AEW DARK: March 30, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark Episode 82 (“Don’t Scare Me By Saying 16 Matches When There’s Only 12”), March 30, 2021.

From the AEW Arena.

Your hosts are Taz and Excalibur. Anyone who joins them will be noted by each match.

TONIGHT! After John Silver’s TNT Title opportunity, Alex Reynolds looks to show his singles chops against Max Caster! Sonny Kiss goes one on one with the South African hybrid Angelico! And Ashley Vox is bringing in her Sea Star partner Delmi Exo, as they team with Vertvixen to take on Big Swole, KiLynn King, and Red Velvet!

PLUS: Diamante, Jurassic Express, Michael Nakazawa, Chaos Project, Miro/Kip Sabian, Butcher and Blade, Madi Wrenckowski, Team Taz as a trio, and Uno/Stu/Colt representing the Dark Order!

Opening match (Commentary joined by Anthony Ogogo): Butcher and Blade (w/The Bunny and Matt Hardy and Private Party) (3-0 in 2021) vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts and Randy Summers) (no graphic).

Sorry, no intro because Butcher and Blade jump the gun and attack Watts and Summers. Butcher chops down Summers before throwing him across the ring, but a charge hits elbow and Summers tries to fight back. Butcher dodges a dropkick and throws Summers down hard in a variant of the back suplex. He then throws Summers onto Blade’s knee, and Blade throws Summers into the corner so he can tag Watts. Blade throws Watts ino the corner and chops him down before stomping a mudhole. Watts goes up and over and chops Blade, then does it a second time to keep the edge. Private Party jump on the apron to stop Watts from going to one corner, so he tries another corner… and Hardy yanks him off and Hotshots him onto the timekeeper’s table. Bonus points because Hardy then acts hurt, fooling Butcher enough to make him beat up Watts some more.

Back in, Blade chokes Watts, then distracts the ref so Kassidy can take over. Butcher in with a kneeling choke before throwing Watts headfirst to the buckle. Big chop for Watts, and Blade in as Butcher and Blade get a double headbutt. Snapmare and twelve-to-six elbow by Blade, but Watts tries to fight back from his knees, so Blade rakes the eyes. Butcher slugs Watts into the ropes before choking him against the middle rope. Watts with a jawjacker and SUPERKICK to escape, hot tag Summers. Summers with a one-stop Cesaro Express on Blade, then he adds a fisherman’s neckbreaker. Butcher is disposed of, and Milk Chocolate try a double suplex before switching to a series of kicks on Blade. Now Bunny distracts the ref so Butcher can even the odds and Summers is dumped. Drag the Lake wins at 5:49. You know, for being some badass mercenaries, they really do need dozens of run-ins to win, don’t they? *1/4

(Commentary joined by Leva Bates): Madi Wrenckowski (2-2) vs. Jazmin Allure (0-3). Bates and Madi are 1-1 in competition, and they couldn’t survive as a team on Elevation.

Madi with a shove to Allure and some armdrags before an armlock. Allure tries an armdrag of her own, but Madi hangs on to the armlock. Allure breaks a different way, getting knees and a snapmare, then Allure adds a shotgun dropkick. Madi recovers with a back elbow and BACK body drop, and Allure bails. Madi follows and lariats her down. Back in, Allure with a sitout jawjacker to take over. She works Madi’s back with kicks and clubs, then a snapmare and ground and pound. Running elbowdrop gets two. She catches Madi coming up from behind with a clothesline for two.

Madi kicks Allure out of a back body drop attempt, then adds a dropkick. Forearms in the corner, then a spinning sidewalk slam. Booker T Ax Kick wins it at 4:01. They didn’t really have a face/heel structure, which is tough because Leva was trying to put over how Madi was a vicious heel who wasn’t afraid to use foreign objects. If anything, this match should’ve been MORE squashy. 1/2*

(Commentary joined by Anthony Ogogo): Chaos Project (Luther and Serpentico) (8-10 overall) vs. Dean Alexander and Justin Law (first time teaming). I think it’s pretty cool that they have Chaos Project, who is sub .500 overall even with showcase wins, as a way to show just how deep the division is.

