Mickie James

I hadn't thought about this until now, but after Mickie beat Trish at WrestleMania 22, she didn't have another Mania match until 25 (the diva's battle royal which Santino won), or if you don't count that, a 10 diva tag match the next year at Mania 26.  What gives?  Did Vince lose faith in Mickie for some reason?  Was this punishment for the crotch grab and the subsequent “V lick”, or was it just a case of the women becoming less of a priority (not that they were ever a huge priority to begin with)?

I don't think it was anything personal against the Mickster, I just think that the whole women's division was a dumpster fire after Trish and Lita left, until Stephanie thankfully saved it by inventing women's wrestling in 2018.