All-time WrestleMania card


This is more for a discussion thread, but feel free to weigh in. Since it’s WrestleMania weekend, here’s a fun little exercise. From the past 36 WrestleMania shows, you’re able to put together one 12-match best-of card. Any wrestler can only appear once. Any title can only be defended once (e.g., no picking both WM 3 Savage-Steamboat and WM X Shawn-Razor). Each year’s show can only be used once (e.g. no cherry-picking from WM X-Seven). 

What does your card/match order look like? Extra points for keeping the show flowing well and not running longer than WM 32. 

Oh you poor guy.  You must be a new reader.  We do this every year here.  But by all means, have at it.