Drew got Romaned

Sooo folks in the recap seem to be loving Lashley and his work over the 6 months but this doesn’t appear to be the story they set out to tell.  I’m all for pivoting with the hot hand if that’s what they think but they only went half way in then.

Drew has been positioned and treated as the top face in the company for a year.  He got screwed out of the title by Lashley and Miz working together.  Lashley was afraid of Drew so he recruited dudes to take him out before Mania.

The story called for Drew to get revenge and his belt back.  Lashley gets hot so you change okay fine but unless this is a double turn or at least a Lashley face turn why not protect Drew more?  Claymore, 1, 2, MVP pulls ref out or gets on apron to delay the count.

This booking would appear to show Drew is getting knocked down a few pegs but I bet dollars to doughnuts he’s still presented as the top face this year and they will wonder why his reaction is tepid. 

You don’t job your top guy on your show cleanly to a heel at the biggest show of the year.  They did this to Roman countless times, now doing it to Drew.  Hindsight being 20/20 abort the Miz run and just have Drew drop it tonight if Lashley winning was the plan.

I agree.  There was a far better storyline with Sheamus that would have more heat and upside for Drew here, so what was the point of even putting him with Lashley to lose?  If you're doing the long game with Lashley and want to build to Drew getting the title back down the road, then keep him away and have Lashley beat someone else at Wrestlemania.  To me it just feels like Vince changing his mind at the last minute yet again.