WWF Madison Square Garden – June 10th, 1995

June 10, 1995

This is fan-cam recording of the show. The following matches were not included: Skip vs.  Aldo Montoya, Men on a Mission vs. Smoking Gunns, Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Doink, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Duke Droese.


Man Mountain Rock vs. Bob Backlund

Unfortunately, for us, this match was recorded. Backlund does gets booed loudly heading out to the ring and he even stops to stare at the fans. Match starts with Backlund running around and spazzing out. He then stops to stare at the fans and more preoccupied with them than he is with Rock. Both guys just stand around as we are a minute into the match and zero contact has been made. Backlund now stares at his hands then takes issues with the fans before offering a handshake. The crowd boos and Backlund flips out. Two minutes in and still no contact as Backlund motions to the crowd to be quiet. Backlund offers another handshake and keeps flipping out and backing off as the crowd is getting tired of this shit. Backlund now goes out on the apron to yell at the fans as we have passed the three minute mark now and still no contact. Backlund dances around after avoiding Rock and repeats the spot then at the 3:50 mark we get our first lockup. Rock takes Backlund down to the mat in an awkward spot but Backlund is able to reach the ropes. Backlund again motions to the crowd to be quiet but gets distracted and rolled up from behind as Rock gets the win (4:38) -***. Backlund flips out in the aisle after the match as the guy behind the camera says “negative stars.” Backlund then runs back into the ring as Rock was distracted and puts him in the crossface chicken wing. The bell keeps ringing as the goof squad runs in and finally pulls Backlund off. Backlund stares at his hands and is held back by officials as Rock is up on his knees.

Thoughts: Everything about this was atrocious. And Backlund wasn’t getting “heat” here. This was just lazy bullshit that no one who paid wanted to see. Rock didn’t really even bother selling the chicken wing attack as he was on his knees pretty much right after Backlund was pulled off of him. The correspondence reports in the newsletters said this was the worst match they’ve ever seen. And I can’t doubt that but they also said it went 8 minutes so maybe this was shortened a bit from what actually took place but if it was in fact that long I’m glad we saw this version. Anyway, these two have a confrontation coming up on RAW this Monday night that has been pushed all week on TV.


Ted DiBiase is in the ring. He talks about Sid hospitalizing Diesel then promises Sid will destroy Shawn Michaels and there is nothing Diesel can do while he is convalescing from his hospital bed. He also challenges Shawn & Diesel to a match against Sid & Tatanka at the next MSG house show in August.


Savio Vega vs. Owen Hart w/ Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji

Originally, this was supposed to be Vega & Razor Ramon against the Tag Champs but Razor was injured the prior night at the Nassau Coliseum. Owen won a coin toss for the right to face Vega. Owen jumps Savio from behind before the bell and hammers away in the corner. Savio fights back and hits a dropkick and a slam before using mounted punches on the mat. Savio also uses mounted punches in the corner then takes Owen outside with a clothesline. Savio heads out and uses a double noggin knocker then heads back into the ring where Owen is begging for mercy. Savio hammers away but gets distracted by Yokozuna, allowing Owen to dropkick him through the ropes. Owen now distracts the ref so Yokozuna can rough up Vega on the outside. Savio is now back in the ring and Owen stomps away while continuing to run interference. Owen gets a two count after a leg drop and has another nearfall after an enziguiri. Owen now jumps on Savio’s back for a sleeper. Owen has Savio on his knees then on the mat but Savio eventually escapes after backing Owen into the corner. Owen hammers away but Savio blocks a turnbuckle smash and starts to fire up. Savio drops Owen with a back elbow smash but ducks his head for a back drop and acts like he got kicked even though Owen held up on the ropes. Good god that was awful. Owen then misses a charge in the corner and Savio rolls him up for the win (7:24) **. Owen tries an attack after the match but Savio beats him down. Yokozuna then enters the ring but Savio takes care of him and even knocks him down with a spinning heel kick. Savio leaves and slaps hands with the fans after some celebrating.

