Too Much is Never Enough

So funny enough you didn't post my rant a couple weeks ago where I brought up the fact that AEW has an insane amount of factions. Now they've added another one with the QT squad. I guess that was one too many for you cause you actually broke a rule and criticized AEW. In all capitals no less in your Dynamite review. I bet you got a real angry email from deathmatch Tony about that. My question is are they just being lazy throwing these guys in groups so they don't actually have to book storylines for everyone? Or are they building to a giant gang war like the news team fight from Anchorman?

And why do this big stab in the back heal turn two weeks after the inner circle breakup? For a company that painfully drags storylines out for the sake of saying they long term book everything how can they also be so bad also rushing things so much? Within a month you had Kingston family breakup, Matt Hardy group add people, Team Taz on verge of breaking up, inner circle break, pinnacle formation, and now the nightmare family break up. 

That's going to the well one too many times if you ask me. Is the 3rd hour they adding going to be factions only? I don't get why they need so many. Same reason why I don't understand why every match has to be some crazy no rules match. What happened to just booking good wrestling matches? Having that arcade match two weeks after the women's lights out match, which was two weeks after a deathmatch seems a bit overkill. It's been two years and they have already shot their load on every kind of hardcore match you can do. Are they trying to go AEWECW? Is blood and guts gonna involve the losing team's actual blood and guts?

But think of the ratings they’d draw!