Trying Too Hard

Is AEW trying to hard? Vince pretends that there is no wrestling world outside of WWE. AEW seems to be trying way too hard to prove that there is. Referencing all this history in New Japan. Working with NWA and Impact. It’s hard to keep track of.

In addition they also seem to be bringing any pop culture has been they can with Shaq, Snoop and Tyson. They just seem to be getting away from everything that made them great.

I agree.  Simpler is better sometimes.  If you want the extreme opposite example, look at the NWA Powerrr show right now, where they've literally got, like, 8 guys to feature on each show and so they do really simple storytelling and get everyone over best they can.  Dynamite is overloaded with people and you suddenly have guys like Sammy Guevara and Wardlow completely lost in the shuffle of these endless stables when they should be getting ready for a big push on their own.  It's especially going to drag Jungle Boy down if they can't find a way to get him away from the dinosaur and the little person soon, I think.  Focus on making people care about the World title program (whatever that actually is at the moment) and don't worry so much about getting JD Drake and Ryan Nemeth onto national TV, maybe.