Luther throws Serpentico out of the ring onto Alexander to start, then catches Law with a back elbow and avalanche. Luther stomps away on Law, adding a knee to the gut, and Serpentico leaps in with a kick to an abdominal stretch. Law gets sent hard into the turnbuckle, then Serpentico slides through an up-and-over only to run into some hiptosses and a slam. It gets two, and Luther’s unnecessary save drops onto Serpentico (who at this point needs workman’s comp). Law slugs away on Serpentico in the corner, but Serpentico goes through the ropes only to be sent off the apron to the floor. Luther then drags Law out and throws him into the barricade.

Back in, Serpentico tosses Law into the Chaos Project corner, and Luther with a short clothesline. Powerbomb by Luther (with Alexander knocked off the apron) and he slams Law into place for Serpentico to do his slingshot double-stomp. Headbutt follows, and Luther tags in to throw Serpentico into a spear on Law. Butterfly suplex by Luther gets two. Serpentico tags in and goes up, and it’s a Rocket Launcher try, but Law moves.

Hot tag Alexander, and everyone gets hit with elbows. BACK body drop to Serpentico and dropkick to Luther, but Serpentico recovers with a low thrust kick. Alexander catches him with a half-nelson uranage, Luther saves. Leg lariat by Luther is ducked, but he recovers with a big boot. Creeping Death finishes Alexander at 5:16. Serpentico is quickly moving up my list of favorite B-show talent because of how he keeps sacrificing for his art. 3/4* Commentary thinks the less Luther throws Serpentico around, the better the team will be.

(Commentary joined by Anthony Ogogo): Angelico (w/Jack Evans) (0-2 singles in 2021) vs. Sonny Kiss (w/Joey Janela) (2-0 singles in 2021). But first, we vibe. This is the nice thing about AEW Dark – you get these low carders who want to maximize minutes and get their characters over. We note that yesterday, Evans lost to Jungle Boy (in what was an incredible match). Janela commandeers Ogogo’s headset to praise Sonny.

Lockup, and Angelico with the armlock. Kiss tumbles and flip before countering to a hammerlock, but Angelico reverses and switches to a headlock. He then transitions to an armlock and adds a high kick to keep him down, but Kiss ducks under and reverses, dropping Angelico to his knees. Now Angelico ducks under and bars Kiss’s arm against his neck, but Kiss with a single-leg and an anklelock try before Angelico makes the ropes. WRESTLING! Angelico resets with a half-straitjacket while adding an armbar before controlling with a side headlock. Kiss goes behind, Angelico goes behind him, and Angelico cuts off Kiss’ re-reversal attempt with a kick to the gut.

Kiss puts on the brakes on a whip and gets an armdrag and splits hiptoss, then turns a Matrix dodge into a satellite headscissors. A very dazed Angelico goes to the ropes and gets advice from Jack Evans, but he drop toe holds Kiss before stumbling into the ref. Evans adds a couple of cheap shots before Janela chases him off, but the damage is done. Angelico goes for Banana Split with Kiss’ left leg cloverleades, then gets up and just kicks Kiss in the back. Kiss tries to fight back, adding a discus forearm, but Angelico blocks a Pele and gets a half-crab (with Kiss stuck in a handstand during the hold!).

Angelico shoves him down and delivers a field goal to Kiss for two. Back suplex try, but Kiss flips out and gets a step-up rana and Dropsault. Handspring elbow into a bulldog follows, getting two. Kiss with a fireman’s carry, but Angelico elbows out and misses a pump kick. Kiss with a spinning sole butt, but he tries a middle rope springboard only for Angelico to yank him down into the splits. Navarro Death Lock, adding kicks to the knee, gets the submission at 6:39. Ah, that’s more like it. **1/4

Max Caster reminds us that he’s already beaten Preston Vance, and let’s face it, he’s the same size as Vance. The smaller Reynolds has to be scared, but who’s going to be his backup. Vance? Angels? Heck, he could beat Hangman with his RIGHT hand tied behind his back. Reynolds has a nice face and a nice record, but Caster is impeccable in singles competition, and Anthony Bowens is healthy enough to be at ringside to help him against all those creeps in the Dark Order. Reynolds will find out why everyone loves the Acclaimed.

Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Colt Cabana) (1-0 as a trio) vs. Bill Collier, D3, and Vary Morales (first time as a trio). Colt is impressed with John Silver’s warm-up routine in the aisle. Collier towers over his two tag partners. Colt rests on the stage at the start like Brodie Jr would.

