WWF Wrestling Challenge – June 4th, 1995


June 4, 1995

From the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, MA

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon

This week in action are Savio Vega and Tekno Team 2000. Plus, an interview with Alundra Blayze and more!


Shawn Michaels vs. Barry Horowitz

The announcers gush over Shawn here and put over the crowd reaction. Shawn shoves Horowitz outside after a reversal sequence. Gorilla brings up how Sid put both Shawn and Diesel out of commission as Shawn grabs a side headlock. We see Ted DiBiase head down the aisle with a fistful of cash as Shawn invites him outside. Horowitz attacks from behind and hits a jawbreaker but Shawn slides out and mocks DiBiase by dancing behind him. Shawn takes the money and avoids an attack from Horowitz. Shawn heads inside and stuffs the money down his pants before hitting a flying elbow drop then drops Horowitz with a super kick and takes a $100 bill to stuff in Horowitz’s mouth before getting the win (2:56). Shawn then takes the money and shoves it back into his pants.

Thoughts: They are really going all in with Shawn’s babyface push. And Shawn dancing around and stuffing money in his pants, well, it worked for Latin Lover in Mexico so I guess why not here. An entertaining squash match and continues the feud Shawn has with Sid and DiBiase, the man who paid Sid to turn on Shawn.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. We see the clip from “Superstars” where Todd Pettengill breaks the news that Shawn will replace Diesel on the World Tour de Force in New York.


Hakushi w/ Shinja vs. Bill Payne

Ross tells us that Hakushi wants another shot at Bret Hart. Hakushi then pulls a Bret Hart mannequin head from Shinja’s burlap sack. The announcers talk about Hakushi & Shinja costing Bret Hart his match against Jerry Lawler from “in Your House.” Hakushi hits Payne with a back handspring elbow smash but whiffs on a corner splash. Payne lands a dropkick but Hakushi turns him inside out with a clothesline as the announcers talk about the Lawler/Hart feud. Hakushi taunts the crowd before hitting a dropkick then uses a standing moonsault for the win (3:12). Ross once again talks about Hakushi wanting another match against Bret.

Thoughts: We are still building towards another Hakushi/Bret match but with Bret/Lawler already announced for the PPV, the outcome in a forgone conclusion.


We get a video package on the Lawler/Bret feud before being shown Lawler and Bret’s comments from Superstars where we learned about their Kiss My Foot match.


Tekno Team 2000 vs. Bob Cook & Howard Nalley

The announcers talk up Tekno Team 2000’s potential and how they are both college graduates. Troy and Cook start this off on the mat. Cook uses a rollup for a one count but tags out after being taken down with a hip toss. The announcers talk about the house shows next weekend as Travis now works the arm of Nalley. The announcers also talk about the newly announced Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Sid at the Nassau Coliseum as Tekno Team 2000 stays in control using the most basic offense imaginable. Cook is back in and we get even more armbars. Nalley breaks up a pinfall as Travis is trapped in the corner. Cook barely gets a one count with a suplex then tags out but Travis slugs it out and makes the tag. Tekno Team works over Nalley then Troy goes up top as Travis has Nalley in a front facelock and Troy uses a flying sunset flip for the win (4:19). Ross lists off all the NY house show dates.

Thoughts: When Tekno Team 2000 faced the Heavenly Bodies on the 3/19/95 house show at MSG, they showed some promise. Here, however, a different story. Their offense revolved around arm bars and the match dragged as they gave too much to their underwhelming opponents. They wrestled like a 70’s babyface team. The finish was dumb too and this team did not get over with their mundane offense and dreadful attire.


The Backlund Presidential Campaign ad from RAW airs.


The Diesel surgery video is shown.


Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Brian Walsh

Ross shills his Superstar Line as Gorilla puts him over for his news on Diesel. Ross also says that Diesel will be back in action before King of the Ring as Lafitte beats down Walsh. Lafitte misses a falling headbutt and Walsh takes him down and uses a neck snap. Ross puts over Lafitte’s undefeated record but Gorilla is not impressed due to a lack of competition. Lafitte splats Walsh with a wheelbarrow slam as Ross mentions he talks to Diesel daily and how he will be a “wild animal” in his King of the Ring match. Lafitte ties up Walsh in the ropes and hits a pair of crossbody blocks. Lafitte then hits a pumphandle slam before signaling that its over and he then goes up top for the cannonball and the win (3:14).

Thoughts: Some impressive stuff for Lafitte here as he racks up squash match wins until they can find him a feud.


We are shown the Alundra Blayze interview from RAW.


Men on a Mission vs. Luis Morales & Aaron Ferguson

Mabel beats on Ferguson in the corner as the announcers plug the house shows next weekend. MoM now works over Morales as we get more house show hype then Mabel hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (2:32).

Thoughts: Mostly hype for the upcoming house shows than anything else although it was brought up how Mabel is part of the King of the Ring tournament.


The Waylon Mercy debut vignette airs.


Savio Vega’s Wrestling Challenge debut is next.


Savio Vega vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler and Vega slug it out with Vega winning that battle. Brawler misses a charge in the corner and rams his shoulder into the post as Vega now work the arm. Vega drops Brawler with a clothesline that saw an awful lot of light then goes back to the arm. The announcers plug Vega & Razor Ramon vs. Jacob & Eli Blu this week on “Action Zone” as Brawler now takes control of the match. Ross compares Vega to Pedro Morales as Brawler gets tossed off of the top rope then Vega hits a spinning heel kick for the win (2:33).

Thoughts: They put over Vega by comparing him to Pedro Morales but he did not impress in this match. He will be teaming with Razor to take on Jacob & Eli Blu on Action Zone, which I will recap tomorrow.


WWF Live Event News segment. Wiand cuts to Dok Hendrix, who hypes up Shawn/Sid in the steel cage at MSG and that Shawn will team with Bigelow at the Meadowlands to face Kama & Tatanka in the most longwinded play possible.


We now see The Bodydonnas as they cut a promo saying they were born this great but want to give us fatties watching the motivation to look like them. Skip will make his Challenge debut next week.


The announcers hype Owen Hart/British Bulldog this Monday night on RAW in the final King of the Ring qualifying match.


Final Thoughts: The only interesting thing here was the Shawn/DiBiase stuff as the rest is stuff from other shows as Challenge remains anything but must see TV. And as a result, the show will not survive the year.


Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: WWF Action Zone 6/4/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 6/5/95

Friday: WWF Nassau Coliseum 6/9/95

Saturday: WWF Madison Square Garden 6/10/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 6/10/95, WWF Challenge 6/11/95

Tuesday: WWF Action Zone 6/11/95