We can all agree that the WWE Hall of Fame is a joke. 

Having said that, my question is this: It seems like each year they “enshrine” 5 or 6 wrestlers / tag teams, most of whom have some “name” value to the casual fan (or at least their “main attraction” inductee does). 

At this rate, his long is it before they run out of “name” wrestlers to add to the Hall of Fame? 

Just browsing over some “name” talent that I feel they could induct, I come up with Luger (currently in a wheelchair, which I doubt Vince wants to showcase to the masses), The Steiners (can’t see Scott Steiner doing business with WWE, but I would love to see this for his speech alone) or Sid / Vader. 

I’m probably missing some, but my point is, after a few more years, we’re just going to be left with a bunch of Great Khali’s as inductees, which really removes the pagentry from the event (If it was ever there in the first place). 


They can always induct Koko again.  Flair’s already in like four times.