Hangman vs. Omega

As much as Hangman/Omega is AEW's big long-term story…..would it be that crazy if they ran it as Double Or Nothing's main event?  The evidence:

* DoN has been mentioned by the announcers as AEW's signature show, so it needs a “Wrestlemania-level” main event, and Hangman/Omega is the top of the pile after 18 months of build.
* Likewise, the announcers noted the possibility of Page challenging Omega again after Hangman's squash win this week.  Why plan that seed if it won't grow for another six months?
* Page is red hot right now, so why not capitalize rather than risk Page cooling off by All Out or Full Gear?  Tony Khan knows ECW well, he won't want to duplicate the RVD mistake of waiting too long for the “perfect” time to crown a big babyface champion.
* There isn't anything obvious or fresh that would be another suitable DoN main event.  Another Omega/Moxley match has diminishing returns, Kingston is more of a TV feud, or an opponent like Christian, Big Show, or Sting would seem a little TNA-ish.
* There would be genuine intrigue over the result, since you can argue that neither Omega or Page should be jobbing right now…
* ….but it would really hurt Hangman if he lost, and you can make a better case for Omega losing.  He still has that bad shoulder that might need proper rest, and taking the AEW belt off Omega sidesteps any awkwardness over jobbing situations if Kenny is wrestling all over the world (including Japan….)  For storyline purposes, dropping the belt drives Omega fully insane, and he then goes “title collector” around wrestling grabbing every available belt (even facing Darby for the TNT belt, or face-turned Brian Cage for the FTW belt) before returning draped in gold to rematch Hangman for the “crown jewel” in late 2021.

I think there's still lots of story with the Dark Order stuff left to tell, but Hangman is definitely the long game for Omega.  I'm increasingly worried that Christian is going to be the PPV match, but at least the match should be good.