Uno and D3 start. Uno gives D3 a clean break, but only so he can chop him. (Colt gets serious and goes to the apron.) Uno offers a knuckle lock, into a test of strength, and he wins easily. D3 rolls back to reverse, but Uno throws D3 down hard. D3 tries a headscissors, but Uno shoves him away. Headlock, but Uno gets the better of a tackle exchange and catches D3 with a Manhattan drop and schoolboy for one. He stomps on D3’s hands (hey, he’s Evil Uno for a reason), then La Majistral gets one. The Roddy Piper Special (eye poke) draws a warning from the ref (which draws an apology from Uno in a great bit).

D3 dropkicks Uno and brings in Collier. Collier with the headlock, then he floors Uno, drawing Colt in. But Uno tags in Grayson instead, and after a staredown, Collier and Grayson go for big chops. Collier wins that exchange, getting an uppercut and Hammer Throw, but the charge eats boot and Grayson tries a DDT only to be caught by Collier in a stalling suplex. Headbutt by Collier, but Grayson comes back with a headscissors and corkscrew uppercut. Morales tags himself in, but Grayson rushes him into the Dark Order corner and brings in Colt. Morales knows what’s coming next and escapes, aborting the double-team. Colt with a hammerlock, but Morales gets a flying mare out of a suplex attempt. Morales with a lucha bounce headsissors and Victory Roll try, but Colt drops him on the turnbuckle and brings in Uno. Uno with a brainbuster and he steps on Morales’s hair, allowing Grayson in with a running frog splash.

Uno back in, then Colt, and Uno lands an avalanche before throw Morales ino a slam by Colt. Flying Applie misses, and Collier tags in as we get another slugfest. Collier muscles Colt into his corner and brings in D3, who runs straight into a Hadouken chop. Now Morales in and he gets a running dropkick, but Colt stops him with the Flying Apple. Grayson in, and he tosses Morales all over the place before beating up Collier and getting a uranage. Nightfall try, but Collier elbows out. Uno tags himself in and blocks a suplex, and Grayson lands an assisted F-5. Morales is caught in a catch powerbomb by Uno, then Grayson gives D3 a Pele. Chicago Skyline by Colt ends D3 at 7:49. The Dark Order must have had instructions to make Collier look good, as he was the guest of the bunch, and it worked. It made the match better, too. *1/2

Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt) (3-0 in this iteration) vs. Adam Priest and KC Navarro. Despite Jungle Boy being the one on the outside, you know darn well that we’re coming out to Tarzan Boy. While Jungle Boy beat Jack Evans last night, Marko Stunt tried to allow Bear Country to avoid interference and beat Private Party. That backfired, and everyone got mad at each other. Excalibur: “You know, we get charged twice as much [for royalties] when you try to sing along, Taz.”

Stunt and Navarro start. Navarro (who is much bigger than Stunt – and he’s only 145) taunts Stunt only to get his feet stomped on. Now Stunt is taller, so Navarro shoves him down. Stunt trips him and gets a crossbody, then an enzuigiri to bring in Priest. Stunt with a satellite headscissors, but Priest avoids a blind charge. Stunt does the same before coming off the top with an elbow to the head for two. Priest stops a tag and gets an overhead suplex, then Navarro comes in. Stunt escapes, bringing in Saurus, who just watches the opponents argue over who let Stunt get away. Then he chokeslams them both for the double pin at 1:44. Well, that was abrupt. NR

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Diamante (6-2 in 2021) vs. Vipress (0-2). Say, is Ivelisse injured? Did she walk out of AEW? Kind of weird that there’s no sign of her. And just to show I don’t think I’m reading too much into it, Diamante doesn’t have her tag team medal with her anymore. To add to it, commentary doesn’t even mention her.

Nose-to-nose to start, and Diamante finds it amusing before slugging away. Vipress fires back, but Diamante gets a Kitchen Sink. Vipress ducks a clothesline into a Northern Lights suplex for two. Diamante with a go-behind and CLUBBERIN, THEY BE CLUBBERIN TONY, but Vipress with a single-leg and she just grinds Diamante’s face. Diamante goes up and over but gets caught, so she changes to a mule kick and dropkick. Shotgun dropkick in the corner gets two. Vipress leverages Diamante out of the ring and goes to the apron, but her kick is caught and Diamante trips her to land on the apron back first. Diamante adds a throw into the guardrail, and back in, it gets two. Diamante with forearms and a casadora, but Vipress blocks only for Diamante to switch to a short-arm clothesline. Two more follow, and then a side straitjacket choke with bodyscissors gets the submission at 2:58. The kind of win you need when you’re going solo. 1/4*

Team Taz (Will Hobbs, Ricky Starks, and Brian Cage) (w/Hook) (1-1 as a trio) vs. Sage Scott, Jake St.Patrick, and Chandler Hopkins (first time as a trio). Taz continues to insist that EVERYTHING IS FINE on Team Taz and all the dissention has been ironed over, so stop asking. I get the feeling Hopkins won’t look as good tonight as he did against Joey Janela.

