Shades of Grey

Hey Scott,

Watching NXT tonight with the first match being a heel vs. heel match got me thinking.

Did Vince get it all wrong with his shades of grey speech?

I think we ultimately need a clear good guy and a bad guy when it comes to wrestling.

With Stone Cold, he didn’t have to be a goody two shoes smiling puppet, but just to do the right thing, not insult the fans, and fight on the side of what was right and just.

With John Cena, the issue wasn’t necessarily a heel turn, but a character attitude adjustment if you will to give him more of an edge but still ultimately be someone to root for.

Speaking of Cena, any chance his new show on TBS gets promoted on Dynamite?

Interested in your thoughts on all the above.

Vince is a lifelong carny who says whatever stupid shit will draw a rating for a week and then goes back to doing what he wants the next show.  Wrestling has had good guys and bad guys for more than 100 years and will continue to have them another 100 years from now, when Vince will  still be running the show from gorilla in corporeal form. 

Also I would have to assume Cena has strenuous clauses in his contract that 100% do not allow Warner to advertise his name on Dynamite in any form.