Thoughts: Match was alright but there was some miscommunication between the two. Savio showed good fire at the beginning but Owen’s offense was mostly generic heel stuff that felt a bit dated. It was almost like he was going through the motions. The crowd seemed into Savio after he won at least but some of the mistimed stuff was noticed by the fans. And Savio going over makes sense if they are going to have him and Razor team up for a title match.


Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Tatanka tries a sneak attack but gets tossed outside. Bigelow heads out and uses a slam and a suplex on the floor before going back into the ring. Bigelow then heads back outside and is poked in the eye as Tatanka rolls into the ring and attacks Bigelow as he tried to get back inside. Bigelow fights back but Tatanka comes back with a crossbody for a two count. He tries a second crossbody attempt but gets caught and eventually slammed. Bigelow uses a falling headbutt for two but soon after that misses a charge in the corner. Tatanka hits the End of the Trail and dumps Bigelow outside before taunting the crowd. Bigelow rolls back in and gets stomped. Tatanka stays on the attack before applying a chin lock. Tatanka breaks to use a few more stomps before deciding to go back to the chin lock as the camera focus is now blurry. Bigelow fights back and hits a slam but in the process he inadvertently took out the ref. Bigelow then uses a diving headbutt then DiBiase heads into the ring. DiBiase bails and Bigelow hits Tatanka with a DDT and goes up top for a moonsault as Tatanka is incredibly far away but DiBiase shakes the ropes and he falls. Tatanka then crawls on top of Bigelow and the ref counts incredibly slow but Tatanka still gets the win (6:39) *.

Thoughts: The first two minutes were fun until it settled into every other dull Tatanka match we’ve seen during his heel run. The finish was the shits too as Bigelow, a guy in the PPV main event in two weeks, lost by falling off the top rope due to outside interference like he is an opening match guy. He laid there for a little bit and the ref counted slow then still managed to lose. If you want to have Bigelow lose, make it more devastating than this shit.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Adam Bomb

Bomb shoves Jarrett into the corner to start. Jarrett ducks underneath the ropes to prevent Bomb from attacking then complains to the ref about a hair pull. Bomb takes Jarrett down again and we get more complaining. Bomb tosses Jarrett to break up a side headlock then Jarrett bails and paces around the ring. The ref counts as Jarrett just breaks the ten count only to roll right back outside. Jarrett points at his head to tell us how smart he is and goes back in to try and attack Bomb but that fails. Bomb clotheslines Jarrett for a two count then works the arm for a bit. Bomb catches Jarrett with a powerslam before knocking him over the top rope with a clothesline as the guys behind the camera talk about their favorite light beers. Bomb heads out and sends Jarrett inside but gets kneed off of the apron and spills outside. Back inside, Jarrett roughs up Bomb and stops to strut around. He hits a swinging neckbreaker for two as Bomb got his foot in the ropes. Savio Vega is at ringside now as Jarrett is not too happy then Jarrett hits a flying clothesline for two. Bomb comes back with a crossbody but Jarrett kicks out at two then knocks him down with a dropkick. Jarrett now catches Bomb with a sleeper. Jarrett then tries a back drop but Bomb counters with a DDT as both men are down. Bomb is up first and covers for two as the fans almost bought that as a nearfall. Bomb now runs wild until he eats boot on a charge then Jarrett rolls him up and puts his feet on the ropes but Savio comes in the ring to show the ref just before the three count. Jarrett yells at Savio now and Bomb rolls him up from behind for two. Jarrett is able to send Bomb outside then knocks Savio off of the apron. Jarrett now goes after Savio but gets attacked as the ref counts then has the bell ring as we learn that Bomb won by count out (11:41) **1/4. Jarrett runs to the back with his hands over his face as Bomb thought he won the match but the ref takes the belt away. Bomb then celebrates with Savio and hands him some of his bombs to toss out to the crowd.

Thoughts: Bomb’s offense looked good and Jarrett gave him a lot of the match and they did solid work together. However, another poor finish and Savio’s involvement was really contrived. Like, why was he out here? I get the Razor/Jarrett feud and his involvement but this gave away the finish plus Roadie was not out there with Jarrett to help interfere. Savio & Bomb celebrating a count out win plus having Bomb look like a dumbass thinking a count out meant he actually won the title was also something I hated.


