WWF Nassau Coliseum – June 9th, 1995

June 9, 1995

This is a fan-cam recording of a Nassau Coliseum house show. It omitted the Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Doink the Clown match.


Jean Pierre-Lafitte vs. Aldo Montoya

Lafitte grabs a side headlock then runs over Montoya to end an Irish whip sequence. Both guys trade hammerlocks then Lafitte runs over Montoya once again. Montoya takes Lafitte over with a hip toss before sending him outside with a dropkick. Montoya flies out with a pescado then rolls Lafitte back into the ring and hits a flying punch that gets two. Montoya slows down the action with an armbar on the mat. Lafitte catches Montoya with a knee to the gut then taunts the crowd after a gutbuster. The guys behind the camera talk about Earthquake debuting on WCW as “The Shark” while Lafitte has Montoya in a bodyscissors. Montoya fights back and hits a slam but Lafitte gets his knees up on a splash attempt. Lafitte drops Montoya on the ropes with a suplex as Montoya dumps outside. Lafitte knocks Montoya off of the apron a few times then tries to run Montoya into the post but that fails. Montoya then whiffs on a flying body press as Lafitte covers for a two count. Lafitte ties Montoya in the ropes and hammers away before hitting a pair of crossbody blocks. Montoya counters a powerbomb attempt with a hurricarana for a two count but runs into a clothesline as Lafitte goes back on the attack. Montoya catches a charging Lafitte with a flying forearm as both men are down. Montoya wins a slugfest then runs wild for a bit. He gets a nearfall with a flying body press but ducks his head for a back drop and gets hit with a DDT then Lafitte heads up top and hits the cannonball for the win (8:48) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match and a good way to kick off the show. Pierre is the newer gimmick and getting pushed on commentary for having an undefeated streak so him winning made sense. Montoya is a solid worker who is strictly lower midcard at this point and he certainly would not move up the card going forward.


Sid is now in the ring for an interview. The interviewer (I can’t tell who it is) backs off and hides in the corner as Sid looks at the crowd. Sid then talks about driving Bigelow to the mat as the crowd chants for Diesel. Sid yells at the crowd and makes threats to Diesel before calling himself the “master and ruler” of the world. Basic interview from Sid, whose presence is a lot more impressive than his verbal skills.


Jacob & Eli Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah vs. Smoking Gunns

Jacob & Eli catch Billy with a double uranage then work him over in the corner. Billy gets elbowed after ducking his head for a back drop but manages to avoid a charge in the corner and use a sunset flip for two. Bart tags and works the arm of a Blu brother for a bit. Billy tags back in and also works the arm as this match has really slowed down. Bart covers for two after a double suplex then goes back to the arm. A Blu brother yanks Bart’s hair from the apron then Billy gets knocked off of the apron. Jacob & Eli run interference and neutralize Bart in their corner. Bart tries a comeback but is caught in a powerslam then gets bailed out when Billy breaks up the pin. Jacob & Eli continue to beat on Bart until one of them misses an elbow drop from the middle rope. Bart finally makes the tag as Billy runs wild. The match breaks down as Jacob & Eli basically mess up everything and both teams brawl on the outside until they are counted out (8:28) 3/4*. After the match, they end up in the ring where the Gunns clear out Jacob & Eli after a pair of double dropkicks.

Thoughts: This sucked. The Brothers Blu were terrible here, one was way worse than the other but could not tell them apart due to the fancam being shot too far away to notice plus there was not any commentary. I guess they felt the need to protect both teams and bring this match back to the arena for the next show.


