Hey Scott,

I rewatched WrestleMania V the other night and I hope you can help fill in some of the details on the question that I think everyone has been asking for the past 32 years: What the fuck was Rockin' Robin doing singing “America the Beautiful” to open the show?!?

Was that part of a settlement to a lawsuit filed against Vince? Was it a rib? If so, on who? Us? Her? Vince? Jake? America? Was it WWE's first big involvement with the “Make a Wish” Foundation? I mean, the WWF went from Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin to Rockin' Robin in three years!

And while we're on the subject, was there any attribute of Robin's that was actually “Rockin” or were we actually lied to by a wrestling promoter? Because it sure as shit wasn't her musical ability.

I can only assume they blew the budget on Morton Downey Jr. and Run DMC.