With all due respect


I agree with you in your assertion that WM night 1 was a well paced show. However… Christ, that was some of the worst “sports entertainment” I have ever been exposed to. I was happy to have a live atmosphere back and I even felt like the show open humanized Vince to me a little bit as he genuinely made me feel like he was happy to be doing a real show again.

The “highs” weren't terribly high. To be fair, Drew is just snake-bitten as this point. You could tell they had to work cautiously so as to not slip and bust their ass. They get a pass.

The Rollins match was really good, but the creative sucked the life out of it before they ever got there. The build was all about the giant swing spot, but they already had Cesaro swing Rollins around for the past month on SmackDown every week! So… who gives a f--- that he beat Rollins?! Arguably, his W over Bryan should have done him some good, but he got washed down the card for the following 3 weeks after that to “ready” him for a Rollins program. You know… what you do is transition a guy you're trying to heat up by paying back any of the wins he gained recently to his previous opponents. Ugh. 

Just a s--- show with s--- bookings and s--- creative and s--- wrestling. I was hoping the whole thing would just be rained out and we could all just pretend like the Peacock era inauguration was part of a fever dream.

This show will age terribly. The booking and creative choices are clear cut examples of how NOT to do wrestling. Also dude, I respect your insight and perspective on wrestling as legitimate entertainment, but that Bad Bunny s--- was a total embarrassment to the business. When you look small next to lifetime midcard, average looking, middle-ish sized Miz, the last thing you should be doing is real work with professionals in a ring, on a stadium show. When you have someone with special talent like D'Angelo Williams or the Green Arrow (or whatever the f---) dude, that's all good to have them directly involved in a match. Bad Bunny literally botched a powder. THAT'S NOT HIS FAULT, but neither is it my grandma's fault when she shits her pants. Either way, you're stuck with a big, ugly f------ mess.


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