St.Patrick and Starks start. Starks with a go-behind and half-nelson, but St.Patrick reverses to an armlock. Starks goes to a headlock, but St.Patrick goes back to the arm only to get smoked with a right. St.Patrick comes back with a headscissors and dropkick before getting the arm again and bringing in Scott. Starks grabs Scott’s very long hair to take over and get a front facelock, tagging in Hobbs (but not Cage). Hobbs slugs down Scott and toys with him, adding a Hammer Throw. A second hammer throw leads to an Oklahoma Stampede crush in the corner, which allows Hobbs to put Scott into the Tree of Woe and smash his face in.

Scott with a jawjacker to escape, but Hobbs stops the tag… until the enzuigiri. Hot tag Hopkins, who… runs into a Vader smash from Hobbs. Hobbs dumps Hopkins outside, where Hook gets in a gutwrench suplex while the ref is distracted. Back in, St.Patrick saves, then realizes this was a Very Bad Idea as Hobbs sends him out too. Starks steals the tag from Hobbs meant for Cage, getting Rochambeaux on Hopkins, but Cage finally gets pissed off and tags himself in so the pin doesn’t count. Drill Claw ends it at 4:56. EVERYTHING IS FINE. 1/2*

Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo) and VertVixen vs. Big Swole, Red Velvet, and KiLynn King. Justin Roberts can’t bother to call them Team Sea Stars, but Excalibur does and so do I. Both trios are first-time teams. Excalibur acknowledges King’s effort with Ryo Mizunami on Elevation and says it shows how much better she’s gotten.

Vox and King start. King with a headlock takedown, then Vox backpedals to avoid King. Exo in, so Swole comes in as well. Swole with a cravat into a snapmare, then she adds a back uppercut. Exo hooks the ropes to avoid a whip, then reverses Swole only to get run over. Swole stops her momentum upon seeing a dropdown and headlocks Exo before bringing Velvet in. Things get a little clumsy on the next exchange, but they recover fine and Velvet leg lariats Exo for one. Velvet boxes away on Exo, but she reverses and adds forearms. Velvet charges into a gutwrench slam, getting Exo two. Meanwhile, Vert tosses King into the guardrail, and in the chaos, Vox tags in and gets a running uppercut. Exo back in, but Velvet kicks away Exo, who recovers only to clothesline Vox. “Hot” tag King, who pummels Exo so badly she escapes the ring.

The chase is on, but King runs into Vert’s clothesline on the outside. Back in, Exo gets one. Vert tags in, and she works over the ribs of King. King recovers and a slugfest breaks out, ending when both women get simultaneous roundhouse kicks. Swole and Vox in, and Swole runs over both Sea Stars. The double-dodge headbutt floors Vox, and Swole catches Exo with the Samoa Joe uranage corner counter. Diving cutter on Vox gets two. Malenko Special is set up, but Vert flies in with a knee to Swole’s head.

EVERYBODY INTO THE POOL leaves the Sea Stars alone in the ring, so they dive onto Velvet and King. Taz: “What do they feed these girls in Rhode Island?” Everyone brawls on the outside, so Vert dives onto the pile and everyone’s down. Sea Stars and Swole are first back in, but Swole fights off both at once and whips Vox into Exo. Exo gets Vox out of the ring and gets a Tazzplex on Swole, then Vox cannonballs onto… Swole’s knees. Vert and Velvet in now, and Velvet with a 540 kick (there’s a new one) before tripping Exo and getting the double knees against the ropes.

