WM 37 ticket questions

I'm looking at the seating chart on Ticketmaster for WM, and a few things struck me:
1. Some of the ADA Pod Seating (the wheelchair accessible seats) are in…row WCW.
2. The cheapest tickets I see are for $150, although supposedly some seats were being offered for $35. Still…is this a show worth putting out $2000 for per seat (as the seats near ringside are)? Not only is it a lackluster WM, but with social distancing and masking, are there people who really want to shell out that much money to sit and wear a mask in the Tampa sun all day?
3. What if some idiot fan near ringside takes his mask off during the show? Are the talent allowed to say anything, or are they just supposed to chance COVID so as not to hurt THE BRAND?


I'm firmly on the side of this whole thing being a terrible idea, and no, I wouldn't consider it worth the ridiculous prices that are being asked.  It's not like there's anything fans were demanding to see for the main event, either.