This is really Wrestlemania?

Besides the rumble match, i have't watched really anything new besides a couple Reigns matches since the new year.  I looked at the updated card this morning, and can someone please tell me, besides a presence of a crowd, what makes this WM any different from any ppv of the last…. maybe 6-7 years? Apparently most of these matches have taken place on RAW anyway over and over in some capacity.  They're on peacock now, what is drawing new views/subscribers in?  The Daniel bryan inclusion shows they're not that high in confidence on Edge.  And i love DB.  Can someone give me one single reason why I need to watch this live?  And isn't this WM going to only be touted for the crowd being there more than anything that actually happened in the ring?  What the f--- is so funny about me?
You know I’m just dying to do the whole run from Goodfellas now.  
I’m keeping my expectations low.  Hopefully they exceed them.