What if WM was always two nights?

Hey Scott,

The more I think about it, the more I think WrestleMania works better as two nights and probably would've since the beginning, I'm curious what you and the blog think would've closed Night 1 of each show? And what opens Night 2? Given how often there's a double main-event, many WMs lend themselves so easily to this format:

WM3: tricky – do you close Night 1 with Piper/Adonis or Savage/Steamboat?
WM4: Hogan/Andre closes Night 1 (but maybe not if it was a non-finish?)
WM5: No idea other than Rude/Warrior
WM6: Again, nothing unless you close with the mixed tag
WM 7 Night 1 would close with Savage/Warrior.
WM 8 Night 1 closes with Flair/Savage
WM9: Money Inc. vs. Hogan/Beefcake
WM10: Yoko/Luger
WM11: Diesel/Shawn

You get the idea…and I think the magnitude of the matches would actually be better if they closed the show. 

Kind of fun to think about and imagine what if…

Wait, you want Wrestlemania IV to be LONGER?!? You damn maniac.