The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 03.30.21

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 03.30.21


This is the second episode of the relaunched NWA Powerrr on Fite.TV, and for those who want a quick catchup of the first episode, here’s the main points:

– Austin Idol is now a regular character on the show, managing Tyrus (ugh)

– Chris Adonis (aka Chris Masters) has replaced Royce Isaacs in the Nick Aldis group

– Aron Stevens is trying to be a better person in tribute to his late friend Question Mark, but his tag team partner Kratos disagrees and would prefer to hit people in the head with chairs.  The relationship is struggling as a result.

– Fred Rosser (aka Darren Young) won a three-way and is the #1 contender to the TV title.

– Melina is actually still around and has some mysterious secret past with Thunder Rosa.

And now you’re caught up!

And as promised, it’s INTO THE FIRE for the opening again!

Also, in addition to the usual flags hanging from the rafters in tribute to the old Techwood studio, there’s a Mongrovian flag prominently in the middle.  Aw.

Taped from GBH Studios in Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli, Tim Storm & Velvet Sky

Nick Aldis joins us at the podium to start, and he’s secretly been suffering from a condition…whereby all he knows how to do is win.  OK that was a funny setup.  But he’s OK and doesn’t need anyone’s help!  But he won’t go so far as to declare that Chris Adonis is part of his group yet.  Trevor Murdoch interrupts before he can give more explanation, and he wants another match with Adonis, but no DQ and no countout this time.  Aldis doesn’t appreciate his sass, but he’ll cut him some slack this week because they were both trained by Harley Race.  But what’s the #1 rule in wrestling, asks Aldis?  Never turn your back!  At which point Chris Adonis attacks from behind and smashes Murdoch into the post.  Guess he should have listened to Harley all those years ago.  Great old school segment.  1 for 1.

Meanwhile, Austin Idol wants us all to know about his wrestling school at  You can even learn how to carry the ring jackets!

Meanwhile, May Valentine interviews Aron Stevens & Kratos, and Aron reinforces that everything he does from now on is in tribute to Joseph Hudson.  This brings out Sal Rinauro, who is so inspired that he asks for a tag title shot next week.

Slice Boogie v. Jeremiah Plunkett

Plunkett is from Taterville, TN just in case you weren’t sure who the jobber is.  Slice appears to be the non-Union replacement for Eddie Kingston, filling the loudmouthed Brooklyn badass role.  Boogie throws chops in the corner and drops an elbow on Plunkett, then springboards off the middle rope with a back elbow for two.  Boogie puts him in the corner and boots him in the face, but misses a pump splash out of the corner and Plunkett gets some shine with a forearm for two and an elbow for two.  Tim Storm, who has been all over Tennessee, thinks that maybe there’s not actually a town named Taterville.  Plunkett tries a spinebuster but Slice reverses to a sunset flip for two.  Plunkett gets his spinebuster for two and goes to a sleeper, but Boogie suplexes out of it for two.  He bounces out of the corner with a discus lariat to put Plunkett down, and then finishes with the DEAD ASS DRIVER at 4:44.  He probably should have run through Plunkett a bit stronger but he’s growing on me.  2 for 2.

Also for some reason on this show we have to pay $5 a month to watch we also get commercials for kids smoking and playing football or some shit.

Tyrus and Austin Idol join us and Tim Storm is a gentleman and sends Velvet away for her own safety.  I love shoot comments that aren’t supposed to be shoot comments.

Tyrus v. Matthew Mims

Tyrus is half man and half monster and Austin Idol calls him MANSTER!  And then he repeats the joke in case we missed it.  Man, if Austin Idol had been motivated to do anything during the Attitude Era he could have made millions for himself.  Mims gets a corner clothesline and slugs away in the corner, but he tries a bodypress and gets slammed.  Elbowdrop gets two, but Tyrus picks him up and goes to a nerve hold.  Austin Idol’s crazy old man trash talk routine is worth the money by itself.  Mims fights back again but Tyrus throws him around.  “Let’s finish this bum off!” notes Idol, so Tyrus gives him a corner splash and chokeslams him for the pin at 3:33.  Austin Idol’s shit-talking commentary earns the point by himself.  3 for 3.  He’s gonna talk himself into a job with one of the big boys if he doesn’t have to leave Florida for long periods of time, mark my words.

Fred Rosser joins us at the podium, but his title match has been bumped to next week because Trevor Murdoch is defending the National title against Chris Adonis tonight instead.  Rosser thinks Pope isn’t ready for him, but Pope recalls when Fred would come to him for advice backstage and Pope would teach him how to juke and jive.  Well that’s nice of him.

Skye Blue & Jennacide v. Thunder Rosa & Alex Gracia

Confusingly, Jennacide is dressed all in blue with blue facepaint, while Skye Blue has no blue on her gear.  On the bright side, Rosa’s tiny shorts.  Getting tinier every week it seems like. Rosa takes Blue to the mat and works on the knee, but Blue chops her in the corner and adds a cartwheel kick in the corner for two.  Rosa takes her down with armdrags and follows with a senton for two.  Over to Gracia, who I am compelled to type as “Garcia” every damn time, and they double-team Blue with a double seated dropkick for two.  Gracia works the arm and takes Blue down with armdrags and it’s over to Jennacide, who I think is another member of the specific subgenre of undead woman wrestlers who seem to be cropping up a lot.  She slams Blue onto Gracia for two as the match is just kind of meandering along while Gracia plays face in peril.  Gracia fights back with a shining wizard on Blue and makes the hot tag to Rosa, but Blue takes out Gracia on the floor, at which point Kamille runs in for the DQ at 6:51 and spears Rosa.  This was a lot of nothing.  3 for 4.  Melina saves Rosa from further attack to continue their thing.

Meanwhile, Austin Idol shills his school again.

NWA National title:  Trevor Murdoch v. Chris Adonis

Nick Aldis joins us on commentary for this one, as Tim Storm addresses rumors about him retiring and puts over Aldis.  Aldis does not put him over in response, of course.  Murdoch is wearing a neck brace to really sell the attack from earlier and build sympathy.  So as noted, this is no DQ, no countout.  Adonis goes right for the injured neck because DUH as Aldis points out how stupid it is to wrestle in a neck brace.  They head to the floor Adonis slams him on the floor, but Murdoch fights back in the ring and Adonis chokes him out with his own brace and rips it off before going to work on the neck.  This of course sets up the MASTERLOCK, but he releases it for a full nelson slam instead of holding on for the submission.  Another one follows, and that puts his lights out at 4:51 to make Adonis the National champion.  Well that was pretty definitive, but Aldis has no sympathy for anyone dumb enough to work hurt like that.  Big push for Adonis here, although the match wasn’t any good or anything.  3 for 5.

And we’re out for the week!

I’m really enjoying Powerrr 2.0 thus far, although I don’t know if it’s worth paying for.  But they’re once again nailing the fun old-school vibe they had before.  And if you’re interested in signing up, hit my link and I’ll get a commission for the blog:  NWA Powerrr Signup on Fite.TV!