Wrestlemania readership

Hi Scott,

Just something I’ve been wondering for some time now about the blog. 

Does your readership ebb and flow dependent on how close you are to a major show? Like with WM coming up do you see your numbers going up like we should see ratings and network viewership?

Yup.  Wrestlemania is by far my biggest day of the year, although that doesn't usually hold for other major shows.  Royal Rumble has the misfortune of being in January, which is a garbage month for traffic and ad revenue, for example.  But for whatever reasons July and August are usually big months for the blog, and Christmas season is HUGE, even though the business is typically in the toilet around that time.  And it can't be stated enough how much Dynamite revitalized business on the blog because outside of PPVs the weekly TV reviews are by far the biggest thing on the site.