The SmarK Rant for NWA Back for the Attack – 03.21.21

The SmarK Rant for NWA Back for the Attack – 03.21.21

Well it was either this or Mid-Atlantic this morning and either one is not gonna be a huge hit anyway.  This show happened a week ago and I have literally not heard anyone even talk about it or what happened on it and they didn’t even cover it on Observer Radio.  So at least it was easy to avoid spoilers.

Sadly, we don’t even get Dokken for the opening, instead replacing it with William Patrick Corgan doing an original composition.

Taped from Atlanta, GA and airing live on Fite.TV, in what appears to be the same studio as before, complete with NWA Powerrr branding and, at the very least, a convincing imitation of a noisy crowd.  That’s an immediate relief because I can’t deal with any more empty arena wrestling at this point.  Now, unfortunately they had to change the main camera angle for this because of the lack of a real crowd, so the lighting is different and kind of dark and it doesn’t look quite right.

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Tim Storm

Nick Aldis joins us at the podium, putting over the effort that everyone is about to give, as he hopes that everyone tries to steal the show from him in honor of Joseph Hudson.

Jax Dane v. Slice Boogie v. Jordan Clearwater v. Crimson

I’m actually not a fan of doing stuff like four-way matches if this is supposed to be a continuation of NWA Powerrr.  I’m hoping Crimson has gotten better since TNA, although at the very least he’s allegedly been working on his striking.  Crimson and Dane clear the ring to start and get into a slugfest.  Slice Boogie comes back in and goes after Crimson as we’re apparently waiting for him to apply the DEAD ASS DRIVER as his big finish.  Clearwater piles up Boogie and Dane in the corner and hits them with a splash, but Boogie suplexes Clearwater and then accidentally runs into a spinebuster from Dane.  Dane follows with a Boston crab, but Clearwater breaks it up.  Crimson hits him with a back suplex and follows with a death valley driver for two.  Gotta say, the ring mic is a TAD high in the audio mix and it’s pretty distracting.  Clearwater hits Dane with a big boot to put him on the floor, but Slice Boogie gets a missile dropkick and finishes with the DEAD ASS DRIVER, a Gotch piledriver that misses, at 5:38, as teased.  This was four indy guys just doing stuff and not what I would have wanted out of NWA Powerrr returning.  *1/2

Meanwhile, Mae Valentine is now a robotic interviewer backstage, and her first guest is Sal Rinauro, who was her BFF when we left Powerrr.  Of course the storyline was that he was trying to steal her from Royce Isaacs, but now Royce is gone.  Mae made Charly Caruso sound like Gordon Solie by comparison here.

JR Kratos v. Tyrus

Tyrus (the former Brodus Clay in WWE) stops by the desk for an interview first because he was mad about not getting an interview first, but then he decides he doesn’t want the interview.  Anyway, besides the various sexual harassment allegations against him, Tyrus is also a Fox News ally and noted Q-Anon nutbag so I could have lived without him ever being on national TV again.  They trade shoulderblocks to start and get nowhere, so Kratos gets some shots in the corner and tries for a slam, which doesn’t work.  Tyrus goes after the arm and runs him into the corner, then uses the CLUBBING FOREARMS and goes to an armbar.  He continues to work the arm with a legdrop onto it for two and then goes to a shoulder massage to really punish him.  Tyrus goes to the middle rope and misses a splash, allowing Kratos to make a comeback while Tyrus just stands there, barely even bothering to sell.  Kratos goes up with a flying clothesline for two, but Tyrus rams the shoulder into the corner and does a very slow running splash in the corner before dropping an elbow for the pin at 7:25.  Of course they put him over here.  OF COURSE they did. Tyrus was barely able to breathe by a minute into the match and looked completely pathetic here.  ½*

Meanwhile, Trevor Murdoch doesn’t care if Chris Adonis is debuting in the NWA, he’ll still be losing tonight.

