Seth Rollinzzzzzzzzz…….

Scott.   I couldn’t agree with you more when you wrote in your fastlane review that Rollins is the most boring heel in wrestling.   Back in the Shield days and when he cashed in Money in the Bank at WM 31 I was really digging Rollins and now I absolutely couldn’t care less about him.  So let me ask………

What happened to make him so uninteresting?  Usually I would blame the WWE’s terrible 50/50 booking but I honestly feel like they’ve  given Rollins every possible change to succeed.    Am I missing something?   Help me out here!

It was the Fiend match.  There's really no other answer.  The whole feud with Seth crying in the corner because of the big scary guy in a monster mask just destroyed whatever cool aura he had left, and he never got it back.