How Important is the Look?

Speaking on when Seth Rollins “lost it” (and I agree the Fiend match killed him), I wonder what your thoughts are on his presentation?  A lot of highlights recently of his cash-in at WM31 and I just think he looked the part so much more then.  He looked like a million bucks, a star and that was genuinely a huge, WTF moment for him.  Whereas now, he seems to be doing more character work with his look/presentation as comedy.  He looks more Damian Sandow than a guy that could bust out a 5* match at any moment.  That seems to be a big problem when you have a guy still in their prime years that you want to push as a top-tier star.  Do you think he can recover from this and get back in a groove or has the ship sailed on him as a Top Guy?

Hey, if they could reheat Daniel Bryan this year they can reheat anyone.  Really they just need to ditch this stupid gimmick and have him be badass Seth again.