WWF Superstars – June 3rd, 1995

June 3, 1995

From the O’Neil Center in Danbury, CT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

This week, Jerry Lawler will answer Bret Hart’s challenge. Plus, an update on Diesel and a King of the Ring qualifying match between The Roadie and Doink the Clown.

Dok Hendrix joins Vince to tell us how much trouble Diesel is in after his surgery.


Allied Powers vs. Mike Bell & Gus Kantarakis

Vince puts over the Powers for their strength and brings up the Tag Team Champions, Owen Hart & Yokozuna. Vince then tells us how Luger and Bulldog used a coin flip to decide which member got a chance to enter the King of the Ring tournament as the Powers take control of the match. Vince brings up Bulldog lifting up Mabel a few weeks ago as Bulldog hits Bell with a delayed vertical suplex. Kantarakis tags in and the Powers work him over for a bit. Kantarakis rakes Luger’s eye and tags out as Bell hammers away but Luger catches Bell with a powerslam then puts him in the torture rack for the win (3:35).

Thoughts: The announcers talked up a future Powers/Owen & Yoko title match while hyping Bulldog’s King of the Ring qualifying match on RAW.


We cut to Lawler, who is backstage on his throne showing off his dirty feet. Lawler says he has not washed his feet in two weeks and will accept Bret’s challenge but that the loser of the match will get down on his hands and knees and crawl around before kissing the feet of the winner. Lawler says he will win and talks about the dirt on his feet and how bad they will get when their match takes place as we get a camera close-up of Lawler’s feet. They are doing a Kiss My Foot match for the King of the Ring tournament. And we saw a preview of this match on the 5/12 Providence Civic Center show. 


Next, we hear Bret talk about getting embarrassed at In Your House on Mother’s Day. Bret calls Lawler a “sick” person for coming up with this match and will have to get just as low as Lawler before he vows to wipe out Lawler once and for all.


Skip w/ Sunny vs. John Snakowski

Vince refers to Snakowski as “Scott Taylor” on commentary as Skip hits an elbow smash then does some jumping-jacks. Skip dumps Snakowski after a DDT then flies out with a pescado as Snakowski was way out of position. Vince notes how The Bodydonnas knock the fans for being fat as Skip hits a snap suplex and follows that up with a flying leg drop. The announcers talk about the Kiss My Foot match as Skip talks with Sunny. Skip stays in control then places Snakowski up top and takes him down with a hurricarana and covers while doing push-ups and gets the win (2:26). We get a freeze frame close up of Sunny to end the segment.

Thoughts: Skip looked good in the ring and did some cool stuff but this gimmick is far too hokey and the constant exercise spots and going over to Sunny for no reason were not effective in getting actual heel heat. The closeup on Sunny at the end, even here, seemed like this was designed to get her over instead of Skip.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. She talks about Diesel’s injury impacting the World Tour de Force before some staffer runs out and gives Wiand a message. We now cut to Todd Pettengill to tell us that Shawn Michaels will replace Diesel on the June 9th-11th dates during the NY swing of the tour. Pettengill then says he has to call Jim Ross for the Superstar Line and let him know the news. They are selling Shawn as Diesel’s replacement as huge news and this would continue for the rest of the show.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: The Roadie w/ Jeff Jarrett vs. Doink the Clown w/ Dink

Vince notes the winner of this match will face Bob Holly. The announcers once again talk about the Kiss My Foot match as Vince is at a loss to why Lawler came up with such a disgusting idea. Doink grounds Roadie to start. Roadie reaches the ropes then talks with Jarrett before Doink uses a single leg takedown. Vince screams about Lawler’s “toe jam” as Roadie once again is able to reach the ropes. Doink slams Roadie a few times and remains in control until Roadie bails. Jarrett calms down Roadie and gives him more advice before he heads back inside. Doink takes Roadie down and grabs a side headlock but soon after that gets kicked after ducking his head. Doink comes back with a sunset flip for two but Roadie sends him back down with an elbow. Roadie hammers away but Doink comes back with a Saito suplex. Doink fires away then takes Roadie down with a knee lift. Doink heads up top after an elbow drop but becomes distracted when Jarett runs after Dink and in incredibly telegraphed fashion, Roadie attacks Doink from behind then uses a rollup for the win (5:10) *1/2.

Thoughts: The action was decent enough but the outcome entirely predictable as Doink took like 95% of the match and the obvious distraction for the finish. So Roadie, easily the most over of the two in the match, gets in the tournament that Jarrett failed to qualify for last Monday night on RAW.


Coming up later is a special interview with Bertha Faye plus The Undertaker will be in action.