20 Man Battle Royal: Duke “The Dumpster” Droese, King Kong Bundy, Mabel, Mo, Aldo Montoya, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jean Pierre Lafitte, Man Mountain Rock, Adam Bomb, Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, Jacob Blu, Eli Blu, Tatanka, Henry Godwinn, Bob Backlund, Doink the Clown, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Yokozuna

The entrances here are like ten minutes long. We get a giant brawl to start then nearly everyone tries to get rid of Yokozuna but that fails. Yokozuna is staggered on the ropes after a few running axe handles by Shawn then several other people dump Yokozuna for our first elimination. Billy and one of the Blu twins get dumped by Mo then shortly thereafter we see Mabel eliminate Bart and the other Blu twin. Shawn then takes Mabel over the top rope with a running clothesline and right after that we see Montoya get dumped by Mo. That’s now three eliminations from Mo. Shawn and Helmsley fight in the corner and we see Rock beat on Tatanka and Lafitte. Shawn tries to dump Helmsley but Mo makes the save only to attack Helmsley immediately afterwards. Lafitte gets dumped off camera (thehistoryofwwe.com says it was by Man Mountain Rock) and we then see Shawn beat on Bundy with mounted punches. Tatanka dumps Doink for an elimination and after that Helmsley charges only to get backdropped by Shawn for another elimination. Tatanka beats on Shawn in the corner as the guy behind the camera predicts Shawn and either Owen or Bundy as the two finalists. Shawn no goes after Mo and dumps him outside for an elimination and right after that Tatanka tosses out Droese. Shawn is now in the corner up against Owen, Bundy, and Tatanka. The three men head towards Shawn but Shawn attacks Tatanka and fires away until he is finally outnumbered. Tatanka and Owen take turns beating on Shawn and Owen’s celebrating is hilarious. Shawn continues to get stomped but not once has anyone tried to get him over the top rope as its all stomps and punches. Shawn reverses an Irish whip and sends Owen off of Bundy then clotheslines Owen over the top rope for an elimination as we are down to three. Tatanka grabs Shawn by the arm and lands some kicks then more punches. Tatanka & Bundy waste time and pace around then Tatanka clotheslines Shawn but Shawn hangs on as Tatanka spills outside and eliminates himself. Bundy thinks Shawn is done and he won the match but Shawn sneaks back in and dropkicks Bundy from behind for the win (12:48) *. Shawn poses after the match

Thoughts: Not the worst battle royal I’ve seen but it sure wasn’t the best. When it was 3 vs. Shawn at the end, the neverending beatdown was so dumb since there was not a single elimination attempt. Don’t know who booked this but it was a nonsensical way to fill match time. And for some reason, Mo was given an awful lot of shine in this match.


Skip w/ Sunny vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese

Before the match, Sunny runs down New York for their pollution and the crowd for being fat and out of shape and some other generic heel insults and closes by saying the crowd will never, ever look like them. Droese mocks Skip for being short then takes him down with a throat thrust. The guys behind the camera talk about how Chris Candido should just be his own gimmick instead of Skip. They also talk about Chris Benoit possibly coming to the WWF who could be the Intercontinental Champion. Skip gets dumped outside then stalls in the corner for a bit. Skip does jumping jacks after a single leg takedown and after that taunts Droese. Skip now challenges Droese for a test-of-strength but Droese raises his hand higher to where Skip can’t even reach by jumping. Droese gets to his knees and still beats Skip in a test-of-strength battle and after that uses a shoulder block and a hip toss. Skip floats over in the corner but is backdropped after an Irish whip sequence. Droese mocks Skip with jumping jacks after a press slam but Sunny provides a distraction to allow Skip an attack from behind. Droese gets dumped outside where Skip briefly roughs him up before heading back into the ring. Droese blocks a suplex and hits one of his own but misses an elbow drop. Skip hits a leg drop for two before applying a reverse chin lock. We get some “boring” chants then Droese finally escapes and uses a sunset flip for two. Skip clotheslines Droese then drops an elbow before going back to the chin lock. Droese escapes by using a jawbreaker then hammers away. He slingshots Skip into the post and runs wild. Backbreaker gets two for Droese. Sunny jumps up onto the apron after a powerslam and Droese is distracted again but this time dodges the sneak attack. Droese then sets up for the Trash Compactor but Skip reverses and rolls up Droese while holding the tights for the win (9:35) *3/4.

