Christian Cage’s lungs out work everyone

Hey Scott,


Long time blog reader, yada yada yada…


AEW rules and Dynamite has become appointment TV for me, and the weeks I miss, I am reading your rant the following morning. (Cheap plug!) The show is great almost all of the time, and 99% of the angles/feuds… I totally understand and
can follow along easily enough and enjoy without cramping my brain, but this Christian Cage stuff has me baffled. I’ve always liked him, but this instant push after a 7 year retirement is insane. His slogan is very heelish and one for a conceited dickhead,
especially when AEW has dudes like Omega, Fenix, Penta, Darby, and Mox killing it with 4 star matches on a weekly basis. His “workhorse” promo was also conceited and stupid. Did I miss his historic singles run in WWE? Granted, I’m not the most knowledgeable
fan, but other than a decent Wrestlemania match with Jericho and good rap battle promo & mini feud with Cena, I don’t remember anything of note he did to justify this reputation. Then, he goes out there with a safe, veteran opponent like Kaz who they knew
would bust ass and make the match look as good as possible, and Cage looked GASSED and slow and old almost from the beginning. He pulled out a couple of decent moves towards the end, but he was obviously sucking wind and not finding that extra gear for 17
damn minutes. And this was TAPED! How the fuck can they get it right with the other vets they’ve brought in (Sting, Matt Hardy, Dustin) by not overexposing them, limiting their in ring action, aligning with younger guys, playing to their strengths, and keeping
them away from the AEW title picture, and get it so damn wrong with Christian? Just a case of them not being perfect?


WHAT?!?   They’re NOT perfect?  Fuck. 

Christian had a good WWE style match but that’s not what I watch Dynamite for.  It’s about context for me.  It’s like if I’m watching a Bruno MSG match from the 70s, I wouldn’t want gaga and lucha libre dives.  But it was his first serious match in a decade, so we can cut him some slack.