbow drop and comes back with a few kicks. Flynn is still delivering kicks but Mabel stays up and comes back with a spinning heel kick. McReynolds tags in and Mabel beats him right down as we see the Creatures of the Night in the crowd. Mo is in now and hammers away as Dok doubts Undertaker can hit Mabel with the Tombstone. McReynolds fights back and works the arm then tags out as Mo gets dropped with a double back elbow smash. Flynn gets decked then Mabel tags in and hits an avalanche then the belly-to-belly suplex before a leg drop. Mo then tags and covers for the win (3:05).

Thoughts: Lots of hype for Mabel/Undertaker in King of the Ring and the story of whether or not Undertaker can tombstone Mabel. Its also crystal clear that Mabel is the focus and likely going as a singles act while Mo can be a sidekick.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. She runs down the King of the Ring PPV.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Barry Horowitz

Undertaker made his entrance before the break. Undertaker backs Horowitz into the corner as Dok puts over the horrible win/loss record of Horowitz. Undertaker no-sells Horowitz’s offense as Mabel is shown in an insert promo saying he went back to “the hood” to prepare for Undertaker and will do whatever it takes to win. Gotta be honest, it was a good promo and I liked Mabel in his sunglasses and black glove. Undertaker stays in control then hits the Tombstone for the win (1:27). After the match, Undertaker rolls out the bodybag but we see Mabel head down the aisle. Mabel then yells at Undertaker and says that he isn’t scared and vows to be the King. Undertaker does not seem impressed then Mabel is escorted up the aisle by the referee as the announcers list off all the tournament competitors.

Thoughts: More hype for Undertaker/Mabel in King of the Ring as this is now the marquee first round match.


We get another Bob Backlund Presidential campaign ad this time solely aimed at Man Mountain Rock as he goes nuts and says he must save the world from Rock’s attitude by destroying him, like he is the “toothache of society.”


Still to come, Bigelow vs. Mantaur but up next are The Bodydonnas.


Barry Didinsky, sporting a Backlund for President pin, is shilling the King of the Ring PPV t-shirt in the aisle. He is then interrupted by The Bodydonnas as they head down the aisle for their match. Sunny makes fun of Didinsky for not losing weight.


The quest ring announcer, Doug Connor who is a larger man, is called out for being fat by The Bodydonnas and Sunny kept talking over his routine.


Skip w/ Sunny vs. John Crystal

Crystal attacks Skip but gets caught in a powerbomb. Skip then hits a snap suplex and a flying leg drop before doing some jumping jacks. The announcers run down some NY house show dates as Skip stays in control. Most of these shows are in smaller towns and high school gyms. Skip then hits a superplex and does pushups on Crystal’s chest during the pin and gets the win (1:31).

Thoughts: Another squash to establish The Bodydonnas routine and familiarize the crowd with the act while the announcers talked up house shows in the New York area.


A video package on the events leading to Sid & Tatanka vs. Diesel & Bigelow airs.


Mantaur w/ Jim Cornette vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Mantaur’s entrance took place before the break. Mantaur attacks Bigelow from behind to start. Mantaur clotheslines Bigelow then hammers away. Another clothesline from Mantaur before he yells out and follows with a slam. Mantaur misses an elbow drop then Bigelow hits a clothesline and a dropkick. Bigelow now uses a scoop slam for a two count before applying a hammerlock. Mantaur gauges the eyes and comes back with a clothesline and trips over himself but still manages to cover for a two count. Mantaur stomps away then chokes out Bigelow in the ropes. We get more stomps from Mantaur until he applies a chin lock. Bigelow fights back and signals for a press slam but Mantaur blocks that and hits a suplex. Mantaur splashes Bigelow on the back in the corner but misses a charge as Bigelow went up and over then ran on the apron to the other side and goes up for a flying splash as Mantaur was way out of position for Bigelow to hit the headbutt but anyway, Bigelow gets the win (5:21) *.

Thoughts: Not much of a match and Bigelow once again is selling an awful lot for a guy in the PPV main event. And given the fact this was the final match of Mantaur in the company they could have had Bigelow come across more powerful. Mantaur’s run was embarrassingly bad and he was just a wreck in the ring that would just repeat spots as he seemingly had no clue what to do or as poorly agented as anyone in wrestling.


King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Mike Khoury

We see the cover of WWF Magazine as Dok says his buddy who wrote it, Vic Venom, tells it like it is. Helmsley takes down Khoury as the announcers talk about the Kiss My Foot match. Khoury manages a backslide for a nearfall but Helmsley clotheslines him down. Dok suggests that Helmsley could be the King of the Ring winner in 1996 and what a funny comment that turned out to be then Helmsley hits the Pedigree for the win (2:33).

Thoughts: We get a Vic Venom namedrop as well as a prediction that at one point was rumored to have been true but the commentary was focused on the Kiss My Foot match at the PPV.


The Lawler training video from his “torture chamber” from RAW airs.


An ad for King of the Ring airs.


The announcers close out the show by hyping the PPV and another shot of Lawler making Aldo Montoya kiss his foot from two weeks ago. The WWF got a lot of mileage out of this clip.


Final Thoughts: A poor featured match and last minute King of the Ring hype here. The tournament itself has not been focused on all that much the past few weeks with the time being invested in the tag team main event and Kiss My Foot match. The poor build has not made me excitied whatsoever to see this show but its just one day away now and we can see if that surprise WWF officials were talking about with regards to the tournament come true.