After the break, we get a vignette for Waylon Mercy. Vince says we will get a very “uneasy” feeling after watching. We see Mercy outside talking about how he is a peaceful individual who doesnt like any problems while wearing white pants, a Hawaiian shirt and sporting a tattoo of a dagger on his forehead. He tells us that it will be peaceful when he gets to the WWF, if he knows what he means as the camera zooms in onto Mercy’s face. Waylon Mercy is played by Dan Spivey. According to Spivey himself in his shoot interview with RF Video he was brought back into the WWF when Gerry Brisco called him up and offered him a spot to put Diesel over. So, Spivey & Brisco had dinner with Vince where Vince came up with the Waylon Mercy name. Spivey then asked if they ever saw the film “Cape Fear” and how he could do Robert DeNiro’s Max Cady character and that’s how it was created. The vignette itself was good and actually left you wanting to see more of this character unlike most of the recent WWF newcomer vignettes.


Bob Holly vs. Raymond Roy

Roy attacks Holly from behind as Vince hypes the battle royal at the Nassau Coliseum show next Friday. Holly comes back with a hip toss then a knee drop as the announcers talk about Shawn facing Sid in a steel cage at Madison Square Garden. We get more house show talk as Holly and Roy collide. Holly is up first and boots Roy then hits a clothesline and follows that up with a dropkick. Holly now heads up top as Vince talks up this battle royal as Holly hits a flying body press for the win (2:12).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to hype up the NY area house shows. There was basically zero focus on the match. Holly, who has qualified for the KotR was barely talked about during this match.


The Ivan Putski WWF Hall of Fame video video package airs. We also learn that Fabulous Moolah will be nominated.


Dok welcomes Bertha Faye & Harvey Whippleman into the ring. They now have a love song knockoff as a theme with the camera zooming in on Faye’s backside as she walks up the steps. After Harvey talks about Alundra Blayze unfairly beating him at bowling he says his love will become the next Women’s Champion. Harvey puts over Faye’s intelligence and beauty and how she has beat up every girl at the “trailer park” and honky tonk” so now its time to become champion. Dok asks Faye’s about Blayze’s career, before creepily mentioning he watched Blayze’s career for more than one reason, but Faye says that Blayze cannot beat her and shows off her body and Harvey, because she has it all. Faye promises when she is champion, the belt will include a few more polka dots. This was fucking terrible. The verbiage and interview structure has Vince’s finger prints all over it


The Diesel surgery segment featuring Dr. James Andrews from RAW airs.


Guest ring announcer is some mustached dude in his 40’s named Michael Vitelli. Way too old of a person to be doing this segment. Just give it to a kid.


Rad Radford vs. Bert Centeno

Vince now focuses on the Shawn vs. Sid steel cage match for next week at MSG. Radford hits mounted punches after a leg drop as the announcers once again focus on the house shows. Centeno fights back before he is sent outside with a back drop. Radford takes Centeno down with a baseball slide and rolls him back inside as the announcers rundown the MSG card. Radford now hits a spinebuster before a Northern Lights suplex gets the win (1:53).

Thoughts: More house show hype as the announcers did not pay attention to the match at all. Radford is strictly lower midcard fodder.


A Bob Backlund for President ad airs. Backlund says if you commit a crime you’ll be going to jail and it will be like purgatory where your parents feed you. Even first time offenders as young as six years old will go to “purgatory” as Backlund talks about a penal colony for repeat offenders. Backlund’s delivery was amusing but what more can you do with Backlund’s crazy old man gimmick? It ran its course months ago.


The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer vs. Tony DeVito

Undertaker tosses DeVito into the corner as the announcers continue to talk about the upcoming house show lineups. Undertaker stays in control as Vince talks about Sid and Undertaker possibly facing off at the Meadowlands as Undertaker hits a tombstone for the win (2:08). After the match, Undertaker stuffs DeVito into a body bag.

Thoughts: More house show hype but for a possible Undertaker vs. Sid match at the Meadowlands.


WWF Live Event News with Stephanie Wiand. She asks Jim Ross about the impact Shawn Michaels will have this weekend. Ross, in a different studio, talks about the “boy toy” and why would he enter a cage against Sid where he is giving up roughly 100 lbs.


Next week, we will be shown highlights of the Owen Hart/British Bulldog King of the Ring qualifying match that will air on RAW. Plus, Jerry Lawler in action and more!.


Final Thoughts: The big news was Lawler accepting Bret’s challenge but for a Kiss My Foot match at King of the Ring. We also saw Roadie qualify for the KotR Tournament with just one spot remaining but a lot of the commentary was selling the NY house shows and stressing how Shawn Michaels is replacing Diesel. Next week’s show doesn’t have much promised other than highlights of Owen/Bulldog and an appearance of Lawler but right now this company is struggling on many levels.


My recap of this week’s Challenge will post later this evening.