Thoughts: Lots of spots featuring Droese making fun of Skip’s height and your typical house show stalling but besides all of that the match wasn’t terrible and the crowd was into Droese more than I thought they would be since his push has evaporated. They really used Sunny to get heat for Skip here too.


WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match: Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Razor Ramon

The Roadie was out with a knee injury here per Dave Meltzer of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter.” Razor tosses his toothpick at Jarrett before the bell. Jarrett continues to yell at the fans and the referee then finally locks up with Razor. Jarrett lands a kick early but Razor takes over soon after that. Jarrett boots Razor then hits a neckbreaker before sending Razor through the ropes with a dropkick. Jarrett heads up the aisle to retrieve the ladder but Razor meets him and tosses Jarrett back into the ring. Razor then grabs the ladder and slides it into the ring only for Jarrett to baseball slide it into him. The ladder leans against the apron and Jarrett rams Razor into the ladder. Jarrett heads inside and sets up the ladder but Razor gets back in for the save. Jarrett attacks Razor and even uses the ladder as a weapon. The crowd boos as Jarrett struts around then Jarrett once again climbs the ladder only for Razor to tip it over. Razor catches Jarrett with a fallaway slam and heads up the ladder but Jarrett is able to push him off. Jarrett fires away but Razor fights back and sets up for the Razor’s Edge that Jarrett counters with a back drop as Razor dumps over the top rope. Jarrett heads out and presumably roughs up Razor as we cannot see the action. Jarrett goes back into the ring and sets up the ladder but Razor was able to also crawl inside. They both slowly climb up then slug it out. Jarrett gets punched off but Razor falls off in the process as both men are now down on the mat. Jarrett leans the ladder into the corner then beats on Razor for a bit and sets up for an Irish whip but Razor reverses and Jarrett bounces off of the ladder. Jarrett gets tossed into the ladder again then Razor uses the ladder to beat down Jarrett. He sends Jarrett over the top rope before collapsing then slowly gets up and takes his time setting it up but cannot reach the belt after climbing and Jarrett sneaks in and shoves him off with Razor awkwardly crashing his side on the ladder. Razor rolls out slowly as Jarrett climbs and grabs the belt for the win (12:45) ***.

Thoughts: Best match on the show. However, Razor was legitimately injured in this match as he hurt his ribs on that fall near the end and we will see the fallout of that on TV. Anyway, both guys took good bumps and were not shy using the ladder as a weapon. The pacing was not as frantic as a PPV ladder match though and some of the ladder setup spots were far too long but fun to see this gimmick on a house show, especially in 1995.


Man Mountain Rock & Adam Bomb vs. Tatanka & King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase

Bomb and Tatanka start things off. Tatanka uses an overhead chop but Bomb takes him over with a hip toss then gets two with a dropkick. Bomb goes to work on the arm for a bit as the crowd boos. Rock tags in and also works the arm to really make the crowd happy. Tatanka hits a flying shoulder tackle but Rock gets right back up and stares him down. Rock then lands a shot but Tatanka bails and regroups with DiBiase. Tatanka rolls back into the ring and kicks Rock low after some stalling. We now see both men trade arm wirngers with Rock winning that battle as Rock goes to work on the arm in the corner. Rock runs over Tatanka then hits a pair of clotheslines but gets lured in by Tatanka and taken outside in the most telegraphed spot of the night. We get some “boring” chants as this match is wrestled at quarter speed. Rock rolls back into the ring and Tatanka boots him in the face a few times then finally tags out to Bundy, who hammers away on Rock in the corner. Rock avoids a clothesline and runs Bundy over but misses an elbow drop. Bundy hits a knee drop that almost gets a two count before sending Rock into the corner. The crowd grows restless then Tatanka tags back in and kicks away in the corner. Tatanka barely gets two with a clothesline then applies a chin lock. Tatanka gets another nearfall before going right back to the chin lock as both men are basically just laying on the mat with the hold applied the laziest way possible. Rock escapes and runs over Tatanka before hitting a slam but gets tripped up by DiBiase on the outside, allowing Tatanka to attack from behind. Tatanka then tries a slam but Rock falls on top for a two count then despite being incredibly close to his partner while on his back, just extends his arm out then goes further away from his partner but eventually makes the tag. Bomb runs wild on Bundy and shows fire for the first time in this match. Rock sends Tatanka outside with a clothesline in a spot that looked like s--- then Bomb puts Bundy away with a flying clothesline (12:54) 1/4*.

