Daily News Update – 04.06.21

Thanks to Andy for filling in yesterday, I was experiencing that most wonderful feeling that Canadians get to experience at some point, waiting for four hours in an Emergency admitting waiting room for my wife to be admitted while they call literally everyone else’s name first and then send her home with some pills because CANADA.  I know everyone talks up universal health care and it’s wonderful when it works and you don’t get stuck with a $100,000 bill for a broken leg or whatever, but when you actually want to see a doctor on a timely basis, fugeddaboudit.  Also, everything is OK, don’t worry.  Anyway, I was up real late and decided to sleep in.

Bea Priestley Leaving Japan, May Be Coming To WWE


WWE Canceled Plans For Mustafa Ali vs. Kofi Kingston At Wrestlemania


Penelope Ford Has An Eyebrow Injury