Biggest fall from one Wrestlemania to the next

Hi Scott,

So looking back at old Wrestlemania results, there are plenty of moments where a person who was in the main event is gone by the next year. But who had the biggest fall on the card from one year to the next? 

Charlotte going from the first women's main event to NXT title match?
Orton going from the main event to Legacy triple threat? 
Slaughter and The Miz going from the main event to mid-card filler tag matches? 
Randy Savage going from 2 main events in a row to a mixed tag team match against Sapphire and Dusty Rhodes? 
Benoit becoming a Money In The Bank participant a year after a World Title win?
King Kong Bundy going from World Title match to a midget tag team match?

One friend suggested Papa Shango going from interfering in the main event at Wrestlemania 8 to a pre-show loss to Tito Santana in a year but the Wrestlemania 9 match didn't even air so that shouldn't count.

I can't go with Bundy because he was never a serious challenger for the title anyway in the sense that there was no expectation of him winning and there was a bunch of other stuff like the Andre battle royale carrying the advertising and buildup anyway.  However, Sgt. Slaughter was actually World champion in the legit main event that they built the show around, and then was in a nothing comedy match the next year, so I think he wins.