NWA World TV title:  Pope v. Thom Latimer

Zicky Dice had been TV champion as of the end of the Powerrr era, but he left the promotion a while back so I’m not sure when Pope would have won it.  I’m kind of surprised that WWE hasn’t brought Pope back, since he’s from that 2010 time period that Vince currently is trying to revive.  Pope works a wristlock to start but gets powered down.  Pope comes back with a crossbody for two, but Latimer hits him with a lariat to put him down and slugs away on the mat.  They slug it out in the corner and Pope gets a sunset flip for two, but Latimer elbows him down again for two.  Latimer goes up with a double axehandle, but Pope catches him on another attempt and suplexes him into the turnbuckles.  They slug it out and Pope beats on him with elbows and follows with a short DDT for two.  STO gets two.  Latimer catches him with a powerslam and goes up, but Pope brings him down with a superplex and does elbows off the bottom, middle and then top ropes in succession in a neat spot.  Pope misses a blind charge and Latimer powerbombs him out of the corner for two.  Pope gets a Code Red out of the corner for two and both guys are down with 30 seconds left in the time limit, and they slug it out as time expires at 10:05.  This should have been the opener.  ***

Meanwhile, Aron Stevens sends out a message to Joseph Hudson’s son and he’s all serious now, offended that people would think that he’s not worthy of the title shot because he’s been “an entertainer”.  Well it’s more that he’s not worthy because he’s been booked as a chickenshit heel for months.

Thunder Rosa v. Kamille

Taryn Terrell is on commentary for this one.  I feel like Rosa has far exceeded the NWA’s level at this point but I don’t know what her actual contract status is, and if she’s just on loan to AEW or what.  Kamille throws her around to start with a gut wrench suplex and stops to yell at the announcers, but Rosa comes back with clotheslines before Kamille clubs her down again while laying the badmouth on Rosa.  There is of course some irony here in that they did a months-long storyline on Powerrr about how Kamille refused to speak, and now she won’t shut up.  Rosa takes her down for an armbar, but Kamille slams her into the corner to break and slugs her down.  “She’s very stompy” notes Taryn.  Kamille misses a spear and hits the post, and Rosa dropkicks her to the floor and they fight into the crowd.  Rosa gives her a chop to the back, which is just MEAN, and tries a bodypress off the apron, but Kamille catches her and slams her on the floor.  Rosa runs her into the post and beats on her back with kicks, and then wraps her around the post by the ponytail to work the back.  Back in, that gets two.  Rosa continues beating on the back with kicks, but Kamille pounds her down again and follows with a gut wrench suplex.  Rosa shoots in with a takedown and turns it into an STF before surfboarding her and then stomping her down for two.  Kamille puts her down with a clothesline and slugs away in the corner before choking her out on the ropes, but Rosa fires back with short knees and they discuss things on the ropes before Kamille gets an elbow for two.  RING MIC IS TOO LOUD, GUYS!  When even I can hear the spots being called you need to adjust the mix.  Rosa takes her down again with a bow and arrow this time, but Kamille escapes and gets some more abuse in the corner while yelling at the crowd.  This gets Rosa all fired up again with double knees to the back and a running dropkick on the ropes, for two.  Kamille instructs her to “grab a hold” and Rosa does so, which allows Kamille to power her into the corner and deliver more forearms there.  Rosa fights her off and goes up with a missile dropkick, followed by a backstabber for two.  Rosa goes up and misses the double stomp, and Kamille spears her as a result.  “See, that’s what happens when you’re super-sassy like that!” snarks Taryn.  Another spear finishes at 14:05, which makes Kamille the #1 contender to Serena Deeb.  Rosa was working her ASS off here and got a great match out of the lumbering Kamille by sheer force of willpower.  ***3/4

Meanwhile, Austin Idol is here as a special guest of Aron Stevens and he decides to cut a promo while he’s in the arena.

