WWF Action Zone – June 11th, 1995

June 11, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Stan Lane

This week’s featured match is Adam Bomb vs. Jean Pierre-Lafitte. We also get a video package to hype this match to start the show.


Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Reginald Walker from the 6/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” 


Replay of the Diesel interview from the 6/10 edition of “Superstars” where Diesel shows us his injured elbow and despite being behind schedule in his recovery, vows he will be ready for King of the Ring.


Jeff Jarrett is shining up his Intercontinental Title belt before his match, which will take place after the break.


A Waylon Mercy vignette airs. After it ends, Lane tells us that his sources told him Mercy is an extremely dangerous individual.


Jeff Jarrett defeats Kenny Kendall from the 6/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” 


Replay of Barry Didinsky selling the Mat Caps from Challenge with Duke Droese and the Matcapper himself.


The video announcing Grand Wizard’s WWF Hall of Fame induction announcement airs.


Replay of the Shawn Michaels interview with Manny Garcia from the 6/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”  airs.


Rad Radford defeats Jerry Flynn from the 6/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”  . However, unlike on “Challenge,” here we see Radford grab the mic after his win. Radford, speaking for the first time, calls out Shawn Michaels for developing a “big head” and wants to give him a “wrestling lesson.” Radford then says he will be here next week and will give Shawn the lesson as long as he shows up. Also, on commentary, Ross notes that the Superstar Line will have updates on the individuals that have been negotiating with WWF this week at Titan Towers. I’ll have more on that in my final thoughts.


Video package hyping the Kiss My Foot match between Jerry Lawler and Bret Hart at King of the Ring.


The campaign ad with Bob Backlund saying Rock ‘n Roll should be abolished airs.


Man Mountain Rock defeats Brooklyn Brawler from the 6/11 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” 


The announcers run down some of the King of the Ring matches.


Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Adam Bomb

This match took place at the 6/7 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Johnstown, PA. The story here is that Lafitte’s undefeated record is on the line now that he has viable competition. Lafitte attacks Bomb from behind to start. He then runs over Bomb after an Irish whip sequence but stops to taunt the fans on the middle rope and gets dropkicked to the floor. Bomb flies out with a pescado then hammers away and slingshots back inside with a clothesline. Lafitte then catches Bomb with a powerslam and once again taunts the crowd. Lafitte then hits a flying leg drop and after that ties up Bomb in the ropes and hits a pair of crossbody blocks. He boots Bomb through the ropes and heads up top and flies out with a double axe handle. Lafitte taunts the fans before tossing Bomb back into the ring. Elbow drop gets two then Lafitte applies a chin lock. Bomb escapes and hits a crossbody for two but Lafitte hits a back suplex for two as we go to break. Match returns with Bomb firing away. He continues to run wild as Ross says Lafitte’s undefeated streak is in jeopardy. Bomb hits mounted punches in the corner but eats boot on a charge. Bomb cuts Lafitte off of the top rope and heads up for a superplex and floats over for the cover but that only gets two as the fans bought that as the finish. Lafitte yanks Bomb outside and heads up top again but this time flies out and gets punched in the gut. Lafitte then blocks a smash into the steps and rams Bomb’s head before rolling back in and out of the ring. Bomb then reverses an Irish whip and sends Lafitte into the steps but the ref counts out both men (9:25) **3/4. Bomb talks to the ref after the match but that allows Lafitte to attack from behind as Ross says “Bomb just nailed Bomb from behind.” Lafitte then tosses Bomb outside and poses before heading out where he gets backdropped in the aisle. Bomb then pumps himself up and poses.

Thoughts: Really fun match here Bomb showing off his agility and cool moves from both. They got the fans into it near the end and the announcers pushed the story of whether or not Lafitte’s undefeated streak would remain intact now that he has a formidable opponent. The finish hinted at least a rematch coming soon or possibly a feud but neither would end up happening. Would have been a fun midcard feud if you ask me.


We cut backstage to Shawn, you tells the grungy Rad Radford he accepts his challenge then he leaves the building.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was solid and we have a challenge to set up a match for next week. We also saw the return of Stan Lane on commentary and we will see some more of him again on a different show.

Now, on the Superstar Line comment by Ross, there were a few different talents in negotiations with the WWF. Shane Douglas, in ECW at the time, was at the 6/7 Challenge tapings but as reported in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” Douglas would have to give up his teaching job before he joined. It was also reported that Dustin Rhodes was likely coming in but a contract has not been officially signed. It was expected for Rhodes to be at the next TV taping cycle, however. Steve Williams was also considering a deal but as reported in the Observer, he had some personal and business issues that he had to deal with before going on the road. The “Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter” also added that Williams was likely going to wait a few months and see if All-Japan Pro Wrestling offered him a better deal. And the Observer also said that Chris Benoit, Doug Furnas, and Dan Kroffat have all turned down WWF contract offers. Also, it was reported in the Observer that Unabomb from Smoky Mountain Wrestling has been signed but will not debut until he is “ready.”

So as you can see the company is trying to address its lack of depth and we can see how that plays out in the Summer.