King smashes Vox with a high boot, then gets Vert with a roundhouse. Swole adds a rolling elbow, then Velvet ends it with a spinning kick (called the Chef’s Kiss) to win at 7:45. Sloppy stuff, but energetic enough to make up for it. Definitely just fine as a Dark match. *1/4 The Internet needs a gif of King attempting to mimic Swole’s dance to Velvet’s music. Jade Cargill comes out to yell at Velvet, and King and Swole have to tell her to let it go for now and not start anything.

M.T. Nakazawa (0-1 in 2021) vs. Mike Magnum (0-2). Nakazawa is now “from the desk of Kenny Omega” and is dressed exactly like an AEW road agent. I have a feeling if I watched Being the Elite, this would make more sense.

Nakazawa checks with backstage (yes, he has a headset on) soon after the bell rings, then apologizes and… ducks a lockup to get more from the headset. Magnum is done with this and chops Nakazawa, who gets the PURPLE NURPLE OF DOOM and a headlock. Magnum catches Nakazawa with a Thesz press for two, reversed for two. Magnum with snapmares and a facebuster as the headset is destroyed. It gets two. Magnum goes up top, but Nakazawa trips him and crotches him. He then slides Magnum down the ropes (Excalibur: “The Hentai Slide!”) before getting a running elbow for two.

Nakazawa chokes Magnum with his lanyard before the ref removes it from the match. Magnum recovers with a DDT and gets a paintbrush out. Nakazawa hangs on for dear life before reversing a whip, but Magnum goes up and over and gets a running neckbreaker for two. Magnum tries to pu Nakazawa up top, but Nakazawa blocks it and throws the ref into Magnum. This allows him to clock Magnum with the laptop before getting a Tombstone slam (ending in a very stupid cover) for the win at 4:09. And in case you don’t know WHY he did that, Excalibur mentions the Omega/Callis mockery of Eddie Kingston. Look, if you’re going to do comedy, try to be FUNNY. DUD

Miro and Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) (4-0) vs. Baron Black and John Skyler (no graphic). Tomorrow night it’s ARCADE ANARCHY as Miro and Sabian take on Cassidy and Taylor. Miro and Black do some trash-talking on the outside before the match as Black is not scared.

So Miro beats up Black and throws him into the guardrail. He then tosses Black into the crowd and stalks Skyler, who understandably tries to keep his distance and attack when Miro rolls in. Skyler with an uppercut and flying knee, but Miro just runs him over with a lariat. Locomotion elbowdrops and a forearm shiver while Sabian just talks with Ford and ignores Miro dominating Skyler. Another forearm and Skyler is flat on his back checking for lost teeth. Blind charge gets boots, and Skyler adds an elbow before going up and landing an uppercut that doesn’t knock Miro down. More forearms just make Miro madder, and he throws Skyler to the apron. Skyler with a desperation Hotshot and gamengiri, then he sticks and moves only to be pulled off the ropes into a Saito suplex. Machka Kick and Game Over end it at 2:33. This was essentially Miro vs Skyler disguised as a tag match, and Miro slaughtered Skyler as he should have. 1/2* Miro cuts a promo into the camera about tomorrow while Sabian wants his hand raised for doing literally nothing.

Alex Reynolds (w/John Silver) (6-1 in 2021) vs. Max Caster (w/Anthony Bowens) (5-1 in 2021). So John Silver got his singles shot on Dynamite, and now Reynolds will get to main event Dark and see if he can keep up. Okay, Max, talk to me: “This dude got more bald spots than QT.” “You were my trainer, but I’m bout to run a train on you!” Reynolds heads to Caster, so Caster drops the rap and just says “Yo, I hate you.” Hey, sometimes you gotta tell it like it is.

Lockup, and Reynolds goes behind only for Caster to reverse and yank Reynolds down with the hair. Caster then bails outside to pose with Bowens before returning. Reynolds with an armbar, and Caster reverses to a headlock and keeps the hair to keep control. Now Reynolds yanks Caster down with the hair to make a point before getting uppercuts. Reynolds baits in Caster with a drop toe hold to hang him on the middle rope, then adds a Drive By from the floor. Back in, diving crossbody to Caster, but Reynolds lands wrong and has to take time to make sure his arm is okay.

Shoulderblock by Reynolds, but the arm still hurts and Caster throws the hammerlock into the turnbuckle. Caster stomps the arm and goes to a wristlock, clubbing away on the arm. Caster with a top wristlock drop for two. Reynolds slugs back with just the one arm, but Caster picks the ankle and switches to a hammerlock chinlock combo. Reynolds tries to fight out with one arm, but Caster reverses a whip and puts his head down (that goes poorly). Reynolds with weak clotheslines to try to take over, but Caster ducks one and gets a hairpull backbreaker before switching to a keylock camel clutch. Reynolds makes the ropes, so Caster just steps on his head by the ropes.

