Pump the brakes

Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa tore it down last week. But seriously the amount of hyperbole since then has been hilarious. People saying it's better than Sasha vs Bayley Takeover:Brooklyn or how the bloody Britt pic was her stone cold moment shows are desperate AEW fans are to have anything to champion about the women's division. The match had zero stakes, no championship on the line, it wasn't even at the hottest peak of their feud which was probably a couple months ago. It didn't even get either a title shot or Britt higher than 5 in the rankings. To compare that to one of the greatest women matches of all time regardless of the company is ridiculous. It wasn't even as good as the Bayley vs Sasha hell in the cell or some of Deonna's title matches she had lately. 

I think if anything this should shine a bigger light on how bad AEW treats their women. There easily could of been multiple women's matches main even Dynamite in the last 6 months. I mean we had Barely Walking Matt Hardy main event a few weeks ago in a terrible tag match. But they literally had to almost murder themselves to get that spot just to please deathmatch Tony and his blood fetish. And this was two weeks after a freaking barbwire exploding deathmatch, talk about overkill. Does TK not have enough respect and faith in the women to just have an awesome wrestling match without trying to pop a rating? And is this now the bar other women have to meet to get back to the main event?

I will say Britt is a star, imagine how big she be if she ever actually won a big match. She is the female MJF, neither have yet to get defining win. Not everything needs to be a year long storyline build.

Maybe they WANTED to have a violent bloody match with each other and it's not necessarily that TK has a “blood fetish” and was trying to pop a rating?