Monday Night Open Mic

Don’t mind me…just watching Aaron Rodgers host Jeopardy. Very surreal, but I think Alex Trebek would’ve LOVED it.


Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

RAW is taped. I’m assuming Drew McIntyre gets to go over hired gun Baron Corbin, but don’t trust me. Watch it for yourself.

Crazy week for WWE programming with the rather abbreviated Hall of Fame ceremony tomorrow afternoon, two nights of NXT Takeover, a taped Smackdown and two nights of Wrestlemania. Still not going. Got offered tickers multiple times. My likelihood of going has been upgraded from “not at all” to “doubtful”.

Wrestlemania III and Wrestlemania X-8 new fresh reviews from Scott are on the blog. Just thinking about Wrestlemania III always makes me smile. Such a simpler time.

AEW Dark Elevation is streaming right now…I think.

Big sporting event tonight is the Men’s NCAA Basketball championship game between Gonzaga and Baylor. There’s a ton of baseball on too.

Meanwhile…The Artists Collective EXPLODES…years before it was created. Awesome match BTW.

Keep it clean.