NWA National title:  Trevor Murdoch v. Chris Adonis

Adonis can’t legally be called Chris Masters, but BY GOD he’s still got a big M on his ass because you can’t take that away from him!  Also I laughed at the crowd razzing him, which prompts him to yell “SHUT UP!” at them and then some guy yells back “NO YOU SHUT UP!” with perfect timing.  The simple ones are still the best.  Murdoch takes him down and works a headlock to start, but Adonis goes for the full nelson and Murdoch has to make the ropes.  He comes back with a Russian legsweep as Tim Storm notes that only one person has been able to escape the Masterlock, and that person is currently a World champion.  That would be Bobby Lashley, of course.  Murdoch goes up, but Adonis brings him down, pokes him in the eye, and then rakes the back to take over.  Adonis goes to the chinlock, but Murdoch escapes and clotheslines him before going to the top again with a flying bodypress this time, for two.  Adonis tries the Masterlock, but Murdoch escapes and reverses to a rollup for the pin at 8:44 to retain.  This was ugly but serviceable, kind of a style clash that even the announcers were sort of noting.  *1/2  Sadly, Adonis is not a good sport, and attacks Murdoch afterwards before putting him down with a Masterlock.

NWA World title:  Nick Aldis v. Aron Stevens

Austin Idol joins us on commentary for this one, which should be tremendous.  They trade wristlocks to start and Aldis takes him down with a shoulderblock for two.  Stevens takes him down with a wristlock and then works a headlock on the mat before rolling him up for two.  Aldis slugs away in the corner, but Stevens gets a clothesline and throws knees to set up a Russian legsweep and drops elbows for two.  Idol makes sure to plug his wrestling school in South Carolina while they fight on the floor, and back in for a belly to belly from Stevens that gets two.  He misses a moonsault and Aldis takes him to the floor and works on the back, running him into the apron and ringpost.  Back in the ring, Aldis drops an elbow on the back for two.  Stevens gets fired up, but Aldis puts him down with a clothesline for two and then goes to a chinlock.  Stevens fights out of that and gets an atomic drop and superkick, then slugs away in the corner, but they clothesline each other for the double down.  They slug it out and Aldis tries the cloverleaf, but Stevens counters with a short DDT for two.  Aldis tries a figure-four and Stevens reverses to a small package for two, and then gets his own figure-four.  Austin Idol:  “He’s going for the Las Vegas Leglock!  I taught him that hold, Jackson!”  His delight and enthusiasm is just infectious.  Aldis reverses the hold and gets a Michinoku Driver for two.  Aldis goes up and Stevens follows him up for a superplex and they’re both out.  Stevens comes back and slugs away in the corner, and they head up for another superplex, but Aldis blocks it and drops an elbow on him for two.  Aldis decides to finish him off with a piledriver, but Stevens escapes and hits a discus elbow for two.  Stevens goes up but lands in the cloverleaf right in the middle, but Stevens makes the ropes.  They head to the floor again as Stevens takes a breather, but Aldis charges and Stevens runs him into the post and then collapses into the interview podium.  Aldis is in first, but Stevens beats the count, so Aldis goes for another cloverleaf.  Stevens fights out of that one and takes Aldis down with the crossface, but Aldis makes the ropes.  They trade rollups and Stevens turns it into another crossface, but Aldis makes the ropes again.  Stevens tries it again, but Aldis reverses to a small package for the pin at 21:33 to retain.  But of course, Aldis puts over the challenger afterwards and we close the show on everyone paying tribute.  I really kind of wish they hadn’t put Stevens in the position where he needed to win to pay tribute to his friend and had him lose, but it was a good main event despite his many, many limitations in the ring.  ***1/2

So yeah, this ended up as a pretty solid show that was worth my $20 US.  And I guess Powerrr is back on Tuesdays on Fite for $5 a month, so I might as well subscribe to that as well.  For two hours at the price, I’d call this a thumbs up show.