WWF Monday Night RAW – June 12th, 1995


June 12, 1995

From the Struthers High School in Struthers, OH

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Tonight, Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna will determine the final entrant in the King of the Ring tournament. We get a video package narrated by Vince here with Vince pushing Luger’s “American Dream” being alive tonight.


We now get promos from both men, well Cornette did it for Yokozuna, as the camera zooms in on the face of both men. They are really hyping up this match with lots of references to their SummerSlam ’93 encounter.


The hosts run down the show as Lawler hypes his training video in preparation for his Kiss My Foot match against Bret Hart.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Duane Gill

The announcers bring up Diesel’s injury and whether or not he will be 100% at King of the Ring. Diesel now joins in on the phone as Bigelow drops Gill with an enziguiri. Vince asks Diesel about returning too soon from injury and Lawler chimes in being a smart ass but Diesel says he will be there and close to fully healed. Gill beats on Bigelow as Vince asks what if Sid powerbombs Diesel again and Diesel’s response is “what if I hit him with the Jackknife. Bigelow catches Gill off the top and hits a suplex before the diving headbutt gets the win (2:32). Diesel says they are looking forward to payback at King of the Ring.

Thoughts: The focus here was on Diesel’s call-in as Diesel himself will be at least close to fully healed by his own accord. Bigelow is just a bit player here and focused on much at all. This is all about Diesel/Sid with the Bigelow vs. Corporation feud fading by the day.


We see Waylon Mercy sitting on the rocks while a worm is on his arm. Mercy says he enjoys worms but not when they crawl on him just like he doesnt like wrestlers touching him and if they do, they will get squished like the worm as he smacks the worm on his arm. About the only intriguing character in the company right now as these vignettes set Mercy apart from the pack.


WWF Blimp is flying through the skies in the night as we see locations the blimp is traveling to this week.


Barry Didinsky is backstage with the Smoking Gunns and the Matcapper to sell this shitty product that comes with an even shittier t-shirt.


Kama w/ Ted DiBiase vs. David Haskins

The creatures of the night are sitting ringside with the black wreath on the other side of the table. Kama beats down Haskins then applies a single leg crab. The camera keeps cutting to the creatures of the night then Kama brushes off a comeback attempt with a spin kick. Lawler talks about how disgusting his feet will be for Bret come the King of the Ring as Kama turns Haskins inside out with a clothesline. Kama continues to rough up Haskins then hits an overhead suplex for the win (2:06). After the match, Lama stares down the creatures and yells at them before knocking down the wreath.

Thoughts: After being put on the backburner, the Kama/Undertaker feud has been reignited this time with these Creatures of the Night. The black wreath appearing bit has been done to death though and the Kama character itself has never been over, even after melting down the urn into a chain.


King of the Ring Report with Todd Pettengill. During the segment, we cut to the hosts as Lawler brings up a gross plastic foot complete with sores and scars to show what is foot will look like come King of the Ring. Calling this “juvenille” would be a compliment.


Backstage, we see Owen Hart & Mr. Fuji encourage Yokozuna to eat from his giant bowl of rice. Yokozuna shoves the chopsticks with rice into his mouth as we can hear Cornette screaming in the background.


Stephanie Wiand voices over a promo with this week’s dates as part of the World Tour De Force. I will have the 6/17 Anaheim show up at some point tomorrow or possibly late tonight.


Man Mountain Rock is playing his guitar.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Bob Cook

Rock beats on Cook to start. Cook tries to back but that is short-lived as Rock puts him away with the Whammy Bar (1:02). The announcers talk about Backlund hating rock music and if not a confrontation here then there will be one backstage.

Thoughts: After all this build nothing happened during the match itself but something will be taking place backstage.


We get a video narrated by Wiand on the Hall of Fame inductees, including the final inductee this year in George “The Animal” Steele.


A clip of Luger slamming Yokozuna onboard the USS Intrepid airs.


Tekno Team 2000 will make their RAW debut next.


We go backstage to see Backlund storm towards Rock’s dressing room. Backlund knocks over the guitar and picks i up like a used tissue then drops it and screams about “devious” activities and noise coming from that guitar. Backlund says the noise makes them unable to read and this continues and gets more and more senseless until it finally ends with Backlund tripping and knocking over the cameraman in the process. And in the process, it broke Rock’s guitar. This was the shits and trust me its just going to get worse.