Steel Cage Match: Sid w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Shawn Michaels

This match is escape rules. Shawn immediately goes after Sid. He slams Sid’s head off of the mat after a crossbody and uses his speed to his advantage. Shawn tries to climb up but Sid pulls him down and chops him off of the top rope. Sid now tries to climb but Shawn takes him down with a waist lock only to get knocked down. Sid attacks Shawn and chokes him out in the corner. Sid stays on the attack and then fights on the top rope with Shawn before knocking him down. Sid now has one foot over the cage but Shawn hangs on to the other leg. Sid kicks Shawn down as he is back in the cage but Shawn shakes the cage until Sid falls as both men are down on the mat. The crowd goes nuts now as the cage door was open until DiBiase shut it on Shawn’s face. Sid beats the crap out of Shawn in the corner then whips him to the other side as Shawn takes a crazy bump. Sid tries to climb up again and Shawn prevents him so he then decides to stomp Shawn several times. Shawn starts to fight back but it has little effect as Sid now targets the back. Sid picks up Shawn and rams him into the cage then hits a backbreaker and heads up the cage once again. Shawn tries to pull himself up by the ropes so Sid comes down and stomps him down. Sid roughs up Shawn again before heading up with Shawn taking some more crazy bumps into the cage. Sid yells at the fans as he slowly climbs but Shawn is able to stop Sid from getting his second leg out of the cage. Sid punches Shawn down then ducks his head trying a back drop but Shawn counters with a DDT as both men are down. Shawn is up first and climbs up the cage and gets both feet out but Sid climbed and grabs him by the hair, with Shawn even dangling in the air, and flings him back into the cage as Shawn takes another insane bump. Sid poses now and stands over Shawn while taunting the crowd. Sid picks up Shawn and hits a chokeslam as DiBiase and himself are ecstatic. Sid now picks up Shawn and hits a powerbomb as its clear he is all about putting Shawn out of commission rather than winning this match. The ref now opens the door and Sid heads out but DiBiase stops and talks to him as Sid goes back inside and soaks up the boos before picking up Shawn once again but this time Shawn sends Sid into the cage. Both men are down as DiBiase is beside himself. Shawn pulls himself up by the ropes and climbs up the cage as the crowd goes nuts and eventually escapes and gets the win (15:14) ***. After the match, Tatanka runs out and attacks Shawn before sending him back inside of the cage. DiBiase also comes in and locks the door as Sid hits a powerbomb. The bell keeps ringing as Aldo Montoya, Billy Gunn, Savio Vega, and Bam Bam Bigelow run out and get into the ring for the save as DiBiase is able to escape with his Corporation members. Everyone in the ring checks on Shawn. They all pick up Shawn and take him out through the door as the crowd cheers.  Bigelow then carries Shawn up the aisle as the others follow behind.

Thoughts: I liked this match. Sure, it would have been better if Sid didn’t completely suck on offense or could climb faster than my grandmother but Shawn’s insane bumping made up for most of it I thought. Towards the end, DiBiase decided he didnt care about winning and wanted to hurt Shawn as much as possible while gloating and that ended up costing Sid the match. Shawn was the most over act on this fan-cam recording by a wide margin.


Final Thoughts: What was shown here that wasn’t the Rock/Backlund atrocity was decent enough. The match order here also did not go in order of the correspondence report so who knows what aired when because sometimes those arent always correct, either. This show was hyped hard on Superstars including an attack angle during a Live Event News promo but at the end the show was down significantly from the last one in March. We will have another fancam show this weekend in Anaheim, CA and I will also have that August MSG show too as well as other shows so keep reading and commenting.


Here is my schedule for next week:

Thursday: WWF Challenge 6/11/95. WWF Action Zone 6/11/95

Friday: WWF Monday Night RAW 6/12/95

Saturday: WWF Superstars: 6/17/95

Sunday: WWF Anaheim, CA 6/17/95

Monday: WWF Challenge 6/18/95, WWF Action Zone 6/18/95

Tuesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 6/19/95

Wednesday: WWF Superstars 6/24/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 6/25/95