Rude Awakening spins using the hair, but Reynolds slugs out only for Caster to grab the arm again. Reynolds fights off a charge with a boot, then ducks a blind charge and delivers a back elbow and twisting uppercut. Dropkick follows, and Reynolds kips up with one arm. Neckbreaker gets two. Suplex try by Reynolds, but the arm can’t do it and Caster does an arm twist drop and stomps the arm. Reynolds escapes a keylock and gets a crucifix for two.

O’Connor Roll gets two. Caster blocks a cradle and sits down for two, reversed for two. Pop-up kneelift by Reynolds, but the arm stings him and Reynolds can only get two… because Bowens puts Caster’s foot on the ropes. Reynolds pulls Caster away and goes up, but the moonsault misses. Caster with the boombox as the ref is distracted, but Silver yanks it away. Dark Order nearly collide, and as the ref gets Silver down, Caster slugs Reynolds out with the chain. Mic Drop ends it at 8:25. Hopefully when Bowens is cleared we can get the follow-up tag match. Not a fan of a cheating finish when the match was arm work, but all things considered this was a fine trainer/trainee match. **1/4


  • Cage vs Kazarian!
  • Moxley vs Bononi!
  • MJF gives gifts to the Pinnacle!
  • Rhodes vs Marshall with Arn as the ref!
  • Shida/Conti vs Rose/Bunny!
  • Omega/Gallows/Anderson vs Penta/Fenix/Laredo!
  • And it’s ARCADE ANARCHY to close it off!

So nothing here really stood out as good, especially compared to last night. What they did do here was get reps for the lower card to beef up their records. And hey, that’s fine: if you’re going to say wins and losses matter, you need all your talent to show that even if they struggle on Dynamite, they’re still better than 99.99999% of the wrestling world.

It reminds me of a video that made the rounds this past weekend of some high school basketball players seeing Brian Scalabrine and challenging him to a one-on-one. Scalabrine not only was a back bench player in the NBA, he was famous FOR being a back bench player. But even in his early 40s, and having never really impressed on the global spotlight, Scalabrine whitewashed the high schoolers. Why? Because even the worst players that make the NBA are still good enough to make the NBA, and they were good enough to be a big deal at the college ranks. Trust me, I remember Scalabrine being the team leader at USC.

To compare to my experience in CRAB Wrestling and to AEW in general, I’m going all the way back to the first show of these I recapped. The first match was my trainers, the Capital Vices, teaming with Jon Cruz against all three members of Jurassic Express. Now, it’s true Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are really good even by AEW standards – kayfabe-wise – but Marko Stunt has about a .400 winning percentage in his career. Even Marko was able to run circles around a team that was a big deal in the DC scene and had been growing popularity in excursions to Detroit. You had people who were good on the local level going against some national stars, and the result was what you’d expect.

That’s where Dark really helps in kayfabe. You get people who struggle on Dynamite, but they get a chance to show why they’re All Elite in the first place. KiLynn King still has many more losses than wins, but she can beat up a Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox without trouble after getting sent through the ringer by Ryo Mizunami. Chaos Project can’t beat the established AEW teams, but throw them against two regional singles stars and it’s destruction. Madi Wrenckowski struggles with someone like Britt Baker and can’t even beat Leva Bates without cheating, but put her against a lesser talent like Jazmin Allure and she cruises.

(Yes, we already know the benefits outside of kayfabe – get independent wrestlers a payday and exposure, keep the stars from getting ring rust on the sidelines, etc. – but today I feel like talking about how wins and losses mattering makes Dark and Elevation really valuable.)

Anyway, with all the great matches on Elevation, asking for a Dynamite-quality match here was probably asking too much. Still, Leva/Madi was advanced, Team Taz’s COMPLETE LACK OF dissension was advanced, and Miro looked like a monster. So, this is fine.


BELL-TO-BELL – 62:04 in twelve matches (average time 5:10)



  1. Max Caster
  2. Angelico
  3. Evil Uno
  4. Alex Reynolds
  5. Miro

Insert coin to watch Dynamite tomorrow.