Tekno Team 2000 vs. John Crystal & Mike Khoury

Troy takes Khoury down a few times to start. Vince says they are waiting to hear from Man Mountain Rock over Backlund wrecking his guitar. Crystal, who like his partner is sporting jean shorts that are cuffed on the legs, gets knocked down a few times. Travis is in now and works the arm. Khoury cheap shots Troy from the apron but Troy comes back with a clothesline as Vince says we will hear from Rock soon enough as he was in the shower when Backlund broke his guitar. Tekno Team 2000 run wild then Travis hits a crossbody from the top (3:25).

Thoughts: Tekno Team 2000 lacks chemistry and it was reported from this taping both teams had to go out and do this match again so what we saw was the best of the two. Crystal & Khoury’s gear was certainly a choice though. Someone steal their attire as a rib or something?


Backstage, a distraught Rock holds his broken guitar. He then looks into the camera and angrily tells Backlund he will “deal” with him. Watching this giant of a man almost in tears over the guitar made him come off as a giant dork instead of someone you sympathize with and that’s no good.


A hype video for next week’s Sid & Tatanka vs. Headshrinkers match.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Yokozuna w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji vs. Lex Luger w/ Scott Anton

Yokozuna is now billed at 641 lbs and did not seem like much of an exaggeration. Vince also brings up how Razor Ramon hurt his ribs at the Nassau Coliseum show and questionable to be able to compete at the King of the Ring. Anton, who would soon go on to WCW and become Scotty Riggs, was identified as a wrestler by Vince himself. Yokozuna taunts the fans by waving the Japanese flag then Luger counters by waving the American flag as the crowd now cheers. Vince brings up how Dr. James Andrews also helped Luger’s arm as Luger now hammers on Yokozuna. Luger gets caught with a slam but avoids an elbow drop then goes to work on the arm of Yokozuna. Luger fights off Yokozuna and uses ten turnbuckle smashes then knocks him through the ropes with a punch. Cornette fans off Yokozuna with his tennis racket so he does not get counted out and the ref backs off Luger from Cornette instead of counting out Yokozuna, who gets back inside after one minute and six seconds. Yokozuna lands some shots but misses a leg drop then Luger keeps looking over at Cornette then Fuji and it takes forever until Yokozuna attacks from behind. Yokozuna beats on Luger in the corner and has to constantly stop to catch his breath. We go to break and return with Luger fighting out of a chin lock. Yokozuna sends Luger down with a clothesline then taunts the fans as Vince tells us that WWF President Jack Tunney barred Owen Hart and the British Bulldog from appearing at ringside. Luger fires away after avoiding an Avalanche and finally knocks him down with a flying clothesline. Fuji then takes the flag from Anton and punches him in the face so Luger runs out. Luger confronts Fuji then knocks Cornette down and gives the flag back to Anton. However, Yokozuna attacks Luger from behind and hits a leg drop then rolls back inside and wins via countout (8:07 shown) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Luger seemed to try here but Yokozuna was just not in any position to perform. He couldn’t move without being out of breath. It was just sad to watch. And all the build and callbacks to their SummerSlam just for this shitty ending was incredibly disappointing. And Anton’s involvement as a flag bearer was odd. It was a role typically reserved for kids and made little sense he would be allowed since Owen & Bulldog were banned by Tunney. Anton said in his RF Video shoot interview that he got this spot due to Lawler and at the show said the agent, Mike Rotundo, asked if he would be okay bumping for Fuji. Anton said he was but then said he was booked to put over Gorgeous George (Maestro of WCW fame) at a Superstars taping and blamed for the match going back as George was a friend of Sid and Sid was trying to get him a job. And this all lead to Anton getting heat and Lawler calling out Anton for being too good to put over WWF talent so Riggs said he left the USWA and wound up getting work in WCW through Terry Taylor. I guess he didnt shake enough hands backstage. So, an awful experience for everyone.


Back from break as we are shown the King of the Ring bracket, which is now complete.


Next week in action are The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Sid & Tatanka vs. The Headshrinkers.


Now, we get the training video from Lawler which is just what we saw on this weekend’s syndicated shows.


A clip of Lawler beating Aldo Montoya last week and forcing Montoya to kiss his foot.


Final Thoughts: Top to bottom an awful show. The featured match sucked, the midcard feuds are s---, and the hype for the Kiss My Foot match is making you want to see it less than less. In other wrestling news, it was announced a few days prior by WCW that they would be running a live show on Monday night’s starting in September. And with this show as your competition it sure was the right time to try and compete directly as at this point in the WWF Timeline I have started going back to January 1984, its at its lowest point. And a quick fix is not in sight.