Thoughts: This was f------ terrible. Tatanka was totally going through the motions and Rock & Bundy both displayed terrible conditioning and appeared gassed before the match was halfway over. Bomb was the only inspired wrestler here but barely in the match. Bundy doing the job was a little surprising I thought but Rock was going to get pushed in a feud with Bob Backlund and I guess they wanted to keep him over. Those two would also face off the next day at Madison Square Garden in quite the match we will get to soon.


Sid w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow somersaults then backs Sid into the corner. Sid then complains to the ref about hair pulling then cheap shots Bigelow in the corner. The ref backs Sid off until Bigelow is able to get up then we see Sid run over Bigelow but then Bigelow gets revenge and takes Sid outside. Sid paces around outside and yells at the fans as the ref counts. DiBiase jumps up on the apron for the distraction but Bigelow avoids the sneak attack and fires away on Sid. Bigelow tries an Irish whip into the corner but Sid reverses and follows with a corner splash. Sid chokes out Bigelow in the corner but misses a charge then Bigelow hits a DDT. Bigelow heads up top then gets down when DiBiase yells at him and we see Sid attack from behind. Sid clubs away before using a Camel’s Clutch. Sid then hits a big boot and a clothesline before using a leg drop for a nearfall. Sid now applies a reverse chin lock but Bigelow escapes and fires away. Bigelow hits a running clothesline but misses a falling headbutt and gets booted out of the ring. Sid taunts the crowd then yells at the referee while DiBiase beats on Bigelow. Sid makes the save from behind when Bigelow grabbed DiBiase and sends Bigelow into the steps. Both men are back in the ring where Sid goes for another reverse chin lock as the guy behind the camera wants the bell to ring due to “curfew time.” Bigelow fights out again but eats boot on a charge in the corner then Sid hits a sorry excuse of a chokeslam. Sid taunts the crowd then sets up for a powerbomb but Shawn comes out and distracts Sid, allowing Bigelow to roll him up from behind for the win (9:05) 1/2*. After the match, Shawn gets in the ring and tosses off his shirt and tightens is fanny pack before raising Bigelow’s hand in victory. Both men slap hands as the camera shuts off.

Thoughts: Sid, while having an amazing presence and worlds of charisma, could not convey that intensity in the ring. This match was bad, pacing was poor, and the crowd was not into Bigelow. The crowd did dig Shawn and him being involved I guess sent the crowd home happy but that was the only positive thing I can say about this main event. Also a bit funny to see Shawn and Bigelow celebrating since they hated each other and Shawn was pissed Bigelow had the main event at WrestleMania XI.


Final Thoughts: The ladder match was good and the opener was fun but the rest of the show ranged from forgettable to outright terrible. Not the worst house show I’ve ever seen but with all the late hype, this only drew 6,500 fans. Diesel was off the show with injury and Shawn only in the battle royal tonight as the lack of starpower, depth, and even quality in-ring performers and effort was on full display here.


Here is my schedule for next week:

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 6/10/95

Wednesday: WWF Madison Square Garden 6/10/95

Thursday: WWF Challenge 6/11/95. WWF Action Zone 6/11/95

Friday: WWF Monday Night RAW 6/12/95

Saturday: WWF Superstars: 6/17/95

Sunday: WWF Anaheim, CA 6/17/95

Monday: WWF Challenge 6/18/95, WWF Action Zone 6/18/95