ECW On Sci Fi – October 24, 2006

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: October 24, 2006
Location: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

We seem to have a new direction for the World Title situation around here and that is rather long overdue. The big question now is when will Rob Van Dam get his title shot, as Cyber Sunday isn’t happening and it is hard to imagine stretching it all the way out to December To Dismember. Oh yeah that’s coming too, as it was announced last week. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Rob Van Dam becoming #1 contender to the ECW World Title last week by beating Big Show in a non-title match.

Opening sequence.

Opening sequence.

Here is Rob Van Dam for a chat. Van Dam talks about doing the impossible by beating Big Show last week, which no one thought was possible. The someone who did that is everyone’s favorite wrestler, who isn’t named but the RVD chants should give you an idea. So when does he get his title shot?

Cue Paul Heyman with his security to admit that Van Dam finally beat Big Show last week. Heyman has the contract for the title match….which will be hanging from the ceiling in a ladder match against Big Show. Should Show win, no title match, but Van Dam is the master of ladder matches. Therefore Heyman sends the security after Van Dam, who fights them off because Heyman didn’t pay for the quality goons. This is going to be the second ladder match on ECW TV in about two months, with TLC at Unforgiven in the month in between. Find a new gimmick people.

CM Punk vs. Matt Striker

They go technical to start with Striker not being able to get anywhere before Punk kicks him in the face. An exchange of hammerlocks sends Striker over to the ropes but he manages to send Punk shoulder first into the post. The Fujiwara armbar goes on but Punk fights right up with the bulldog out of the corner. A bunch of strikes connect until Mike Knox comes in to jump Punk for the DQ.

Rating: C-. Just a way to keep Punk vs. Knox going here as they continue to build to the match. I do like that they didn’t have Striker, one of their higher profile heels (egads) actually lose here because there is no reason to do damage to him when there is a bigger story going on. Punk continues to feel like a breakout star and that is what ECW desperately needs.

Post match Punk kicks Knox to the floor without much effort.

We recap Hardcore Holly’s back injury. Again.

Hardcore Holly vs. Test

Holly hammers him down in the corner to start and the threat of another right hand sends Test bailing to the floor. Back in and Test unloads with some elbows to the face but Holly ties him in the ropes. They head outside again with Test sending him into the steps and taking it back to the apron. The suplex back inside is countered with Holly’s suplex to the floor (we may have a new signature spot) and we take a break.

Back with Test driving the back into the corner and grabbing a bearhug. Holly breaks out and hits a clothesline, followed by the top rope clothesline for two. Test grabs a powerslam for two but Holly crotches him to break up the top rope elbow. Holly’s middle rope legdrop gets two more but Test sends him into the post and grabs the trucks for the pin.

Rating: C. Totally watchable power match here, though Holly loses after the big injury and return? To Test? I know Holly isn’t likely to be your next big star but you really see that much more in Test? Odds are this continues, but did he really need to lose his first match back in what could be a nice little face turn for him?

Post match Test blasts him in the back with some chair shots.

Wrestlers discuss if the Marine or John Cena is tougher. The clip still isn’t on the Network but Joey’s intro is, which makes for a weird transition as we go from the statement to Big Show and Heyman talking backstage.

Cyber Sunday rundown.

Sandman wants you to vote for him to face Umaga with promises of blood and violence. Sandman: “I’m the Sandman, and I approve this message.”

Rob Van Dam vs. Big Show

Non-title ladder match for a future shot at Show’s title. Thankfully we take a break just before the bell and come back to see the whole thing. Van Dam goes straight for the ladder and manages to kick Show down but a headbutt takes care of that. The ladder is sat in the corner with Van Dam being whipped hard into said ladder, followed by a trip to the floor. Instead of climbing, Show picks up the ladder and pokes at the contract with it (that’s a new one) but Van Dam hits him with another ladder to bust him open.

Rob goes up, shoves the ladder out of the corner at Show, and hits the top rope kick to drive it into his face (that’s another good one). Rolling Thunder onto the ladder onto Show has them both down but Show is fine enough to shove Van Dam off the ladder. Show stands on the ladder on Van Dam and there’s a whip into the ladder for a bonus.

Van Dam is slammed onto a ladder but the Vader Bomb (with Show landing on the mat a split second first to lessen the impact) only hits ladder. The comeback is cut off with a chokeslam so Show goes up, only to have Van Dam climb the other side. Show gets knocked down so Van Dam dives at him for a hurricanrana to the floor. That’s enough for Rob to climb the ladder and get the contract.

Rating: C+. There were some creative spots in here, but ladder matches are so played out, both at this point and pretty much forever in WWE, that it is a little hard to get fired up for another one that doesn’t even break ten minutes. I get the idea behind it and there was a story here, but it isn’t exactly an inspired idea most of the time. Certainly not when it didn’t really change anything after last week.

Overall Rating: C. They did a few nice things here but this definitely felt like a show designed to fill in some time before we go on to the next important one. Given that the main event really didn’t change anything and took place on about forty five minutes’ notice, it isn’t something I’m going to be all that thrilled over. Hopefully it gets a little better next time, though this show was far from awful.




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