When you think back

Hey Scott,

17 year reader, near daily blog frequenter, always appreciate you still churning out these reviews for us.

That said, when you look back at last 2 WM's & this most recent Takeover (or do a ranking list should the mood ever strike), do you believe you'll think of them as a combined whole, or judge each night as an individual show? 

Also, fan thing – back when I first discovered your work, I really enjoyed your Top 20 matches of the 90s list. While I realize that workrate has blown up since then, any chance of doing a top 20 of the 2000s or 2010s? Maybe the blog could provide the noms as a memory jogger.
I combine the last year's WM in my head when I'm thinking about it, so I'll likely combine the Takeovers and WMs this year into single shows as well.  Although frankly we don't need another 2 night Takeover, one night of that is enough.  
And no, no chance of doing top matches of whatever time period.  I just can't remember enough of them these days to make any kind of meaningful list.