Searching For Bobby Fish

I know he's injured and all but why the hell has the WWE not brought him down for a guest spot to further the dissolving of the Undisputed Era, as opposed to leaving him off-camera as a loose end to the entire plotline? 

I mean, there is a lot of stuff they could have done for this to work him into it: 

1. Have his injury be the actual fucking reason that Adam Cole turned on Kyle, as far as Adam blaming Kyle for not protecting Bobby from getting injured as why Adam turned on him (arguing that Bobby was a better flunky than Kyle or Roderick ever was) and have Bobby appear on NXT to publicly side with Adam against Kyle/Roderick and vow revenge on them once he heals up. 

2. Have Bobby show up on NXT to try and patch things up with the group and have a big moment where Adam turns on Fish and brutalizes him, for extra heel heat on Cole. Or to Cole being stopped by Kyle from beating the injured Fish up, to further establish Kyle as the good guy and tease the re-establishment of the O'Reilly/Fish team once Fish has healed up

3. Bring back Fish as a talking head/interviewer and give him a 10-20 minute segment on Raw doing his old interview segment (Fish Tank) and use it to crosspromote NXT on Raw since god knows shilling NXT folk on Raw would be a better use of the three hours that show has to fill up each week.

Bonus points, they do a plot point where he took over the time slot usually used for Firefly Funhouse and have Alexa Bliss be livid that she's been replaced by a snarky mustachioed UE member and instead of bringing back extra crispy Fiend, go the route of Bobby getting fellow NXTer Rhea Ripley to be his bodyguard and put down Alexa when she starts causing him and his show trouble. 


I like that you awarded yourself some bonus points for that last one.  You deserve it.