Wrestlemania 3 attendance


Classic shot from Wrestlemania 3. This legitimately looks like the biggest crowd ever. Optical illusion (i.e. film which is transportive and inspires nostalgia) or the real deal? Clearly the digital age doesn’t do modern crowds the same justice…

Anyways, i’m kind of excited about this year’s Mania. We’re getting an actual crowd and it’s the first time in a long time that the event feels like a product of its time, at least for the most part. I mean, no part timer bs and, except  for
Shane vs. Braun and Orton vs. Fiend, most of the other matches seem somewhat intriguing. I’m really glad Daniel Bryan got inserted into the Main Event and I hope he wins. Oui? 🙂

For me it doesn’t feel like a Wrestlemania card because they don’t have any truly legitimate stars or main event issues.  Drew vs Lashley should be fine but we’ve already seen it and there’s not much of a story behind it.  It just feels like another show, which is likely a product of sticking Fastlane in there and limiting WM to a three week build.  

But as always, your mileage may vary.